1977 Topps Football Cards

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at nearmintcards.com
1977 Topps Rick Upchurch 1977 Topps 301 Rick Upchurch Denver Broncos wide receiver Minnesota Rookie card
1977 Topps Jim Stienke 1977 Topps 302 Jim Stienke New York Giants defensive back Texas State Rookie card
1977 Topps Charlie Davis 1977 Topps 303 Charlie Davis St. Louis Cardinals defensive tackle TCU Rookie card
1977 Topps Don Cockroft 1977 Topps 304 Don Cockroft Cleveland Browns kicker Adams State
1977 Topps Ken Burrough 1977 Topps 305 Ken Burrough Houston Oilers wide receiver Texas Southern
1977 Topps Clark Gaines 1977 Topps 306 Clark Gaines New York Jets running back Wake Forest Rookie card
1977 Topps Bobby Douglass 1977 Topps 307 Bobby Douglass New Orleans Saints quarterback Kansas
1977 Topps Ralph Perretta 1977 Topps 308 Ralph Perretta San Diego Chargers center Purdue Rookie card
1977 Topps Wally Hilgenberg 1977 Topps 309 Wally Hilgenberg Minnesota Vikings linebacker Iowa
1977 Topps Monte Jackson 1977 Topps 310 Monte Jackson Los Angeles Rams defensive back San Diego State Rookie card
1977 Topps Chris Bahr 1977 Topps 311 Chris Bahr Cleveland Browns kicker Penn State Rookie card

Before his NFL career, Bahr played one season for the Philadelphia Atoms of the North American Soccer League. He also played for the U.S. National soccer team in the qualifying rounds for the 1976 Olympics.
1977 Topps Jim Cheyunski 1977 Topps 312 Jim Cheyunski Baltimore Colts linebacker Syracuse
1977 Topps Mike Patrick 1977 Topps 313 Mike Patrick New England Patriots punter Mississippi State Rookie card
1977 Topps Ed Jones 1977 Topps 314 Ed Jones Dallas Cowboys defensive end Tennessee State ex
1977 Topps Bill Bradley 1977 Topps 315 Bill Bradley Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Texas Eagles Honor Roll 1993
1977 Topps Benny Malone 1977 Topps 316 Benny Malone Miami Dolphins running back Arizona State Rookie card
1977 Topps Paul Seymour 1977 Topps 317 Paul Seymour Buffalo Bills tight end Michigan
1977 Topps Jim Laslavic 1977 Topps 318 Jim Laslavic Detroit Lions linebacker Penn State Rookie card
1977 Topps Frank Lewis 1977 Topps 319 Frank Lewis Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Grambling
1977 Topps Ray Guy 1977 Topps 320 Ray Guy Oakland Raiders punter Southern Mississippi College Hall of Fame 2004, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014
1977 Topps Allan Ellis 1977 Topps 321 Allan Ellis Chicago Bears defensive back UCLA Rookie card
1977 Topps Conrad Dobler 1977 Topps 322 Conrad Dobler St. Louis Cardinals guard Wyoming
1977 Topps Chester Marcol 1977 Topps 323 Chester Marcol Green Bay Packers kicker Hillsdale Packers Hall of Fame 1987
1977 Topps Doug Kotar 1977 Topps 324 Doug Kotar New York Giants running back Kentucky
1977 Topps Lemar Parrish 1977 Topps 325 Lemar Parrish Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Lincoln University
1977 Topps Steve Holden 1977 Topps 326 Steve Holden Cleveland Browns wide receiver Arizona State
1977 Topps Jeff Van Note 1977 Topps 327 Jeff Van Note Atlanta Falcons center, guard Kentucky Falcons Ring of Honor 2006
1977 Topps Howard Stevens 1977 Topps 328 Howard Stevens Baltimore Colts running back Louisville, Randolph-Macon College
1977 Topps Brad Dusek 1977 Topps 329 Brad Dusek Washington Redskins linebacker Texas A and M
1977 Topps Joe DeLamielleure 1977 Topps 330 Joe DeLamielleure Buffalo Bills guard Michigan State Bills Wall of Fame 1997, Browns Ring of Honor 2010, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2003
1977 Topps Jim Plunkett 1977 Topps 331 Jim Plunkett San Francisco 49ers quarterback Stanford College Hall of Fame 1990, Heisman Trophy 1970
1977 Topps Checklist 265-396 1977 Topps 332 Checklist 265-396
1977 Topps Lou Piccone 1977 Topps 333 Lou Piccone New York Jets wide receiver West Liberty State Rookie card
1977 Topps Ray Hamilton 1977 Topps 334 Ray Hamilton New England Patriots defensive tackle Oklahoma
1977 Topps Jan Stenerud 1977 Topps 335 Jan Stenerud Kansas City Chiefs kicker Montana State Chiefs Hall of Fame 1992, Packers Hall of Fame 1991, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1991
1977 Topps Jeris White 1977 Topps 336 Jeris White Miami Dolphins defensive back Hawaii Rookie card
1977 Topps Sherman Smith 1977 Topps 337 Sherman Smith Seattle Seahawks running back Miami Ohio Rookie card
1977 Topps Dave Green 1977 Topps 338 Dave Green Tampa Bay Buccaneers punter Ohio
1977 Topps Terry Schmidt 1977 Topps 339 Terry Schmidt Chicago Bears defensive back Ball State
1977 Topps Sammy White 1977 Topps 340 Sammy White Minnesota Vikings running back Grambling Rookie card, error card

White's first name is misspelled "Sammie" on this card.
1977 Topps Jon Kolb 1977 Topps 341 Jon Kolb Pittsburgh Steelers tackle, center Oklahoma State
1977 Topps Randy White 1977 Topps 342 Randy White Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Maryland Cowboys Ring of Honor 1994, Outland Trophy 1974, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994 White and teammate Harvey Martin were co-MVPs of Super Bowl XII. PSA 8
1977 Topps Bob Klein 1977 Topps 343 Bob Klein Los Angeles Rams tight end USC
1977 Topps Bob Kowalkowski 1977 Topps 344 Bob Kowalkowski Detroit Lions guard Virginia
1977 Topps Terry Metcalf 1977 Topps 345 Terry Metcalf St. Louis Cardinals running back, wide receiver Long Beach State
1977 Topps Joe Danelo 1977 Topps 346 Joe Danelo New York Giants kicker Washington State Rookie card
1977 Topps Ken Payne 1977 Topps 347 Ken Payne Green Bay Packers wide receiver Langston
1977 Topps Neal Craig 1977 Topps 348 Neal Craig Cleveland Browns defensive back Fisk University
1977 Topps Dennis Johnson 1977 Topps 349 Dennis Johnson Washington Redskins defensive end Delaware
1977 Topps Bill Bergey 1977 Topps 350 Bill Bergey Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Arkansas State Eagles Honor Roll 1988

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