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1974 Topps Football Cards

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Picture Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Est. Retail Value (?) Grades available at
1974 Topps Herman Weaver 1974 Topps 301 Herman Weaver Detroit Lions punter USC
1974 Topps Jim Bailey 1974 Topps 302 Jim Bailey Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Kansas
1974 Topps 303 D.D. Lewis Dallas Cowboys linebacker Mississippi State College Hall of Fame 2001 Rookie card
1974 Topps Ken Burrough 1974 Topps 304 Ken Burrough Houston Oilers wide receiver Texas Southern
1974 Topps Jake Scott 1974 Topps 305 Jake Scott Miami Dolphins defensive back Georgia College Hall of Fame 2011, Dolphins Honor Roll 2010
1974 Topps Randy Rasmussen 1974 Topps 306 Randy Rasmussen New York Jets guard Kearney State
1974 Topps Pettis Norman 1974 Topps 307 Pettis Norman San Diego Chargers end Johnson C. Smith
1974 Topps Carl Johnson 1974 Topps 308 Carl Johnson New Orleans Saints tackle, guard Nebraska Rookie card
1974 Topps Joe Taylor 1974 Topps 309 Joe Taylor Chicago Bears defensive back North Carolina A and T
1974 Topps Pete Gogolak 1974 Topps 310 Pete Gogolak New York Giants kicker Cornell Giants Ring of Honor 2010
1974 Topps Tony Baker 1974 Topps 311 Tony Baker Los Angeles Rams running back Iowa State
1974 Topps John Richardson 1974 Topps 312 John Richardson St. Louis Cardinals defensive tackle UCLA Rookie card
1974 Topps Dave Robinson 1974 Topps 313 Dave Robinson Washington Redskins linebacker Penn State College Hall of Fame 1997, Packers Hall of Fame 1982, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013
1974 Topps Reggie McKenzie 1974 Topps 314 Reggie McKenzie Buffalo Bills guard Michigan College Hall of Fame 2002 Rookie card
1974 Topps Isaac Curtis 1974 Topps 315 Isaac Curtis Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver California, San Diego State Rookie card
1974 Topps Thom Darden 1974 Topps 316 Thom Darden Cleveland Browns defensive back Michigan Rookie card
1974 Topps Ken Reaves 1974 Topps 317 Ken Reaves Atlanta Falcons defensive back Norfolk State
1974 Topps Malcolm Snider 1974 Topps 318 Malcolm Snider Green Bay Packers guard Stanford
1974 Topps Jeff Siemon 1974 Topps 319 Jeff Siemon Minnesota Vikings linebacker Stanford College Hall of Fame 2006 Rookie card
1974 Topps Dan Abramowicz 1974 Topps 320 Dan Abramowicz San Francisco 49ers end Xavier Saints Hall of Fame 1988 After football, Abramowicz wrote a book called "Spiritual Workout of a Former Saint." You can find it on
1974 Topps Lyle Alzado 1974 Topps 321 Lyle Alzado Denver Broncos defensive end Yankton College
1974 Topps John Reaves 1974 Topps 322 John Reaves Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Florida In 1971, thanks to the "Gator Flop," Reaves broke Jim Plunkett's NCAA career passing yardarge record.
1974 Topps Morris Stroud 1974 Topps 323 Morris Stroud Kansas City Chiefs tight end Clark College Rookie card
1974 Topps Bobby Walden 1974 Topps 324 Bobby Walden Pittsburgh Steelers kicker, halfback Georgia
1974 Topps 325 Randy Vataha New England Patriots wide receiver Stanford
1974 Topps Nemiah Wilson 1974 Topps 326 Nemiah Wilson Oakland Raiders defensive back Grambling
1974 Topps Paul Naumoff 1974 Topps 327 Paul Naumoff Detroit Lions linebacker Tennessee
1974 Topps 328 1973 Rushing Leaders
John Brockington Green Bay Packers running back Ohio State Packers Hall of Fame 1984
O.J. Simpson Buffalo Bills running back USC, City College of San Francisco Bills Wall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1983, Heisman Trophy 1968, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985
1974 Topps 329 1973 Passing Leaders
Ken Stabler Oakland Raiders quarterback Alabama
Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys quarterback New Mexico Military Institute, Navy College Hall of Fame 1981, Cowboys Ring of Honor 1983, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985
1974 Topps 1973 Receiving Leaders 1974 Topps 330 1973 Receiving Leaders
Harold Carmichael Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Southern Eagles Honor Roll 1987
Fred Willis Houston Oilers running back Boston College
1974 Topps 331 1973 Scoring Leaders
Roy Gerela Pittsburgh Steelers kicker New Mexico State
David Ray Los Angeles Rams kicker Alabama
1974 Topps 1973 Interception Leaders 1974 Topps 332 1973 Interception Leaders
Dick Anderson Miami Dolphins defensive back Colorado College Hall of Fame 1993, Dolphins Honor Roll 2006
Bobby Bryant Minnesota Vikings defensive back South Carolina
Mike Wagner Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Western Illinois
1974 Topps 1973 Punting Leaders 1974 Topps 333 1973 Punting Leaders
Jerrel Wilson Kansas City Chiefs punter, running back Southern Mississippi Chiefs Hall of Fame 1988
Tom Wittum San Francisco 49ers punter Northern Illinois
1974 Topps Dennis Nelson 1974 Topps 334 Dennis Nelson Baltimore Colts tackle Illinois State Rookie card
1974 Topps 335 Walt Garrison Dallas Cowboys running back Oklahoma State
1974 Topps Tody Smith 1974 Topps 336 Tody Smith Houston Oilers defensive end USC Tody's older brother, Bubba Smith, also played in the NFL.
1974 Topps Ed Bell 1974 Topps 337 Ed Bell New York Jets wide receiver Idaho State
1974 Topps Bryant Salter 1974 Topps 338 Bryant Salter San Diego Chargers defensive back Pittsburgh
1974 Topps Wayne Colman 1974 Topps 339 Wayne Colman New Orleans Saints linebacker Temple
1974 Topps Garo Yepremian 1974 Topps 340 Garo Yepremian Miami Dolphins kicker
1974 Topps 341 Bob Newton Chicago Bears guard, tackle Nebraska Rookie card
1974 Topps 342 Vince Clements New York Giants running back Connecticut Rookie card
1974 Topps Ken Iman 1974 Topps 343 Ken Iman Los Angeles Rams center Southeast Missouri State
1974 Topps Jim Tolbert 1974 Topps 344 Jim Tolbert St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Lincoln University Rookie card
1974 Topps Chris Hanburger 1974 Topps 345 Chris Hanburger Washington Redskins linebacker North Carolina Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011, Redskins Ring of Fame 2000
1974 Topps Dave Foley 1974 Topps 346 Dave Foley Buffalo Bills tackle Ohio State Foley's brother Tim played for the Baltimore Colts for one season, 1981.
1974 Topps Tommy Casanova 1974 Topps 347 Tommy Casanova Cincinnati Bengals defensive back LSU College Hall of Fame 1995
1974 Topps John James 1974 Topps 348 John James Atlanta Falcons punter Florida Rookie card
1974 Topps Clarence Williams 1974 Topps 349 Clarence Williams Green Bay Packers defensive end Prairie View
1974 Topps Leroy Kelly 1974 Topps 350 Leroy Kelly Cleveland Browns running back Morgan State Browns Ring of Honor 2010, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994

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