Defensive Tackle Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1964 Wheaties Stamps Lou Michaels 1964 Wheaties Stamps 41 Lou Michaels Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Kentucky College Hall of Fame 1992 PSA 9
1965 Philadelphia Lou Michaels 1965 Philadelphia 7 Lou Michaels Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Kentucky College Hall of Fame 1992
1965 Philadelphia Dick Modzelewski 1965 Philadelphia 36 Dick Modzelewski Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Maryland Outland Trophy 1952, College Hall of Fame 1993 Modzelewski was inducted into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame in 1986.
1965 Philadelphia Roosevelt Grier 1965 Philadelphia 88 Roosevelt Grier Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Penn State Double print
1965 Philadelphia John Baker 1965 Philadelphia 142 John Baker Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle North Carolina College
1965 Philadelphia Ben McGee 1965 Philadelphia 150 Ben McGee Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, defensive end Jackson State Steelers Legends Team Rookie card PSA 9
1965 Philadelphia Charlie Krueger 1965 Philadelphia 177 Charlie Krueger San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle, defensive end Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1983, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 Rookie card, error card

Name misspelled "Charley."
1965 Topps Houston Antwine 1965 Topps 2 Houston Antwine Boston Patriots defensive tackle, defensive end Southern Illinois Antwine was an American Football League All-Star for six consecutive seasons, 1963 to 1968.
1965 Topps Jim Dunaway 1965 Topps 29 Jim Dunaway Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Mississippi
1965 Topps Tom Keating 1965 Topps 34 Tom Keating Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Michigan Rookie card

Keating spent twelve seasons in the AFL and NFL, playing for the Bills, Raiders, Steelers, and Chiefs.
1965 Topps Tom Sestak 1965 Topps 40 Tom Sestak Buffalo Bills defensive tackle McNeese State, Baylor Bills Wall of Fame 1987
1965 Topps Ed Husmann 1965 Topps 79 Ed Husmann Houston Oilers defensive tackle Nebraska exmt
1965 Topps Bud McFadin 1965 Topps 81 Bud McFadin Houston Oilers defensive tackle Texas College Hall of Fame 1983 exmt
1965 Topps Buck Buchanan 1965 Topps 94 Buck Buchanan Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Grambling Chiefs Hall of Fame 1981, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1996
1965 Topps Jerry Mays 1965 Topps 106 Jerry Mays Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle SMU Chiefs Hall of Fame 1972 PSA 8, exmt
1965 Topps Dave Costa 1965 Topps 135 Dave Costa Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Utah
1965 Topps George Gross 1965 Topps 160 George Gross San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Auburn Rookie card

Gross played for the Chargers from 1963 to 1967. His brother Andy also played in the NFL; he was with the New York Giants in 1967 and 1968.
1965 Topps Ernie Ladd 1965 Topps 164 Ernie Ladd San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Grambling Chargers Hall of Fame 1981
1965 Topps CFL Larry Anderson 1965 Topps CFL 16 Larry Anderson Calgary Stampeders guard, defensive tackle BYU
1965 Topps CFL Angelo Mosca 1965 Topps CFL 55 Angelo Mosca Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive tackle Notre Dame, Wyoming Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1987
1965 Topps CFL Moe Levesque 1965 Topps CFL 70 Moe Levesque Montreal Alouettes tackle, defensive tackle
1965 Topps CFL Bob Minihane 1965 Topps CFL 71 Bob Minihane Montreal Alouettes defensive tackle Boston University
1965 Topps CFL John Kenerson 1965 Topps CFL 79 John Kenerson Ottawa Rough Riders defensive end, defensive tackle Kentucky State
1965 Topps CFL Ron Atchison 1965 Topps CFL 89 Ron Atchison Saskatchewan Roughriders center, defensive tackle Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1978
1966 Philadelphia Lou Michaels 1966 Philadelphia 20 Lou Michaels Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Kentucky College Hall of Fame 1992