1977 Topps Football Cards

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at nearmintcards.com
1977 Topps Joe Lavender 1977 Topps 151 Joe Lavender Washington Redskins defensive back San Diego State Lavender was one of a few players who wore eyeglasses while playing.
1977 Topps Pat McInally 1977 Topps 152 Pat McInally Cincinnati Bengals punter Harvard Rookie card
1977 Topps Lloyd Mumphord 1977 Topps 153 Lloyd Mumphord Baltimore Colts defensive back Texas Southern
1977 Topps Cullen Bryant 1977 Topps 154 Cullen Bryant Los Angeles Rams running back Colorado
1977 Topps Willie Lanier 1977 Topps 155 Willie Lanier Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Morgan State Chiefs Hall of Fame 1985, College Hall of Fame 2000, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986
1977 Topps Gene Washington 1977 Topps 156 Gene Washington San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Stanford
1977 Topps Scott Hunter 1977 Topps 157 Scott Hunter Atlanta Falcons quarterback Alabama
1977 Topps Jim Merlo 1977 Topps 158 Jim Merlo New Orleans Saints linebacker Fresno City College, Stanford
1977 Topps Randy Grossman 1977 Topps 159 Randy Grossman Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Temple Rookie card
1977 Topps Blaine Nye 1977 Topps 160 Blaine Nye Dallas Cowboys guard, tackle Stanford
1977 Topps Ike Harris 1977 Topps 161 Ike Harris St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Iowa State
1977 Topps Doug Dieken 1977 Topps 162 Doug Dieken Cleveland Browns tackle Illinois
1977 Topps Guy Morriss 1977 Topps 163 Guy Morriss Philadelphia Eagles center TCU
1977 Topps Bob Parsons 1977 Topps 164 Bob Parsons Chicago Bears punter, tight end Penn State
1977 Topps Steve Grogan 1977 Topps 165 Steve Grogan New England Patriots quarterback Kansas State Patriots Hall of Fame 1995
1977 Topps John Brockington 1977 Topps 166 John Brockington Green Bay Packers running back Ohio State Packers Hall of Fame 1984
1977 Topps Charlie Joiner 1977 Topps 167 Charlie Joiner San Diego Chargers wide receiver Grambling Chargers Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996
1977 Topps Ron Carpenter 1977 Topps 168 Ron Carpenter Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, defensive tackle North Carolina State
1977 Topps Jeff Wright 1977 Topps 169 Jeff Wright Minnesota Vikings defensive back Minnesota
1977 Topps Chris Hanburger 1977 Topps 170 Chris Hanburger Washington Redskins linebacker North Carolina Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011, Redskins Ring of Fame 2000
1977 Topps Roosevelt Leaks 1977 Topps 171 Roosevelt Leaks Baltimore Colts running back Texas College Hall of Fame 2005 Rookie card
1977 Topps Larry Little 1977 Topps 172 Larry Little Miami Dolphins guard Bethune-Cookman Dolphins Honor Roll 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993
1977 Topps John Matuszak 1977 Topps 173 John Matuszak Oakland Raiders defensive end, defensive tackle Tampa, Missouri
1977 Topps Joe Ferguson 1977 Topps 174 Joe Ferguson Buffalo Bills quarterback Arkansas Bills Wall of Fame 1995
1977 Topps Brad Van Pelt 1977 Topps 175 Brad Van Pelt New York Giants linebacker Michigan State College Hall of Fame 2001, Giants Ring of Honor 2011
1977 Topps Dexter Bussey 1977 Topps 176 Dexter Bussey Detroit Lions running back Oklahoma, Texas - Arlington Rookie card
1977 Topps Steve Largent 1977 Topps 177 Steve Largent Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tulsa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1995, Seahawks Ring of Honor 1989 Rookie card
1977 Topps Dewey Selmon 1977 Topps 178 Dewey Selmon Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Oklahoma Rookie card
1977 Topps Randy Gradishar 1977 Topps 179 Randy Gradishar Denver Broncos linebacker Ohio State Broncos Ring of Fame 1989, College Hall of Fame 1998 Gradishar was a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003 and 2008. See my Almost Hall of Famers page.
1977 Topps Mel Blount 1977 Topps 180 Mel Blount Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Southern Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989
1977 Topps Dan Neal 1977 Topps 181 Dan Neal Chicago Bears center Kentucky Rookie card
1977 Topps Rich Szaro 1977 Topps 182 Rich Szaro New Orleans Saints kicker Harvard Rookie card
1977 Topps Mike Boryla 1977 Topps 183 Mike Boryla Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Stanford
1977 Topps Steve Jones 1977 Topps 184 Steve Jones St. Louis Cardinals running back Duke Rookie card
1977 Topps Paul Warfield 1977 Topps 185 Paul Warfield Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ohio State Browns Ring of Honor 2010, Dolphins Honor Roll 1990, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983
1977 Topps Greg Buttle 1977 Topps 186 Greg Buttle New York Jets linebacker Penn State Rookie card
1977 Topps Rich McGeorge 1977 Topps 187 Rich McGeorge Green Bay Packers tight end Elon College Hall of Fame 2012
1977 Topps Leon Gray 1977 Topps 188 Leon Gray New England Patriots tackle Jackson State Rookie card
1977 Topps John Shinners 1977 Topps 189 John Shinners Cincinnati Bengals guard Xavier Rookie card
1977 Topps Toni Linhart 1977 Topps 190 Toni Linhart Baltimore Colts kicker Austria Technical
1977 Topps Robert Miller 1977 Topps 191 Robert Miller Minnesota Vikings running back Kansas Rookie card
1977 Topps Jake Scott 1977 Topps 192 Jake Scott Washington Redskins defensive back Georgia College Hall of Fame 2011, Dolphins Honor Roll 2010
1977 Topps Jon Morris 1977 Topps 193 Jon Morris Detroit Lions center Holy Cross Patriots Hall of Fame 2011
1977 Topps Randy Crowder 1977 Topps 194 Randy Crowder Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Penn State Rookie card

Crowder's son, Channing Crowder, played linebacker for the Miami Dolphins from 2005 to 2010.
1977 Topps Lynn Swann 1977 Topps 195 Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver USC College Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2001 Swann was the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania in 2006. He lost to the incumbent, Ed Rendell.
1977 Topps Marsh White 1977 Topps 196 Marsh White New York Giants running back Arkansas Rookie card
1977 Topps Rod Perry 1977 Topps 197 Rod Perry Los Angeles Rams defensive back Colorado Rookie card

Perry returned 3 interceptions for touchdowns in 1978.
1977 Topps Willie Hall 1977 Topps 198 Willie Hall Oakland Raiders linebacker USC Rookie card
1977 Topps Mike Hartenstine 1977 Topps 199 Mike Hartenstine Chicago Bears defensive end Penn State Rookie card
1977 Topps Jim Bakken 1977 Topps 200 Jim Bakken St. Louis Cardinals kicker Wisconsin

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