End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1958 49ers Team Issue Clyde Conner 1958 49ers Team Issue 7 Clyde Conner San Francisco 49ers end Pacific 1958 was Conner's most productive year. He caught 49 passes, 5 of them for touchdowns.
1958 49ers Team Issue Fred Dugan 1958 49ers Team Issue 9 Fred Dugan San Francisco 49ers end Dayton
1958 49ers Team Issue Red Hickey 1958 49ers Team Issue 17 Red Hickey San Francisco 49ers end, coach Arkansas
1958 49ers Team Issue Bill Jessup 1958 49ers Team Issue 18 Bill Jessup San Francisco 49ers end, punter USC
1958 49ers Team Issue R.C. Owens 1958 49ers Team Issue 27 R.C. Owens San Francisco 49ers halfback, end College of Idaho 49ers Hall of Fame 2011
1958 49ers Team Issue Gordon Soltau 1958 49ers Team Issue 34 Gordon Soltau San Francisco 49ers end, kicker Minnesota
1958 49ers Team Issue Billy Wilson 1958 49ers Team Issue 41 Billy Wilson San Francisco 49ers end San Jose State
1958 49ers Team Issue 49ers Coaches 1958 49ers Team Issue 44 49ers Coaches
Frankie Albert San Francisco 49ers quarterback, coach Stanford College Hall of Fame 1956
Phil Bengtson San Francisco 49ers coach Minnesota Packers Hall of Fame 1996
Mark Duncan San Francisco 49ers coach Denver
Red Hickey San Francisco 49ers end, coach Arkansas
Bill Johnson San Francisco 49ers center, coach Texas A and M
1958 Topps Bill Howton 1958 Topps 6 Bill Howton Green Bay Packers end Rice Packers Hall of Fame 1974 Error card

This is the only place I have seen Howton's first name spelled "Billie."
1958 Topps Jim Dooley 1958 Topps 8 Jim Dooley Chicago Bears end Miami Florida nm
1958 Topps Pete Brewster 1958 Topps 11 Pete Brewster Cleveland Browns end Purdue
1958 Topps Jim Mutscheller 1958 Topps 14 Jim Mutscheller Baltimore Colts end Notre Dame PSA 8
1958 Topps Bob Boyd 1958 Topps 21 Bob Boyd Los Angeles Rams end Loyola (L.A.) nm
1958 Topps Steve Meilinger 1958 Topps 33 Steve Meilinger Washington Redskins end Kentucky College Hall of Fame 2013 Meilinger played for the Green Bay Packers in 1958.
1958 Topps San Francisco 49ers Team 1958 Topps 41 San Francisco 49ers Team San Francisco 49ers This card pictures the 1957 49ers team. You can see a much larger copy of this image on this Falstaff beer ad. Most of the players in the photo appear on 1957 49ers Team Issue photos.
1958 Topps Jim Doran 1958 Topps 43 Jim Doran Detroit Lions end, defensive end Iowa State, Buena Vista PSA 6
1958 Topps John Carson 1958 Topps 47 John Carson Washington Redskins end Georgia
1958 Topps Jack McClairen 1958 Topps 51 Jack McClairen Pittsburgh Steelers end Bethune-Cookman Rookie card
1958 Topps Gary Knafelc 1958 Topps 56 Gary Knafelc Green Bay Packers end Colorado Packers Hall of Fame 1996 Knafelc's son, Greg Knafelc, was a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints in 1983. SGC 88, PSA 7, SGC 84, exmt
1958 Topps Gern Nagler 1958 Topps 60 Gern Nagler Chicago Cardinals end Santa Clara SGC 88, nm oc
1958 Topps R.C. Owens 1958 Topps 64 R.C. Owens San Francisco 49ers halfback, end College of Idaho 49ers Hall of Fame 2011 Rookie card, error card

The player pictured is Don Owens, not R.C. Owens. See other football cards that picture the wrong player on my Mistaken Identities page.
1958 Topps Chicago Cardinals Team 1958 Topps 69 Chicago Cardinals Team Chicago Cardinals This card pictures the 1957 Chicago Cardinals team. Click here to see a large, black-and-white copy of this image. Dick Lane, in the upper right corner of the photo, appears to have been cut-and-pasted in.
1958 Topps Ray Mathews 1958 Topps 78 Ray Mathews Pittsburgh Steelers end Clemson Steelers Legends Team nm oc
1958 Topps Harlon Hill 1958 Topps 80 Harlon Hill Chicago Bears end North Alabama
1958 Topps Woodley Lewis 1958 Topps 82 Woodley Lewis Chicago Cardinals end Los Angeles City, Oregon Error card

First name misspelled "Woodly."
nm+ oc