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1976 Crane Discs

Back of 1976 Crane Disc There are thirty discs in the 1976 Crane Discs set. According to Beckett, a full set could be obtained via an offer on wrappers of Crane Potato Chips. The discs have no corners to ding, and apparently they were printed in ample numbers, because they are easy to find in high grades today.

The Crane Potato Chip Company was based in Decatur, Illinois, about halfway between Chicago and St. Louis. To please their customers in the region, the company included a disproportionate number of Chicago Bears and St. Louis Cardinals in the set: four of each. The majority of the rest of the players are also from teams in the Midwest. Most of the coastal NFL teams are not represented: there are no 49ers, Giants, Jets, Raiders, Dolphins, or Chargers in the set, but there are a couple of Los Angeles Rams.

I did a little web search, but I couldn't find an image of a Crane wrapper with an ad for the discs. I did, however, find a nice picture of an old clock with the Crane logo. I also found that the Crane Potato Chip Company was purchased by the Acton Corporation in 1976.

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at
1976 Crane Discs Ken Anderson 1976 Crane Discs 1 Ken Anderson Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Augustana
1976 Crane Discs Otis Armstrong 1976 Crane Discs 2 Otis Armstrong Denver Broncos running back Purdue College Hall of Fame 2012
1976 Crane Discs Steve Bartkowski 1976 Crane Discs 3 Steve Bartkowski Atlanta Falcons quarterback California Falcons Ring of Honor 2004, College Hall of Fame 2012 Bartkowski placed tenth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1974. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1976 Crane Discs Terry Bradshaw 1976 Crane Discs 4 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Louisiana Tech Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989, College Hall of Fame 1996, Steelers All-Time Team
1976 Crane Discs John Brockington 1976 Crane Discs 5 John Brockington Green Bay Packers running back Ohio State Packers Hall of Fame 1984
1976 Crane Discs Doug Buffone 1976 Crane Discs 6 Doug Buffone Chicago Bears linebacker Louisville
1976 Crane Discs Wally Chambers 1976 Crane Discs 7 Wally Chambers Chicago Bears defensive tackle, defensive end Eastern Kentucky
1976 Crane Discs Isaac Curtis 1976 Crane Discs 8 Isaac Curtis Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver California, San Diego State
1976 Crane Discs Chuck Foreman 1976 Crane Discs 9 Chuck Foreman Minnesota Vikings running back Miami Florida Vikings Ring of Honor 2007
1976 Crane Discs Roman Gabriel 1976 Crane Discs 10 Roman Gabriel Philadelphia Eagles quarterback North Carolina State College Hall of Fame 1989
1976 Crane Discs Mel Gray 1976 Crane Discs 11 Mel Gray St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Missouri
1976 Crane Discs Joe Greene 1976 Crane Discs 12 Joe Greene Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle North Texas College Hall of Fame 1984, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, Steelers All-Time Team
1976 Crane Discs James Harris 1976 Crane Discs 13 James Harris Los Angeles Rams quarterback Grambling
1976 Crane Discs Jim Hart 1976 Crane Discs 14 Jim Hart St. Louis Cardinals quarterback Southern Illinois
1976 Crane Discs Bill Kilmer 1976 Crane Discs 15 Bill Kilmer Washington Redskins quarterback, halfback UCLA Redskins Ring of Fame, Saints Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1999
1976 Crane Discs Greg Landry 1976 Crane Discs 16 Greg Landry Detroit Lions quarterback Massachusetts
1976 Crane Discs Ed Marinaro 1976 Crane Discs 17 Ed Marinaro Minnesota Vikings running back Cornell College Hall of Fame 1991
1976 Crane Discs Lawrence McCutcheon 1976 Crane Discs 18 Lawrence McCutcheon Los Angeles Rams running back Colorado State
1976 Crane Discs Terry Metcalf 1976 Crane Discs 19 Terry Metcalf St. Louis Cardinals running back, wide receiver Long Beach State
1976 Crane Discs Lydell Mitchell 1976 Crane Discs 20 Lydell Mitchell Baltimore Colts running back Penn State College Hall of Fame 2004
1976 Crane Discs Jim Otis 1976 Crane Discs 21 Jim Otis St. Louis Cardinals running back Ohio State
1976 Crane Discs Alan Page 1976 Crane Discs 22 Alan Page Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Notre Dame Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988, College Hall of Fame 1993, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1976 Crane Discs Walter Payton 1976 Crane Discs 23 Walter Payton Chicago Bears running back Jackson State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1993, College Hall of Fame 1996
1976 Crane Discs Greg Pruitt 1976 Crane Discs 24 Greg Pruitt Cleveland Browns running back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1999
1976 Crane Discs Charlie Sanders 1976 Crane Discs 25 Charlie Sanders Detroit Lions tight end Minnesota Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007
1976 Crane Discs Ron Shanklin 1976 Crane Discs 26 Ron Shanklin Chicago Bears wide receiver North Texas
1976 Crane Discs Roger Staubach 1976 Crane Discs 27 Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys quarterback New Mexico Military Institute, Navy College Hall of Fame 1981, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1983, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985
1976 Crane Discs Jan Stenerud 1976 Crane Discs 28 Jan Stenerud Kansas City Chiefs kicker Montana State Packers Hall of Fame 1991, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1991, Chiefs Hall of Fame 1992
1976 Crane Discs Charley Taylor 1976 Crane Discs 29 Charley Taylor Washington Redskins wide receiver Arizona State Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984
1976 Crane Discs Roger Wehrli 1976 Crane Discs 30 Roger Wehrli St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Missouri College Hall of Fame 2003, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2007, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007

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