Fullback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1955 Topps All-American Bob Grayson 1955 Topps All-American 5 Bob Grayson fullback Stanford College Hall of Fame 1955 Grayson was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.
1955 Topps All-American George Sauer Sr. 1955 Topps All-American 31 George Sauer Sr. fullback Nebraska College Hall of Fame 1954 Rookie card

Sauer played three seasons for the Green Bay Packers.
1955 Topps All-American Ernie Nevers 1955 Topps All-American 56 Ernie Nevers fullback Stanford College Hall of Fame 1951, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1963, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Rookie card
1955 Topps All-American Doc Blanchard 1955 Topps All-American 59 Doc Blanchard fullback Army Heisman Trophy 1945, College Hall of Fame 1959 Rookie card

Blanchard was the first player to win the Heisman Trophy as a junior. He placed third in Heisman voting in 1944, first in 1945, and fourth in 1946.
1955 Topps All-American The Four Horsemen 1955 Topps All-American 68 The Four Horsemen
Jim Crowley halfback Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1966
Elmer Layden fullback Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1951
Don Miller halfback Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1970
Harry Stuhldreher quarterback Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1958
1955 Topps All-American Ted Coy 1955 Topps All-American 83 Ted Coy fullback Yale College Hall of Fame 1951 GAI 8
1956 Giants Team Issue Mel Triplett 1956 Giants Team Issue 31 Mel Triplett New York Giants fullback Toledo nm
1956 Parkhurst Normie Kwong 1956 Parkhurst 3 Normie Kwong Edmonton Eskimos fullback Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1969 Kwong served as the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from 2005 to 2010. PSA 2
1956 Parkhurst Joe Yamauchi 1956 Parkhurst 28 Joe Yamauchi Calgary Stampeders guard, fullback Eastern Washington PSA 3
1956 Parkhurst Lorne Benson 1956 Parkhurst 40 Lorne Benson Winnipeg Blue Bombers fullback PSA 3 mk
1956 Parkhurst Pat Abbruzzi 1956 Parkhurst 50 Pat Abbruzzi Montreal Alouettes fullback Rhode Island Error card

Abbuzzi's last name is misspelled "Abruzzi" on the back of this card. His brother, Lou "Duke" Abbruzzi, played for the NFL's Boston Yanks in 1946.
1956 Topps Green Bay Packers Team 1956 Topps 7 Green Bay Packers Team Green Bay Packers This card pictures the 1955 Packers team. The team photo includes Deral Teteak, a member of the Packers Hall of Fame who never appeared on a card of his own.
1956 Topps Alan Ameche 1956 Topps 12 Alan Ameche Baltimore Colts fullback Wisconsin Heisman Trophy 1954, College Hall of Fame 1975 Ameche placed sixth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1953, and he won it in 1954. See my page of football cards of Heisman candidates.
1956 Topps Fran Rogel 1956 Topps 15 Fran Rogel Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Penn State nm+
1956 Topps Tank Younger 1956 Topps 18 Tank Younger Los Angeles Rams fullback Grambling College Hall of Fame 2000
1956 Topps Chicago Cardinals Team 1956 Topps 22 Chicago Cardinals Team Chicago Cardinals Short print

This card pictures the 1955 Chicago Cardinals team.
1956 Topps San Francisco 49ers Team 1956 Topps 26 San Francisco 49ers Team San Francisco 49ers This card pictures the 1955 49ers team. Most of the players on the card also appeared on 1955 49ers Team Issue Photos.
1956 Topps Rick Casares 1956 Topps 35 Rick Casares Chicago Bears fullback Florida nm
1956 Topps Philadelphia Eagles Team 1956 Topps 40 Philadelphia Eagles Team Philadelphia Eagles This card pictures the 1955 Philadelphia Eagles team.
1956 Topps Cleveland Browns Team 1956 Topps 45 Cleveland Browns Team Cleveland Browns This card pictures the 1955 Cleveland Browns team. 1955 was Otto Graham's last season, and the Browns won the NFL Championship. Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll was a linebacker on the team.
1956 Topps Baltimore Colts Team 1956 Topps 48 Baltimore Colts Team Baltimore Colts This card pictures the 1955 Baltimore Colts team. Hall of Fame NFL coach Don Shula is in the front row. Leroy Vaughn, father of major league baseball's Mo Vaughn, is in the back row.
1956 Topps Ollie Matson 1956 Topps 58 Ollie Matson Chicago Cardinals fullback, defensive back San Francisco Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972, College Hall of Fame 1976, Eagles Honor Roll 1987, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Short print ex
1956 Topps Washington Redskins Team 1956 Topps 61 Washington Redskins Team Washington Redskins Short print

This card pictures the 1955 Washington Redskins team. About 15 of the players never appeared on cards of their own.
1956 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers Team 1956 Topps 63 Pittsburgh Steelers Team Pittsburgh Steelers This card pictures the 1955 Steelers team. For a larger version of the image on the card, see the 1955 Pittsburgh Steelers page at steelersuk.com.
1956 Topps Dick Bielski 1956 Topps 76 Dick Bielski Philadelphia Eagles end, fullback Maryland