1978 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps Mike Webster 1978 Topps 351 Mike Webster Pittsburgh Steelers center Wisconsin Pro Football Hall of Fame 1997, Steelers All-Time Team
1978 Topps Bobby Hammond 1978 Topps 352 Bobby Hammond New York Giants running back Morgan State Rookie card
1978 Topps Dave Mays 1978 Topps 353 Dave Mays Cleveland Browns quarterback Texas Southern Rookie card
1978 Topps Pat McInally 1978 Topps 354 Pat McInally Cincinnati Bengals punter Harvard
1978 Topps Toni Linhart 1978 Topps 355 Toni Linhart Baltimore Colts kicker Austria Technical
1978 Topps Larry Hand 1978 Topps 356 Larry Hand Detroit Lions defensive end Appalachian State
1978 Topps Ted Fritsch Jr. 1978 Topps 357 Ted Fritsch Jr. Washington Redskins center St. Norbert
1978 Topps Larry Marshall 1978 Topps 358 Larry Marshall Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Maryland
1978 Topps Waymond Bryant 1978 Topps 359 Waymond Bryant Chicago Bears linebacker Tennessee State
1978 Topps Louie Kelcher 1978 Topps 360 Louie Kelcher San Diego Chargers defensive tackle SMU Chargers Hall of Fame 2003 Rookie card
1978 Topps Stanley Morgan 1978 Topps 361 Stanley Morgan New England Patriots wide receiver Tennessee Patriots Hall of Fame 2007 Rookie card
1978 Topps Bruce Harper 1978 Topps 362 Bruce Harper New York Jets running back Kutztown Rookie card

Harper is the founder and director of Heroes and Cool Kids, a mentoring program for middle school kids.
1978 Topps Bernard Jackson 1978 Topps 363 Bernard Jackson Denver Broncos defensive back Washington State
1978 Topps Walter White 1978 Topps 364 Walter White Kansas City Chiefs tight end Maryland
1978 Topps Ken Stabler 1978 Topps 365 Ken Stabler Oakland Raiders quarterback Alabama
1978 Topps Fred Dryer 1978 Topps 366 Fred Dryer Los Angeles Rams defensive end San Diego State College Hall of Fame 1997
1978 Topps Ike Harris 1978 Topps 367 Ike Harris New Orleans Saints wide receiver Iowa State
1978 Topps Norm Bulaich 1978 Topps 368 Norm Bulaich Miami Dolphins running back TCU
1978 Topps Merv Krakau 1978 Topps 369 Merv Krakau Buffalo Bills linebacker Iowa State Rookie card
1978 Topps John James 1978 Topps 370 John James Atlanta Falcons punter Florida James led the NFL in number of punts and total punting yardage in 1974, 1976, 1977, and 1978.
1978 Topps Bennie Cunningham 1978 Topps 371 Bennie Cunningham Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Clemson Steelers All-Time Team Rookie card
1978 Topps Doug Van Horn 1978 Topps 372 Doug Van Horn New York Giants guard Ohio State
1978 Topps Thom Darden 1978 Topps 373 Thom Darden Cleveland Browns defensive back Michigan Darden led the NFL with 10 interceptions and 200 interception return yards in 1978.
1978 Topps Eddie Edwards 1978 Topps 374 Eddie Edwards Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, defensive tackle Miami Florida Rookie card

Edwards was elected to the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame in 1989.
1978 Topps Mike Thomas 1978 Topps 375 Mike Thomas Washington Redskins running back Oklahoma, UNLV
1978 Topps Fred Cook 1978 Topps 376 Fred Cook Baltimore Colts defensive end Southern Mississippi
1978 Topps Mike Phipps 1978 Topps 377 Mike Phipps Chicago Bears quarterback Purdue College Hall of Fame 2006
1978 Topps Paul Krause 1978 Topps 378 Paul Krause Minnesota Vikings defensive back Iowa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998 PSA 7
1978 Topps Harold Carmichael 1978 Topps 379 Harold Carmichael Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Southern Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1978 Topps Mike Haynes 1978 Topps 380 Mike Haynes New England Patriots defensive back Arizona State Patriots Hall of Fame 1994, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1997, College Hall of Fame 2001
1978 Topps Wayne Morris 1978 Topps 381 Wayne Morris St. Louis Cardinals running back SMU
1978 Topps Greg Buttle 1978 Topps 382 Greg Buttle New York Jets linebacker Penn State
1978 Topps Jim Zorn 1978 Topps 383 Jim Zorn Seattle Seahawks quarterback Cal Poly-Pomona Seahawks Ring of Honor 2001
1978 Topps Jack Dolbin 1978 Topps 384 Jack Dolbin Denver Broncos wide receiver Wake Forest
1978 Topps Charlie Waters 1978 Topps 385 Charlie Waters Dallas Cowboys defensive back Clemson
1978 Topps Dan Ryczek 1978 Topps 386 Dan Ryczek Los Angeles Rams center Virginia
1978 Topps Joe Washington 1978 Topps 387 Joe Washington Baltimore Colts running back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2005 Rookie card

Washington placed third in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1974, and fifth in 1975. See my football cards of Heisman candidates page.
1978 Topps Checklist 265-396 1978 Topps 388 Checklist 265-396
1978 Topps James Hunter 1978 Topps 389 James Hunter Detroit Lions defensive back Grambling Rookie card

Hunter's son, Javin Hunter, was a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens in 2002.
1978 Topps Billy Johnson 1978 Topps 390 Billy Johnson Houston Oilers wide receiver Widener College Hall of Fame 1996
1978 Topps Jimmy Allen 1978 Topps 391 Jimmy Allen Detroit Lions defensive back Pierce College, UCLA Rookie card

Allen was elected to the Pierce College Hall of Fame in 2012.
1978 Topps George Buehler 1978 Topps 392 George Buehler Oakland Raiders guard Stanford
1978 Topps Harry Carson 1978 Topps 393 Harry Carson New York Giants linebacker South Carolina State College Hall of Fame 2002, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2006
1978 Topps Cleo Miller 1978 Topps 394 Cleo Miller Cleveland Browns running back Arkansas-Pine Bluff
1978 Topps Gary Burley 1978 Topps 395 Gary Burley Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, defensive tackle Pittsburgh Rookie card

Burley is the founder and CEO of Pro Start Academy, an organization that helps student-athletes prepare for college and beyond.
1978 Topps Mark Moseley 1978 Topps 396 Mark Moseley Washington Redskins kicker Stephen F. Austin, Texas A and M Redskins Ring of Fame
1978 Topps Virgil Livers 1978 Topps 397 Virgil Livers Chicago Bears defensive back Western Kentucky
1978 Topps Joe Ehrmann 1978 Topps 398 Joe Ehrmann Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Syracuse
1978 Topps Freddie Solomon 1978 Topps 399 Freddie Solomon Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tampa
1978 Topps O.J. Simpson 1978 Topps 400 O.J. Simpson San Francisco 49ers running back USC, City College of San Francisco Heisman Trophy 1968, Bills Wall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1983, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985