Chicago Cardinals Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1959 Topps Cardinals Pennant 1959 Topps 24 Cardinals Pennant Chicago Cardinals exmt
1959 Topps Dick Nolan 1959 Topps 32 Dick Nolan Chicago Cardinals defensive back Maryland Nolan was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers from 1968 to 1975, and of the New Orleans Saints from 1978 to 1980. Read about his time with the Saints on the New Orleans Saints History web site. ex
1959 Topps Woodley Lewis 1959 Topps 45 Woodley Lewis Chicago Cardinals end Los Angeles City, Oregon Error card

Lewis's first name is misspelled "Woody."
1959 Topps Chuck Ulrich 1959 Topps 57 Chuck Ulrich Chicago Cardinals defensive tackle Illinois PSA 8, PSA 7.5, nm+
1959 Topps Ken Panfil 1959 Topps 71 Ken Panfil Chicago Cardinals tackle Purdue Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Carl Brettschneider 1959 Topps 81 Carl Brettschneider Chicago Cardinals linebacker Iowa State Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 6
1959 Topps Gern Nagler 1959 Topps 93 Gern Nagler Chicago Cardinals end Santa Clara PSA 8, nm
1959 Topps John David Crow 1959 Topps 105 John David Crow Chicago Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Heisman Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1976 Rookie card nm+
1959 Topps King Hill 1959 Topps 117 King Hill Chicago Cardinals quarterback, punter Rice Rookie card

The Cardinals chose Hill with the first overall pick in the 1958 NFL draft. He played 12 seasons for the Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and Minnesota Vikings.
PSA 8, nm
1959 Topps Chicago Cardinals Team 1959 Topps 118 Chicago Cardinals Team Chicago Cardinals The Cardinals played the CFL's Toronto Argonauts in an exhibition game in 1959. SGC 92, PSA 7, ex
1959 Topps M.C. Reynolds 1959 Topps 135 M.C. Reynolds Chicago Cardinals quarterback LSU Rookie card

M.C. is short for Mack Charles.
PSA 8, PSA 7
1959 Topps Leo Sugar 1959 Topps 154 Leo Sugar Chicago Cardinals defensive end Purdue Rookie card PSA 6, nm
1959 Topps Bobby Joe Conrad 1959 Topps 173 Bobby Joe Conrad Chicago Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Rookie card nm
1963 Stancraft Ollie Matson 1963 Stancraft 4D Ollie Matson Chicago Cardinals fullback, defensive back San Francisco Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972, College Hall of Fame 1976, Eagles Honor Roll 1987, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006
1963 Stancraft Charley Trippi 1963 Stancraft 8C Charley Trippi Chicago Cardinals halfback Georgia College Hall of Fame 1959, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1968, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006