Guard Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1952 Parkhurst John Wagoner 1952 Parkhurst 74 John Wagoner Ottawa Rough Riders guard, tackle North Carolina State
1952 Parkhurst Gerry Lefebvre 1952 Parkhurst 76 Gerry Lefebvre Ottawa Rough Riders guard Error card

Lefebvre's first name is misspelled "Jerry" on the back of this card.
1952 Parkhurst Buck Rogers 1952 Parkhurst 77 Buck Rogers Ottawa Rough Riders guard, center
1952 Parkhurst Eddie Bevan 1952 Parkhurst 81 Eddie Bevan Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard, defensive tackle
1952 Parkhurst Vince Scott 1952 Parkhurst 84 Vince Scott Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard Notre Dame Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1982
1952 Parkhurst Pete Wooley 1952 Parkhurst 96 Pete Wooley Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard, tackle
1952 Parkhurst Earl Valiquette 1952 Parkhurst 97 Earl Valiquette Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard, tackle
1952 Parkhurst Louie DiFrancesco 1952 Parkhurst 99 Louie DiFrancesco Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard, center Error card

DiFrancesco's last name is misspelled "DiFrancisco" on the back of this card.
1953 Bowman Bucko Kilroy 1953 Bowman 4 Bucko Kilroy Philadelphia Eagles guard Temple exmt
1953 Bowman Sisto Averno 1953 Bowman 8 Sisto Averno Baltimore Colts guard Muhlenberg Averno was the last player chosen in the 1951 NFL Draft. See my Mr. Irrelevant page for cards of more players who were drafted last.
1953 Bowman John Schweder 1953 Bowman 41 John Schweder Pittsburgh Steelers guard Pennsylvania Schweder was the last player chosen in the 1949 NFL Draft. See my Mr. Irrelevant page for cards of more players who were drafted last.
1953 Bowman Frank Continetti 1953 Bowman 44 Frank Continetti Baltimore Colts guard George Washington
1953 Bowman Harley Sewell 1953 Bowman 58 Harley Sewell Detroit Lions guard Texas College Hall of Fame 2000 Rookie card

1953 was Sewell's first year in the NFL, so this is a true rookie card.
1953 Bowman Darrell Hogan 1953 Bowman 60 Darrell Hogan Pittsburgh Steelers guard Trinity, Baylor
1953 Oregon Tim Flaherty 1953 Oregon 5 Tim Flaherty guard Oregon PSA 5
1953 Oregon Ken Sweitzer 1953 Oregon 18 Ken Sweitzer guard Oregon PSA 4.5, PSA 3
1953 Oregon Keith Tucker 1953 Oregon 19 Keith Tucker guard Oregon PSA 4.5
1953 Rams Team Issue Dick Daugherty 1953 Rams Team Issue 6 Dick Daugherty Los Angeles Rams guard, linebacker Oregon Daugherty played six seasons for the Rams, and he made the Pro Bowl once, in 1957.
1953 Rams Team Issue John Hock 1953 Rams Team Issue 13 John Hock Los Angeles Rams guard Santa Clara Hock joined the Rams in 1953 after two years in the Army. He had played for the Chicago Cardinals in 1950.
1953 Rams Team Issue Duane Putnam 1953 Rams Team Issue 23 Duane Putnam Los Angeles Rams guard Pacific Putnam was a member of the College of the Pacific's undefeated 1949 team.
1953 Rams Team Issue Harry Thompson 1953 Rams Team Issue 30 Harry Thompson Los Angeles Rams guard Los Angeles City, UCLA Thompson worked as a movie extra in the off-season, according to the back of his card.
1953 Rams Team Issue Stan West 1953 Rams Team Issue 34 Stan West Los Angeles Rams guard Oklahoma West was the Ram's first choice in the 1950 draft. nm
1954 Blue Ribbon Al Wiley 1954 Blue Ribbon 16 Al Wiley Winnipeg Blue Bombers guard Western Ontario PSA 1.5
1954 Blue Ribbon Winty Young 1954 Blue Ribbon 17 Winty Young Winnipeg Blue Bombers guard, tackle
1954 Blue Ribbon Kaye Vaughan 1954 Blue Ribbon 23 Kaye Vaughan Ottawa Rough Riders guard Tulsa Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1978