Guard Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1894 Mayo Cut Plug William Hickok 1894 Mayo Cut Plug 17 William Hickok guard Yale College Hall of Fame 1971
1894 Mayo Cut Plug Arthur Wheeler 1894 Mayo Cut Plug 34 Arthur Wheeler guard Princeton College Hall of Fame 1969
1924 Lafayette William Brown 1924 Lafayette 3 William Brown guard Lafayette
1924 Lafayette Johnny Budd 1924 Lafayette 4 Johnny Budd guard Lafayette Budd played three seasons in the NFL: one for the Frankford Yellow Jackets, and two for the Pottsville Maroons.
1924 Lafayette Daniel Lyons 1924 Lafayette 15 Daniel Lyons guard Lafayette
1924 Lafayette Sheldon Pollock 1924 Lafayette 19 Sheldon Pollock center, guard Lafayette
1935 National Chicle Jim Zyntell 1935 National Chicle 8 Jim Zyntell Philadelphia Eagles guard Holy Cross Rookie card PSA 2.5
1935 National Chicle Tom Hupke 1935 National Chicle 12 Tom Hupke Detroit Lions guard, tackle Alabama Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Tom Jones 1935 National Chicle 17 Tom Jones New York Giants guard Bucknell Rookie card

Jones's nickname was "Potsy."
1935 National Chicle John Dell Isola 1935 National Chicle 26 John Dell Isola New York Giants guard, center Fordham Rookie card, error card

Dell Isola's last name is misspelled "Isola" on this card.
1935 National Chicle Jim MacMurdo 1935 National Chicle 29 Jim MacMurdo Philadelphia Eagles tackle, guard Pittsburgh Rookie card
1948 Bowman Larry Olsonoski 1948 Bowman 2 Larry Olsonoski Green Bay Packers guard Minnesota Rookie card
1948 Bowman John Mastrangelo 1948 Bowman 32 John Mastrangelo Pittsburgh Steelers guard, tackle Notre Dame Rookie card exmt+
1948 Bowman Len Younce 1948 Bowman 37 Len Younce New York Giants guard Oregon State Rookie card

Younce was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.
1948 Bowman John Badaczewski 1948 Bowman 57 John Badaczewski Boston Yanks guard Case Western Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Mervin Pregulman 1948 Bowman 59 Mervin Pregulman Detroit Lions center, guard Michigan College Hall of Fame 1982 Rookie card vg-ex
1948 Bowman Bill Moore 1948 Bowman 68 Bill Moore Pittsburgh Steelers guard Penn State Rookie card

Moore played three seasons in the NFL, 1947 to 1949, all with the Steelers.
PSA 8, nm oc
1948 Bowman Bucko Kilroy 1948 Bowman 79 Bucko Kilroy Philadelphia Eagles guard Temple Rookie card

Kilroy played 13 seasons in the NFL, all with the Eagles.
1948 Bowman Bill Gray 1948 Bowman 85 Bill Gray Washington Redskins guard Oregon State, USC Rookie card PSA 6, vg
1948 Bowman Frank Barzilauskas 1948 Bowman 92 Frank Barzilauskas Boston Yanks guard Holy Cross, Yale Rookie card

Barzilauskas's nephew, Carl Barzilauskas, played for the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.
SGC 88, PSA 7, PSA 6
1948 Bowman Vic Sears 1948 Bowman 93 Vic Sears Philadelphia Eagles guard, tackle Oregon State Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman John Adams Sr. 1948 Bowman 94 John Adams Sr. Washington Redskins guard, tackle Notre Dame Rookie card

Adams's son, John Adams Jr., was a defensive tackle for the University of West Virginia.
1948 Bowman Bill Miklich 1948 Bowman 100 Bill Miklich New York Giants guard Idaho Rookie card PSA 6, exmt
1948 Bowman Buford Ray 1948 Bowman 108 Buford Ray Green Bay Packers guard, tackle Vanderbilt Packers Hall of Fame 1973 Rookie card, short print
1948-52 Exhibit Dick Barwegan 1948-52 Exhibit 2 Dick Barwegan
Dick Barwegen guard Purdue