End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1962 Topps John Aveni 1962 Topps 171 John Aveni Washington Redskins end Indiana The player pictured in the inset photo on this card is Dick James, with his number altered. Topps used the same image on the cover of the Redskins 1969 Topps Mini-Card Album. exmt
1962 Topps Bucks Bobby Walston 1962 Topps Bucks 9 Bobby Walston Philadelphia Eagles end Georgia
1962 Topps Bucks Jim Phillips 1962 Topps Bucks 10 Jim Phillips Los Angeles Rams end Auburn
1962 Topps Bucks 12 Sonny Randle St. Louis Cardinals end Virginia
1962 Topps Bucks Jerry Reichow 1962 Topps Bucks 13 Jerry Reichow Minnesota Vikings end Iowa
1962 Topps Bucks Buddy Dial 1962 Topps Bucks 15 Buddy Dial Pittsburgh Steelers end Rice College Hall of Fame 1993
1962 Topps Bucks 21 Bill Howton Dallas Cowboys end Rice Packers Hall of Fame 1974
1962 Topps Bucks Raymond Berry 1962 Topps Bucks 25 Raymond Berry Baltimore Colts end SMU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973
1962 Topps Bucks Tommy McDonald 1962 Topps Bucks 28 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998
1962 Topps Bucks Del Shofner 1962 Topps Bucks 29 Del Shofner Los Angeles Rams end Baylor
1962 Topps Bucks Max McGee 1962 Topps Bucks 36 Max McGee Green Bay Packers end Tulane Packers Hall of Fame 1975 In 1975, McGee co-founded the first Chi-Chi's restaurant. The restaurant was in Richfield, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.
1962 Topps CFL Pat Claridge 1962 Topps CFL 6 Pat Claridge BC Lions end Washington Claridge's older brother, Bruce Claridge, also played in the CFL. nm+
1962 Topps CFL Norm Fieldgate 1962 Topps CFL 9 Norm Fieldgate BC Lions end, linebacker British Columbia Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1979 nm
1962 Topps CFL Bill McKenna 1962 Topps CFL 30 Bill McKenna Calgary Stampeders end Brandeis
1962 Topps CFL Art Scullion 1962 Topps CFL 34 Art Scullion Calgary Stampeders end nm
1962 Topps CFL Vic Chapman 1962 Topps CFL 39 Vic Chapman Edmonton Eskimos end, punter British Columbia nm
1962 Topps CFL Jim Letcavits 1962 Topps CFL 50 Jim Letcavits Edmonton Eskimos end Kansas nm oc
1962 Topps CFL Bill Smith 1962 Topps CFL 55 Bill Smith Edmonton Eskimos end Smith was the mayor of Edmonton from 1995 to 2004. nm-mt
1962 Topps CFL Cam Fraser 1962 Topps CFL 64 Cam Fraser Hamilton Tiger-Cats end, punter Ottawa nm-mt
1962 Topps CFL Hal Patterson 1962 Topps CFL 73 Hal Patterson Hamilton Tiger-Cats end Kansas Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1971 nm-mt
1962 Topps CFL Bob Simpson 1962 Topps CFL 108 Bob Simpson Ottawa Rough Riders end Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1975
1962 Topps CFL Ted Smale 1962 Topps CFL 109 Ted Smale Ottawa Rough Riders end Toronto
1962 Topps CFL Ron Dundas 1962 Topps CFL 121 Ron Dundas Saskatchewan Roughriders end
1962 Topps CFL Jack Gotta 1962 Topps CFL 123 Jack Gotta Saskatchewan Roughriders end Oregon State
1962 Topps CFL Farrell Funston 1962 Topps CFL 152 Farrell Funston Winnipeg Blue Bombers end Pacific