Defensive Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1962 Post CFL Howard Cissell 1962 Post CFL 8 Howard Cissell Montreal Alouettes halfback, defensive back Arkansas State
1962 Post CFL George Brancato 1962 Post CFL 20 George Brancato Ottawa Rough Riders running back, defensive back LSU, Santa Ana College
1962 Post CFL Joe Poirier 1962 Post CFL 34 Joe Poirier Ottawa Rough Riders defensive back McGill
1962 Post CFL Menan Schriewer 1962 Post CFL 37 Menan Schriewer Toronto Argonauts defensive back
1962 Post CFL Brian Aston 1962 Post CFL 40 Brian Aston Toronto Argonauts defensive back
1962 Post CFL Boyd Carter 1962 Post CFL 54 Boyd Carter Toronto Argonauts defensive back, wide receiver Santa Monica
1962 Post CFL Don Sutherin 1962 Post CFL 59 Don Sutherin Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back, kicker Ohio State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1992
1962 Post CFL Jerry Keeling 1962 Post CFL 98 Jerry Keeling Calgary Stampeders quarterback, defensive back Tulsa Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1989
1962 Post CFL Rollie Miles 1962 Post CFL 114 Rollie Miles Edmonton Eskimos running back, defensive back St. Augustine Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1980
1962 Post CFL Bob Jeter 1962 Post CFL 124 Bob Jeter BC Lions defensive back Iowa Packers Hall of Fame 1985
1962 Post CFL Neal Beaumont 1962 Post CFL 135 Neal Beaumont BC Lions defensive back, fullback
1962 Topps Andy Nelson 1962 Topps 10 Andy Nelson Baltimore Colts defensive back Memphis exmt
1962 Topps Richie Petitbon 1962 Topps 23 Richie Petitbon Chicago Bears defensive back Tulane Rookie card

Petitbon had a 101-yard interception return in 1962, longest in the NFL.
1962 Topps Bernie Parrish 1962 Topps 34 Bernie Parrish Cleveland Browns defensive back Florida PSA 7
1962 Topps Jim Shofner 1962 Topps 35 Jim Shofner Cleveland Browns defensive back TCU Short print
1962 Topps Don Bishop 1962 Topps 46 Don Bishop Dallas Cowboys defensive back Los Angeles City Rookie card, short print
1962 Topps Dick Moegle 1962 Topps 47 Dick Moegle Dallas Cowboys defensive back Rice Short print

After football, Moegle changed his surname to "Maegle," so that its spelling more closely matched its pronunciation.
1962 Topps Yale Lary 1962 Topps 56 Yale Lary Detroit Lions defensive back Texas A and M Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
1962 Topps Dick Lane 1962 Topps 60 Dick Lane Detroit Lions defensive back Scottsbluff Junior College Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006
1962 Topps Ollie Matson 1962 Topps 79 Ollie Matson Los Angeles Rams fullback, defensive back San Francisco Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972, College Hall of Fame 1976, Eagles Honor Roll 1987, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Short print

The player pictured in the inset photo on this card is Bob Ferguson of Ohio State. Topps changed Ferguson's jersey number in the image to 33, which was Matson's number. Topps reused the image on the cover of the Denver Broncos 1969 Topps Mini-Card Album.
1962 Topps Lindon Crow 1962 Topps 87 Lindon Crow Los Angeles Rams defensive back USC exmt
1962 Topps Erich Barnes 1962 Topps 111 Erich Barnes New York Giants defensive back Purdue PSA 8, PSA 7, exmt
1962 Topps Jim Patton 1962 Topps 112 Jim Patton New York Giants defensive back Mississippi exmt+
1962 Topps Jerry Norton 1962 Topps 146 Jerry Norton St. Louis Cardinals defensive back, punter SMU ex
1962 Topps Jimmy Hill 1962 Topps 147 Jimmy Hill St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Sam Houston Rookie card, short print