1948 Bowman Football Cards

1948 Bowman football card wrapper There are 108 cards in Bowman's first football card set; they were printed on three sheets of 36. Cards with numbers divisible by 3 were short-printed, but not nearly as severely as the price guides indicate. Because of their positions on the sheets, some of the cards with numbers not divisible by 3 are actually scarcer in high grades. See my 1948 Bowman virtual uncut sheet page for an explanation. Also see B is for Bowman for a summary of the early Bowman sets.

Bowman also printed an album for the 1948 set. You can see pictures of one on the Robert Edwards Auctions web site. According to the auction description, the album was a "premium" that collectors could obtain by redeeming football card wrappers.

Rookie cards of Pro Football Hall of Famers in the 1948 Bowman set: Sammy Baugh, Sid Luckman, Steve Van Buren, Bob Waterfield, Bill Dudley, George McAfee, Bulldog Turner, Charley Trippi, Alex Wojciechowicz, Pete Pihos. Rookie cards of Heisman Trophy winners in the 1948 Bowman set: John Lujack, Leslie Horvath, Bruce Smith.

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1948 Bowman Joe Tereshinski 1948 Bowman 1 Joe Tereshinski Washington Redskins end Georgia Rookie card PSA 8
1948 Bowman Larry Olsonoski 1948 Bowman 2 Larry Olsonoski Green Bay Packers guard Minnesota Rookie card
1948 Bowman John Lujack 1948 Bowman 3 John Lujack Chicago Bears quarterback Notre Dame Heisman Trophy 1947, College Hall of Fame 1960 Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Ray Poole 1948 Bowman 4 Ray Poole New York Giants end Mississippi, North Carolina Rookie card
1948 Bowman Bill DeCorrevont 1948 Bowman 5 Bill DeCorrevont Chicago Cardinals halfback Northwestern Rookie card PSA 8, exmt oc
1948 Bowman Paul Briggs 1948 Bowman 6 Paul Briggs Detroit Lions tackle Colorado Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Steve Van Buren 1948 Bowman 7 Steve Van Buren Philadelphia Eagles halfback LSU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1965, Eagles Honor Roll 1987 Rookie card

According to his page on the Pro Football Hall of Fame web site, Van Buren failed to make his high school football team as a sophomore.
1948 Bowman Kenny Washington 1948 Bowman 8 Kenny Washington Los Angeles Rams fullback, halfback UCLA College Hall of Fame 1956 Rookie card
1948 Bowman Nolan Luhn 1948 Bowman 9 Nolan Luhn Green Bay Packers end Kilgore Junior College, Tulsa Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Chris Iverson 1948 Bowman 10 Chris Iverson New York Giants defensive back Oregon Rookie card, error card

Iverson's name is misspelled Iversen on the back of this card.
PSA 8, ex
1948 Bowman Jack Wiley 1948 Bowman 11 Jack Wiley Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Waynesburg Rookie card
1948 Bowman Charley Conerly 1948 Bowman 12 Charley Conerly New York Giants quarterback Mississippi College Hall of Fame 1966, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Hugh Taylor 1948 Bowman 13 Hugh Taylor Washington Redskins end, coach Tulane, Oklahoma City University Rookie card
1948 Bowman Frank Seno 1948 Bowman 14 Frank Seno Boston Yanks halfback George Washington Rookie card

Seno intercepted 10 passes in 1947, tying Frank Reagan for most in the NFL.
1948 Bowman Gil Bouley 1948 Bowman 15 Gil Bouley Los Angeles Rams tackle Boston College Rookie card, short print PSA 3
1948 Bowman Tommy Thompson 1948 Bowman 16 Tommy Thompson Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, coach Tulsa Rookie card vg
1948 Bowman Charley Trippi 1948 Bowman 17 Charley Trippi Chicago Cardinals halfback Georgia College Hall of Fame 1959, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1968, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Rookie card

The Chicago Cardinals chose Trippi with the first overall pick in the 1945 NFL draft.
1948 Bowman Vince Banonis 1948 Bowman 18 Vince Banonis Chicago Cardinals defensive tackle Detroit Mercy College Hall of Fame 1986 Rookie card, short print ex
1948 Bowman Art Faircloth 1948 Bowman 19 Art Faircloth New York Giants halfback, defensive back North Carolina State, Guilford Rookie card Vg-ex
1948 Bowman Clyde Goodnight 1948 Bowman 20 Clyde Goodnight Green Bay Packers end Tulsa Rookie card

Goodnight played from 1945 to 1950 for the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins. His brother Owen also played one season in the NFL, 1941 with the Cleveland Rams.
1948 Bowman Bill Chipley 1948 Bowman 21 Bill Chipley Boston Yanks end Clemson, Washington and Lee Rookie card, short print ex
1948 Bowman Sammy Baugh 1948 Bowman 22 Sammy Baugh Washington Redskins quarterback, coach TCU Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1951, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1963 Rookie card

Baugh led the NFL in passing yards for the fourth time in 1948.
PSA 3, PSA 3 mc
1948 Bowman Don Kindt 1948 Bowman 23 Don Kindt Chicago Bears halfback, defensive back Wisconsin Rookie card

Kindt's son, Don Kindt Jr., played for the Chicago Bears in 1987.
1948 Bowman John Koniszewski 1948 Bowman 24 John Koniszewski Washington Redskins tackle George Washington Rookie card, short print ex miscut
1948 Bowman Pat McHugh 1948 Bowman 25 Pat McHugh Philadelphia Eagles halfback Georgia Tech Rookie card