1976 Topps Football Cards

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at nearmintcards.com
1976 Topps Atlanta Falcons checklist 1976 Topps 451 Atlanta Falcons checklist Atlanta Falcons
1976 Topps Baltimore Colts checklist 1976 Topps 452 Baltimore Colts checklist Baltimore Colts
1976 Topps Buffalo Bills checklist 1976 Topps 453 Buffalo Bills checklist Buffalo Bills
1976 Topps Chicago Bears checklist 1976 Topps 454 Chicago Bears checklist Chicago Bears
1976 Topps Cincinnati Bengals checklist 1976 Topps 455 Cincinnati Bengals checklist Cincinnati Bengals
1976 Topps Cleveland Browns checklist 1976 Topps 456 Cleveland Browns checklist Cleveland Browns
1976 Topps Dallas Cowboys checklist 1976 Topps 457 Dallas Cowboys checklist Dallas Cowboys
1976 Topps Denver Broncos checklist 1976 Topps 458 Denver Broncos checklist Denver Broncos
1976 Topps Detroit Lions checklist 1976 Topps 459 Detroit Lions checklist Detroit Lions
1976 Topps Green Bay Packers checklist 1976 Topps 460 Green Bay Packers checklist Green Bay Packers
1976 Topps Houston Oilers checklist 1976 Topps 461 Houston Oilers checklist Houston Oilers
1976 Topps Kansas City Chiefs checklist 1976 Topps 462 Kansas City Chiefs checklist Kansas City Chiefs
1976 Topps Los Angeles Rams checklist 1976 Topps 463 Los Angeles Rams checklist Los Angeles Rams
1976 Topps Miami Dolphins checklist 1976 Topps 464 Miami Dolphins checklist Miami Dolphins
1976 Topps Minnesota Vikings checklist 1976 Topps 465 Minnesota Vikings checklist Minnesota Vikings
1976 Topps New England Patriots checklist 1976 Topps 466 New England Patriots checklist New England Patriots
1976 Topps New Orleans Saints checklist 1976 Topps 467 New Orleans Saints checklist New Orleans Saints
1976 Topps New York Giants checklist 1976 Topps 468 New York Giants checklist New York Giants
1976 Topps New York Jets checklist 1976 Topps 469 New York Jets checklist New York Jets
1976 Topps Oakland Raiders checklist 1976 Topps 470 Oakland Raiders checklist Oakland Raiders
1976 Topps Philadelphia Eagles checklist 1976 Topps 471 Philadelphia Eagles checklist Philadelphia Eagles
1976 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers checklist 1976 Topps 472 Pittsburgh Steelers checklist Pittsburgh Steelers
1976 Topps St. Louis Cardinals checklist 1976 Topps 473 St. Louis Cardinals checklist St. Louis Cardinals
1976 Topps San Diego Chargers checklist 1976 Topps 474 San Diego Chargers checklist San Diego Chargers
1976 Topps San Francisco 49ers checklist 1976 Topps 475 San Francisco 49ers checklist San Francisco 49ers
1976 Topps Seattle Seahawks checklist 1976 Topps 476 Seattle Seahawks checklist Seattle Seahawks
1976 Topps Tampa Bay Buccaneers checklist 1976 Topps 477 Tampa Bay Buccaneers checklist Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1976 Topps Washington Redskins checklist 1976 Topps 478 Washington Redskins checklist Washington Redskins
1976 Topps Fred Cox 1976 Topps 479 Fred Cox Minnesota Vikings kicker Pittsburgh
1976 Topps Mel Blount 1976 Topps 480 Mel Blount Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Southern Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989, Steelers All-Time Team nm-mt
1976 Topps John Bunting 1976 Topps 481 John Bunting Philadelphia Eagles linebacker North Carolina Rookie card
1976 Topps Ken Mendenhall 1976 Topps 482 Ken Mendenhall Baltimore Colts center Oklahoma
1976 Topps Will Harrell 1976 Topps 483 Will Harrell Green Bay Packers running back Pacific Rookie card
1976 Topps Marlin Briscoe 1976 Topps 484 Marlin Briscoe San Diego Chargers wide receiver Nebraska - Omaha
1976 Topps Archie Manning 1976 Topps 485 Archie Manning New Orleans Saints quarterback Mississippi Saints Hall of Fame 1988, College Hall of Fame 1989 Manning's sons, Peyton and Eli, have both been Super Bowl MVPs.
1976 Topps Tody Smith 1976 Topps 486 Tody Smith Houston Oilers defensive end USC
1976 Topps George Hunt 1976 Topps 487 George Hunt New York Giants kicker Tennessee
1976 Topps Roscoe Word 1976 Topps 488 Roscoe Word New York Jets defensive back Jackson State Rookie card

Word played for four NFL different teams during the 1976 regular season: Tampa Bay, the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and Buffalo.
1976 Topps Paul Seymour 1976 Topps 489 Paul Seymour Buffalo Bills tight end Michigan
1976 Topps Lee Roy Jordan 1976 Topps 490 Lee Roy Jordan Dallas Cowboys linebacker Alabama College Hall of Fame 1983, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1989 Jordan was a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1988. See my Almost Hall of Famers page.
1976 Topps Chip Myers 1976 Topps 491 Chip Myers Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Northwest Oklahoma State
1976 Topps Norm Evans 1976 Topps 492 Norm Evans Miami Dolphins tackle TCU This card shows Evans with the Dolphins, but he was one of the original Seattle Seahawks in 1976. Seattle obtained him from Miami in the 1976 NFL expansion draft.
1976 Topps Jim Bertelsen 1976 Topps 493 Jim Bertelsen Los Angeles Rams running back Texas
1976 Topps Mark Moseley 1976 Topps 494 Mark Moseley Washington Redskins kicker Stephen F. Austin, Texas A and M Redskins Ring of Fame
1976 Topps George Buehler 1976 Topps 495 George Buehler Oakland Raiders guard Stanford Rookie card
1976 Topps Charlie Hall 1976 Topps 496 Charlie Hall Cleveland Browns linebacker Houston
1976 Topps Marvin Upshaw 1976 Topps 497 Marvin Upshaw Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Trinity
1976 Topps Tom Banks 1976 Topps 498 Tom Banks St. Louis Cardinals center, guard Auburn Rookie card

Banks played his entire 10-year NFL career with the St. Louis Cardinals.
1976 Topps Randy Vataha 1976 Topps 499 Randy Vataha New England Patriots wide receiver Stanford
1976 Topps Fran Tarkenton 1976 Topps 500 Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings quarterback Georgia Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, College Hall of Fame 1987, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998

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