Linebacker Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1973 Topps Dick Butkus 1973 Topps 300 Dick Butkus Chicago Bears linebacker Illinois Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979, College Hall of Fame 1983
1973 Topps John Garlington 1973 Topps 311 John Garlington Cleveland Browns linebacker LSU Rookie card
1973 Topps Henry Davis 1973 Topps 332 Henry Davis Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Grambling Rookie card
1973 Topps Al Beauchamp 1973 Topps 337 Al Beauchamp Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Southern Mississippi
1973 Topps Ron Porter 1973 Topps 342 Ron Porter Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Idaho Rookie card
1973 Topps Larry Stallings 1973 Topps 352 Larry Stallings St. Louis Cardinals linebacker Georgia Tech
1973 Topps Dave Wilcox 1973 Topps 360 Dave Wilcox San Francisco 49ers linebacker Oregon Pro Football Hall of Fame 2000, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009
1973 Topps Dave Edwards 1973 Topps 369 Dave Edwards Dallas Cowboys linebacker Auburn
1973 Topps Tommy Nobis 1973 Topps 385 Tommy Nobis Atlanta Falcons linebacker Texas Outland Trophy 1965, College Hall of Fame 1981, Falcons Ring of Honor 2004
1973 Topps Mike Stratton 1973 Topps 388 Mike Stratton San Diego Chargers linebacker Tennessee Bills Wall of Fame 1994
1973 Topps Willie Lanier 1973 Topps 410 Willie Lanier Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Morgan State Chiefs Hall of Fame 1985, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, College Hall of Fame 2000
1973 Topps Dick Cunningham 1973 Topps 417 Dick Cunningham Buffalo Bills linebacker Arkansas Rookie card
1973 Topps Ted Hendricks 1973 Topps 430 Ted Hendricks Baltimore Colts linebacker Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990
1973 Topps Bobby Bell 1973 Topps 435 Bobby Bell Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, defensive end Minnesota Outland Trophy 1962, Chiefs Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1991
1973 Topps Jim Purnell 1973 Topps 447 Jim Purnell Los Angeles Rams linebacker Wisconsin Rookie card
1973 Topps Jim Cheyunski 1973 Topps 458 Jim Cheyunski New England Patriots linebacker Syracuse Rookie card
1973 Topps Andy Russell 1973 Topps 480 Andy Russell Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Missouri Steelers All-Time Team
1973 Topps Ralph Baker 1973 Topps 486 Ralph Baker New York Jets linebacker Penn State
1973 Topps Fred Carr 1973 Topps 521 Fred Carr Green Bay Packers linebacker Texas - El Paso Packers Hall of Fame 1983 Rookie card
1973 Topps Skip Vanderbundt 1973 Topps 527 Skip Vanderbundt San Francisco 49ers linebacker Oregon State Rookie card
1974 Colorado Playing Cards Whitney Paul 1974 Colorado Playing Cards 2C Whitney Paul linebacker Colorado Paul played 11 seasons in the NFL: 7 with the Chiefs and 4 with the Saints. ex
1974 Colorado Playing Cards Gary Campbell 1974 Colorado Playing Cards 3D Gary Campbell linebacker Colorado Campbell played seven seasons for the Chicago Bears. ex
1974 Colorado Playing Cards Mike Metoyer 1974 Colorado Playing Cards 5C Mike Metoyer linebacker Colorado
1974 Colorado Playing Cards Rick Stearns 1974 Colorado Playing Cards 7H Rick Stearns linebacker Colorado
1974 Colorado Playing Cards Jeff Geiser 1974 Colorado Playing Cards 8D Jeff Geiser linebacker Colorado ex