Linebacker Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1959 Topps Bill Forester 1959 Topps 39 Bill Forester Green Bay Packers linebacker SMU Packers Hall of Fame 1974 nm+
1959 Topps Sam Huff 1959 Topps 51 Sam Huff New York Giants linebacker West Virginia Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card
1959 Topps Gene Cronin 1959 Topps 66 Gene Cronin Detroit Lions linebacker, end Pacific Rookie card SGC 88, exmt
1959 Topps Matt Hazeltine 1959 Topps 72 Matt Hazeltine San Francisco 49ers linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1989 PSA 8, nm
1959 Topps Carl Brettschneider 1959 Topps 81 Carl Brettschneider Chicago Cardinals linebacker Iowa State Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 6
1959 Topps Les Richter 1959 Topps 84 Les Richter Los Angeles Rams linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1982, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011
1959 Topps Chuck Weber 1959 Topps 94 Chuck Weber Philadelphia Eagles linebacker West Chester Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Joe Fortunato 1959 Topps 106 Joe Fortunato Chicago Bears linebacker Mississippi State Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Karl Rubke 1959 Topps 112 Karl Rubke San Francisco 49ers center, linebacker USC Rookie card exmt
1959 Topps John Reger 1959 Topps 124 John Reger Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Pittsburgh Rookie card nm
1959 Topps New York Giants Team 1959 Topps 133 New York Giants Team New York Giants Though printed in 1959, this card pictures the 1958 New York Giants team.
1959 Topps Larry Morris 1959 Topps 141 Larry Morris Washington Redskins linebacker Georgia Tech College Hall of Fame 1992 Though this card shows him with the Redskins, Morris played for the Bears in 1959. The Rams traded him to the Redskins for Gene Brito in March of 1959, then the Redskins traded him to the Bears for draft picks. PSA 8, nm+
1959 Topps Leo Sanford 1959 Topps 149 Leo Sanford Baltimore Colts center, linebacker Louisiana Tech ex
1959 Topps Vince Costello 1959 Topps 158 Vince Costello Cleveland Browns linebacker Ohio Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Dan Currie 1959 Topps 162 Dan Currie Green Bay Packers linebacker, center Michigan State Packers Hall of Fame 1984 Rookie card nm
1959 Topps CFL Norm Fieldgate 1959 Topps CFL 16 Norm Fieldgate BC Lions end, linebacker British Columbia Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1979 nm
1959 Topps CFL Hal Krebs 1959 Topps CFL 37 Hal Krebs Montreal Alouettes guard, linebacker exmt
1959 Wheaties CFL Tony Curcillo 1959 Wheaties CFL 6 Tony Curcillo Hamilton Tiger-Cats fullback, linebacker Ohio State Curcillo still holds the CFL record for passing yards in a playoff game. He threw for 518 yards in a game in 1956.
1960 7-Eleven Texans Sherrill Headrick 1960 7-Eleven Texans 7 Sherrill Headrick Dallas Texans linebacker TCU Chiefs Hall of Fame 1993
1960 Bell Brand Rams Jack Pardee 1960 Bell Brand Rams 9 Jack Pardee Los Angeles Rams linebacker Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1986
1960 Bell Brand Rams Bill Jobko 1960 Bell Brand Rams 12 Bill Jobko Los Angeles Rams linebacker Ohio State PSA 8, PSA 7
1960 Bell Brand Rams Les Richter 1960 Bell Brand Rams 16 Les Richter Los Angeles Rams linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1982, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011
1960 Bell Brand Rams Bob Long 1960 Bell Brand Rams 23 Bob Long Los Angeles Rams linebacker UCLA
1960 Bell Brand Rams John Guzik 1960 Bell Brand Rams 31 John Guzik Los Angeles Rams linebacker Pittsburgh
1960 Bell Brand Rams Jerry Stalcup 1960 Bell Brand Rams 38 Jerry Stalcup Los Angeles Rams linebacker Wisconsin