Zollie Toth Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1951 Bowman Zollie Toth 1951 Bowman 45 Zollie Toth New York Yanks fullback LSU exmt
1952 Bowman Large Zollie Toth 1952 Bowman Large 58 Zollie Toth Dallas Texans fullback LSU
1952 Bowman Small Zollie Toth 1952 Bowman Small 58 Zollie Toth Dallas Texans fullback LSU PSA 6, PSA 4
1955 Bowman Zollie Toth 1955 Bowman 147 Zollie Toth Baltimore Colts fullback LSU
1956 Topps Baltimore Colts Team 1956 Topps 48 Baltimore Colts Team Baltimore Colts This card pictures the 1955 Baltimore Colts team. Hall of Fame NFL coach Don Shula is in the front row. Leroy Vaughn, father of major league baseball's Mo Vaughn, is in the back row.