Running Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps Ed Podolak 1978 Topps 278 Ed Podolak Kansas City Chiefs running back Iowa Chiefs Hall of Fame 1989
1978 Topps Don Calhoun 1978 Topps 281 Don Calhoun New England Patriots running back Kansas State
1978 Topps Mike Hogan 1978 Topps 292 Mike Hogan Philadelphia Eagles running back Tennessee-Chattanooga Rookie card
1978 Topps Chuck Foreman 1978 Topps 300 Chuck Foreman Minnesota Vikings running back Miami Florida Vikings Ring of Honor 2007 Foreman was inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame in 1986.
1978 Topps Tony Reed 1978 Topps 304 Tony Reed Kansas City Chiefs running back Colorado, Antelope Valley College Rookie card
1978 Topps Lenvil Elliott 1978 Topps 309 Lenvil Elliott Cincinnati Bengals running back Truman State
1978 Topps Tony Dorsett 1978 Topps 315 Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys running back Pittsburgh Heisman Trophy 1976, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1994, College Hall of Fame 1994 Rookie card
1978 Topps Jon Keyworth 1978 Topps 328 Jon Keyworth Denver Broncos running back Colorado
1978 Topps Receiving Leaders 1978 Topps 332 Receiving Leaders
Lydell Mitchell Baltimore Colts running back Penn State College Hall of Fame 2004
Ahmad Rashad Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Oregon College Hall of Fame 2007
1978 Topps Rushing Leaders 1978 Topps 333 Rushing Leaders
Walter Payton Chicago Bears running back Jackson State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993, College Hall of Fame 1996
Mark van Eeghen Oakland Raiders running back Colgate
1978 Topps Scoring Leaders 1978 Topps 334 Scoring Leaders
Errol Mann Oakland Raiders kicker North Dakota
Walter Payton Chicago Bears running back Jackson State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993, College Hall of Fame 1996
1978 Topps Sam Cunningham 1978 Topps 341 Sam Cunningham New England Patriots running back USC College Hall of Fame 2010
1978 Topps Barty Smith 1978 Topps 349 Barty Smith Green Bay Packers running back Richmond
1978 Topps Bobby Hammond 1978 Topps 352 Bobby Hammond New York Giants running back Morgan State Rookie card
1978 Topps Bruce Harper 1978 Topps 362 Bruce Harper New York Jets running back Kutztown Rookie card

Harper is the founder and director of Heroes and Cool Kids, a mentoring program for middle school kids.
1978 Topps Norm Bulaich 1978 Topps 368 Norm Bulaich Miami Dolphins running back TCU
1978 Topps Mike Thomas 1978 Topps 375 Mike Thomas Washington Redskins running back Oklahoma, UNLV
1978 Topps Wayne Morris 1978 Topps 381 Wayne Morris St. Louis Cardinals running back SMU
1978 Topps Joe Washington 1978 Topps 387 Joe Washington Baltimore Colts running back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2005 Rookie card

Washington placed third in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1974, and fifth in 1975. See my football cards of Heisman candidates page.
1978 Topps Cleo Miller 1978 Topps 394 Cleo Miller Cleveland Browns running back Arkansas-Pine Bluff
1978 Topps O.J. Simpson 1978 Topps 400 O.J. Simpson San Francisco 49ers running back USC, City College of San Francisco Heisman Trophy 1968, Bills Wall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1983, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985
1978 Topps Tony Galbreath 1978 Topps 408 Tony Galbreath New Orleans Saints running back Missouri Saints Hall of Fame 1991
1978 Topps Roland Harper 1978 Topps 417 Roland Harper Chicago Bears running back Louisiana Tech Harper gained 992 yards rushing in 1978, his best season. Had he gained 8 more yards, he and Walter Payton would have been the third pair of teammates to rush for 1000 yards in the same season.
1978 Topps Dexter Bussey 1978 Topps 427 Dexter Bussey Detroit Lions running back Oklahoma, Texas - Arlington
1978 Topps Pete Johnson 1978 Topps 434 Pete Johnson Cincinnati Bengals running back Ohio State Rookie card