Defensive End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1970 Topps Elvin Bethea 1970 Topps 43 Elvin Bethea Houston Oilers defensive end North Carolina A and T Pro Football Hall of Fame 2003 Rookie card
1970 Topps Steve DeLong 1970 Topps 49 Steve DeLong San Diego Chargers defensive end Tennessee Outland Trophy 1964, College Hall of Fame 1993
1970 Topps Ron McDole 1970 Topps 63 Ron McDole Buffalo Bills defensive end Nebraska PSA 8
1970 Topps Ben McGee 1970 Topps 78 Ben McGee Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, defensive end Jackson State Steelers Legends Team
1970 Topps Royce Berry 1970 Topps 86 Royce Berry Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Houston Rookie card
1970 Topps Rich Jackson 1970 Topps 95 Rich Jackson Denver Broncos defensive end Southern Broncos Ring of Fame 1984 Rookie card
1970 Topps Bubba Smith 1970 Topps 114 Bubba Smith Baltimore Colts defensive end Michigan State College Hall of Fame 1988 Rookie card

The Colts chose Smith with the first overall pick in the 1967 NFL draft.
1970 Topps Deacon Jones 1970 Topps 125 Deacon Jones Los Angeles Rams defensive end Mississippi Vocational Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980 The St. Louis Rams retired Jones's number in 2009. For the retired numbers for all of the NFL teams, see the retired numbers page of the Gallery.
1970 Topps Chuck Walker 1970 Topps 133 Chuck Walker St. Louis Cardinals defensive end Duke Rookie card
1970 Topps Larry Hand 1970 Topps 149 Larry Hand Detroit Lions defensive end Appalachian State Rookie card
1970 Topps Bobby Bell 1970 Topps 154 Bobby Bell Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, defensive end Minnesota Outland Trophy 1962, Chiefs Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1991
1970 Topps Claude Humphrey 1970 Topps 156 Claude Humphrey Atlanta Falcons defensive end Tennessee State Falcons Ring of Honor 2008, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014 Rookie card
1970 Topps Tim Rossovich 1970 Topps 167 Tim Rossovich Philadelphia Eagles defensive end USC Rookie card
1970 Topps Carl Eller 1970 Topps 175 Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings defensive end Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor 2002, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2004, College Hall of Fame 2006
1970 Topps Charlie Krueger 1970 Topps 186 Charlie Krueger San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle, defensive end Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1983, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009
1970 Topps Martin Baccaglio 1970 Topps 187 Martin Baccaglio Cincinnati Bengals defensive end San Jose State Rookie card
1970 Topps Ron Snidow 1970 Topps 194 Ron Snidow Cleveland Browns defensive end Oregon Rookie card

Snidow scored a safety in 1970--the only 2 points of his NFL career.
1970 Topps Aaron Brown 1970 Topps 202 Aaron Brown Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Minnesota Rookie card
1970 Topps John Zook 1970 Topps 209 John Zook Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kansas Rookie card
1970 Topps Jim Marshall 1970 Topps 213 Jim Marshall Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ohio State Vikings Ring of Honor 1999
1970 Topps Gerry Philbin 1970 Topps 226 Gerry Philbin New York Jets defensive end Buffalo Jets Ring of Honor 2011
1970 Topps Fred Dryer 1970 Topps 247 Fred Dryer New York Giants defensive end San Diego State College Hall of Fame 1997 Rookie card
1970 Topps Ben Davidson 1970 Topps 251 Ben Davidson Oakland Raiders defensive end Washington Davidson appeared in the movie M*A*S*H in 1970. After football he appeared in over twenty movies and TV series.
1970 Topps Houston Antwine 1970 Topps 255 Houston Antwine Boston Patriots defensive tackle, defensive end Southern Illinois
1970 Topps Super Deacon Jones 1970 Topps Super 7 Deacon Jones Los Angeles Rams defensive end Mississippi Vocational Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980