1978 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1978 Topps Tony Greene 1978 Topps 251 Tony Greene Washington Redskins defensive back Maryland
1978 Topps Butch Johnson 1978 Topps 252 Butch Johnson Dallas Cowboys wide receiver California-Riverside
1978 Topps Paul Naumoff 1978 Topps 253 Paul Naumoff Detroit Lions linebacker Tennessee
1978 Topps Rickey Young 1978 Topps 254 Rickey Young Minnesota Vikings running back Jackson State
1978 Topps Dwight White 1978 Topps 255 Dwight White Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end North Texas Steelers All-Time Team
1978 Topps Joe Lavender 1978 Topps 256 Joe Lavender Washington Redskins defensive back San Diego State
1978 Topps Checklist 133-264 1978 Topps 257 Checklist 133-264
1978 Topps Ronnie Coleman 1978 Topps 258 Ronnie Coleman Houston Oilers running back Alabama A and M
1978 Topps Charlie Smith 1978 Topps 259 Charlie Smith Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Grambling
1978 Topps Ray Guy 1978 Topps 260 Ray Guy Oakland Raiders punter Southern Mississippi College Hall of Fame 2004, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014
1978 Topps David Taylor 1978 Topps 261 David Taylor Baltimore Colts tackle Catawba
1978 Topps Bill Lenkaitis 1978 Topps 262 Bill Lenkaitis New England Patriots guard, center Penn State
1978 Topps Jim Mitchell 1978 Topps 263 Jim Mitchell Atlanta Falcons tight end Prairie View
1978 Topps Delvin Williams 1978 Topps 264 Delvin Williams San Francisco 49ers running back Kansas
1978 Topps Jack Youngblood 1978 Topps 265 Jack Youngblood Los Angeles Rams defensive end Florida College Hall of Fame 1992, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2001
1978 Topps Chuck Crist 1978 Topps 266 Chuck Crist New Orleans Saints defensive back Penn State
1978 Topps Richard Todd 1978 Topps 267 Richard Todd New York Jets quarterback Alabama
1978 Topps Dave Logan 1978 Topps 268 Dave Logan Cleveland Browns wide receiver Colorado
1978 Topps Rufus Mayes 1978 Topps 269 Rufus Mayes Cincinnati Bengals tackle Ohio State
1978 Topps Brad Van Pelt 1978 Topps 270 Brad Van Pelt New York Giants linebacker Michigan State College Hall of Fame 2001, Giants Ring of Honor 2011
1978 Topps Chester Marcol 1978 Topps 271 Chester Marcol Green Bay Packers kicker Hillsdale Packers Hall of Fame 1987
1978 Topps J.V. Cain 1978 Topps 272 J.V. Cain St. Louis Cardinals tight end Colorado The Cardinals retired Cain's number, 88, after he died in training camp in 1979. See the retired numbers page of the Gallery for the retired numbers of all of the NFL teams.
1978 Topps Larry Seiple 1978 Topps 273 Larry Seiple Miami Dolphins tight end, punter Kentucky Seiple threw 3 passes during his NFL career. He completed all 3, for a total of 69 yards.
1978 Topps Brent McClanahan 1978 Topps 274 Brent McClanahan Minnesota Vikings running back Arizona State
1978 Topps Mike Wagner 1978 Topps 275 Mike Wagner Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Western Illinois
1978 Topps Diron Talbert 1978 Topps 276 Diron Talbert Washington Redskins defensive tackle Texas
1978 Topps Brian Baschnagel 1978 Topps 277 Brian Baschnagel Chicago Bears wide receiver Ohio State
1978 Topps Ed Podolak 1978 Topps 278 Ed Podolak Kansas City Chiefs running back Iowa Chiefs Hall of Fame 1989
1978 Topps Don Goode 1978 Topps 279 Don Goode San Diego Chargers linebacker Texas
1978 Topps John Dutton 1978 Topps 280 John Dutton Baltimore Colts defensive tackle, defensive end Nebraska
1978 Topps Don Calhoun 1978 Topps 281 Don Calhoun New England Patriots running back Kansas State
1978 Topps Monte Johnson 1978 Topps 282 Monte Johnson Oakland Raiders linebacker Nebraska
1978 Topps Ron Jessie 1978 Topps 283 Ron Jessie Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Kansas
1978 Topps Jon Morris 1978 Topps 284 Jon Morris Detroit Lions center Holy Cross Patriots Hall of Fame 2011
1978 Topps Riley Odoms 1978 Topps 285 Riley Odoms Denver Broncos tight end Houston
1978 Topps Marv Bateman 1978 Topps 286 Marv Bateman Buffalo Bills punter Utah
1978 Topps Joe Klecko 1978 Topps 287 Joe Klecko New York Jets defensive tackle, defensive end Temple Jets Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card

Klecko's son, Dan Klecko, played for the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and Philadelphia Eagles.
1978 Topps Oliver Davis 1978 Topps 288 Oliver Davis Cleveland Browns defensive back Tennessee State Rookie card
1978 Topps John McDaniel 1978 Topps 289 John McDaniel Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Lincoln University
1978 Topps Roger Staubach 1978 Topps 290 Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys quarterback New Mexico Military Institute, Navy College Hall of Fame 1981, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1983, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985
1978 Topps Brian Kelley 1978 Topps 291 Brian Kelley New York Giants linebacker California Lutheran College Hall of Fame 2010
1978 Topps Mike Hogan 1978 Topps 292 Mike Hogan Philadelphia Eagles running back Tennessee-Chattanooga Rookie card
1978 Topps John Leypoldt 1978 Topps 293 John Leypoldt Seattle Seahawks kicker
1978 Topps Jack Novak 1978 Topps 294 Jack Novak Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Wisconsin Rookie card
1978 Topps Joe Greene 1978 Topps 295 Joe Greene Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle North Texas College Hall of Fame 1984, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Steelers All-Time Team
1978 Topps John Hill 1978 Topps 296 John Hill New Orleans Saints center Lehigh
1978 Topps Danny Buggs 1978 Topps 297 Danny Buggs Washington Redskins wide receiver West Virginia Rookie card
1978 Topps Ted Albrecht 1978 Topps 298 Ted Albrecht Chicago Bears tackle California Rookie card
1978 Topps Nelson Munsey 1978 Topps 299 Nelson Munsey Baltimore Colts defensive back Wyoming
1978 Topps Chuck Foreman 1978 Topps 300 Chuck Foreman Minnesota Vikings running back Miami Florida Vikings Ring of Honor 2007