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1976 Topps Football Cards

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at
1976 Topps Glen Edwards 1976 Topps 51 Glen Edwards Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Florida A and M
1976 Topps Jim LeClair 1976 Topps 52 Jim LeClair Cincinnati Bengals linebacker North Dakota College Hall of Fame 1999 Rookie card
1976 Topps Mike Barnes 1976 Topps 53 Mike Barnes Baltimore Colts defensive end, defensive tackle Miami Florida
1976 Topps Nat Moore 1976 Topps 54 Nat Moore Miami Dolphins wide receiver Florida, Tennessee - Martin Dolphins Honor Roll 1999 Rookie card
1976 Topps Bill Kilmer 1976 Topps 55 Bill Kilmer Washington Redskins quarterback, halfback UCLA College Hall of Fame 1999, Redskins Ring of Fame 2000, Saints Hall of Fame 1990
1976 Topps Larry Stallings 1976 Topps 56 Larry Stallings St. Louis Cardinals linebacker Georgia Tech
1976 Topps Jack Gregory 1976 Topps 57 Jack Gregory New York Giants defensive end Delta State
1976 Topps Steve Mike-Mayer 1976 Topps 58 Steve Mike-Mayer San Francisco 49ers kicker Maryland Rookie card

Steve's brother Nick was also a kicker in the NFL.
1976 Topps Virgil Livers 1976 Topps 59 Virgil Livers Chicago Bears defensive back Western Kentucky Rookie card
1976 Topps Jerry Sherk 1976 Topps 60 Jerry Sherk Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Oklahoma State
1976 Topps Guy Morriss 1976 Topps 61 Guy Morriss Philadelphia Eagles center TCU
1976 Topps Barty Smith 1976 Topps 62 Barty Smith Green Bay Packers running back Richmond Rookie card
1976 Topps Jerome Barkum 1976 Topps 63 Jerome Barkum New York Jets tight end, wide receiver Jackson State
1976 Topps Ira Gordon 1976 Topps 64 Ira Gordon Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Kansas State Rookie card

Gordon's younger brother, Larry Gordon, played seven seasons for the Miami Dolphins.
1976 Topps Paul Krause 1976 Topps 65 Paul Krause Minnesota Vikings defensive back Iowa Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998 Krause holds the NFL record for career interceptions, with 81.
1976 Topps John McMakin 1976 Topps 66 John McMakin Seattle Seahawks tight end Clemson
1976 Topps Checklist 1-132 1976 Topps 67 Checklist 1-132
1976 Topps Charley Johnson 1976 Topps 68 Charley Johnson Denver Broncos quarterback New Mexico State Broncos Ring of Fame 1986
1976 Topps Tommy Nobis 1976 Topps 69 Tommy Nobis Atlanta Falcons linebacker Texas College Hall of Fame 1981, Falcons Ring of Honor 2004, Outland Trophy 1965
1976 Topps Lydell Mitchell 1976 Topps 70 Lydell Mitchell Baltimore Colts running back Penn State College Hall of Fame 2004
1976 Topps Vern Holland 1976 Topps 71 Vern Holland Cincinnati Bengals tackle Tennessee State
1976 Topps Tim Foley 1976 Topps 72 Tim Foley Miami Dolphins defensive back Purdue
1976 Topps Golden Richards 1976 Topps 73 Golden Richards Dallas Cowboys wide receiver BYU, Hawaii
1976 Topps Bryant Salter 1976 Topps 74 Bryant Salter Washington Redskins defensive back Pittsburgh
1976 Topps Terry Bradshaw 1976 Topps 75 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Louisiana Tech College Hall of Fame 1996, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989
1976 Topps Ted Hendricks 1976 Topps 76 Ted Hendricks Oakland Raiders linebacker Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990
1976 Topps Rich Saul 1976 Topps 77 Rich Saul Los Angeles Rams center Michigan State Rookie card

Saul played twelve seasons in the NFL, all for the Rams.
1976 Topps John Smith 1976 Topps 78 John Smith New England Patriots kicker King Alfred's (England), South (England) Rookie card
1976 Topps Altie Taylor 1976 Topps 79 Altie Taylor Detroit Lions running back Utah State
1976 Topps Cedrick Hardman 1976 Topps 80 Cedrick Hardman San Francisco 49ers defensive end North Texas
1976 Topps Ken Payne 1976 Topps 81 Ken Payne Green Bay Packers wide receiver Langston Rookie card
1976 Topps Zeke Moore 1976 Topps 82 Zeke Moore Houston Oilers defensive back Lincoln University
1976 Topps Alvin Maxson 1976 Topps 83 Alvin Maxson New Orleans Saints running back SMU Rookie card
1976 Topps Wally Hilgenberg 1976 Topps 84 Wally Hilgenberg Minnesota Vikings linebacker Iowa
1976 Topps John Niland 1976 Topps 85 John Niland Philadelphia Eagles guard Iowa
1976 Topps Mike Sensibaugh 1976 Topps 86 Mike Sensibaugh Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Ohio State
1976 Topps Ron Johnson 1976 Topps 87 Ron Johnson New York Giants running back Michigan College Hall of Fame 1992
1976 Topps Winston Hill 1976 Topps 88 Winston Hill New York Jets tackle Texas Southern Jets Ring of Honor 2010
1976 Topps Charlie Joiner 1976 Topps 89 Charlie Joiner Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Grambling Chargers Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996
1976 Topps Roger Wehrli 1976 Topps 90 Roger Wehrli St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Missouri Cardinals Ring of Honor 2007, College Hall of Fame 2003, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007
1976 Topps Mike Bragg 1976 Topps 91 Mike Bragg Washington Redskins punter Richmond
1976 Topps Dan Dickel 1976 Topps 92 Dan Dickel Baltimore Colts linebacker Iowa
1976 Topps Earl Morrall 1976 Topps 93 Earl Morrall Miami Dolphins quarterback Michigan State Morrall is a member of the NFL's 40-and-over club. He played until he was 42.
1976 Topps Pat Toomay 1976 Topps 94 Pat Toomay Buffalo Bills defensive end Vanderbilt
1976 Topps Gary Garrison 1976 Topps 95 Gary Garrison San Diego Chargers wide receiver San Diego State Chargers Hall of Fame 1985
1976 Topps Ken Geddes 1976 Topps 96 Ken Geddes Seattle Seahawks linebacker Nebraska Rookie card
1976 Topps Mike Current 1976 Topps 97 Mike Current Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Ohio State Current went to Tampa Bay in the Veteran Allocation Draft when the Buccaneers joined the NFL in 1976. He played all 14 games for the Bucs in 1976, but the Bucs traded him to Miami in 1977.
1976 Topps Bob Avellini 1976 Topps 98 Bob Avellini Chicago Bears quarterback Maryland Rookie card
1976 Topps Dave Pureifory 1976 Topps 99 Dave Pureifory Green Bay Packers defensive end, defensive tackle Eastern Michigan Rookie card
1976 Topps Franco Harris 1976 Topps 100 Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers running back Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990

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