Edmonton Eskimos Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1962 Topps CFL Jackie Parker 1962 Topps CFL 52 Jackie Parker Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Mississippi Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1971, College Hall of Fame 1976
1962 Topps CFL Howie Schumm 1962 Topps CFL 53 Howie Schumm Edmonton Eskimos halfback
1962 Topps CFL Jim Shipka 1962 Topps CFL 54 Jim Shipka Edmonton Eskimos fullback
1962 Topps CFL Bill Smith 1962 Topps CFL 55 Bill Smith Edmonton Eskimos end Smith was the mayor of Edmonton from 1995 to 2004.
1962 Topps CFL Joe Bob Smith 1962 Topps CFL 56 Joe Bob Smith Edmonton Eskimos halfback Houston
1962 Topps CFL Art Walker 1962 Topps CFL 57 Art Walker Edmonton Eskimos guard Michigan
1962 Topps CFL Edmonton Eskimos Team 1962 Topps CFL 58 Edmonton Eskimos Team Edmonton Eskimos
1963 Post CFL John Bright 1963 Post CFL 125 John Bright Edmonton Eskimos halfback Drake Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1970, College Hall of Fame 1984
1963 Post CFL Jon Rechner 1963 Post CFL 126 Jon Rechner Edmonton Eskimos fullback Carroll
1963 Post CFL Al Ecuyer 1963 Post CFL 127 Al Ecuyer Edmonton Eskimos guard Notre Dame
1963 Post CFL Don Getty 1963 Post CFL 128 Don Getty Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Western Ontario
1963 Post CFL Ed Gray 1963 Post CFL 129 Ed Gray Edmonton Eskimos tackle Oklahoma
1963 Post CFL Oscar Kruger 1963 Post CFL 130 Oscar Kruger Edmonton Eskimos halfback
1963 Post CFL Jim Letcavits 1963 Post CFL 131 Jim Letcavits Edmonton Eskimos end Kansas
1963 Post CFL Mike Lashuk 1963 Post CFL 132 Mike Lashuk Edmonton Eskimos fullback Alberta
1963 Post CFL Don Duncalfe 1963 Post CFL 133 Don Duncalfe Edmonton Eskimos tackle
1963 Post CFL Bobby Walden 1963 Post CFL 134 Bobby Walden Edmonton Eskimos kicker, halfback Georgia Steelers All-Time Team
1963 Post CFL Tommy Joe Coffey 1963 Post CFL 135 Tommy Joe Coffey Edmonton Eskimos end, kicker West Texas State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1977
1963 Post CFL Nat Dye 1963 Post CFL 136 Nat Dye Edmonton Eskimos end Georgia
1963 Post CFL Roy Stevenson 1963 Post CFL 137 Roy Stevenson Edmonton Eskimos guard, tackle Toronto
1963 Post CFL Howie Schumm 1963 Post CFL 138 Howie Schumm Edmonton Eskimos halfback
1963 Post CFL Roger Nelson 1963 Post CFL 139 Roger Nelson Edmonton Eskimos tackle Oklahoma
1963 Post CFL Larry Fleisher 1963 Post CFL 140 Larry Fleisher Edmonton Eskimos guard Wake Forest
1963 Post CFL Dunc Harvey 1963 Post CFL 141 Dunc Harvey Edmonton Eskimos defensive back
1963 Post CFL James Earl Wright 1963 Post CFL 142 James Earl Wright Edmonton Eskimos quarterback, defensive back Memphis Wright played for the AFL's Denver Broncos in 1964.