1973 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1973 Topps Pat Hughes 1973 Topps 201 Pat Hughes New York Giants linebacker Boston University Rookie card
1973 Topps Zeke Moore 1973 Topps 202 Zeke Moore Houston Oilers defensive back Lincoln University
1973 Topps Chip Glass 1973 Topps 203 Chip Glass Cleveland Browns tight end Florida State Rookie card
1973 Topps Glenn Ressler 1973 Topps 204 Glenn Ressler Baltimore Colts guard Penn State College Hall of Fame 2001 Rookie card
1973 Topps Willie Ellison 1973 Topps 205 Willie Ellison Kansas City Chiefs running back Texas Southern PSA 9
1973 Topps John Leypoldt 1973 Topps 206 John Leypoldt Buffalo Bills kicker Rookie card
1973 Topps Johnny Fuller 1973 Topps 207 Johnny Fuller San Francisco 49ers defensive back Lamar Tech Rookie card PSA 9
1973 Topps Bill Hayhoe 1973 Topps 208 Bill Hayhoe Green Bay Packers tackle USC, Los Angeles Valley College Rookie card
1973 Topps Ed Bell 1973 Topps 209 Ed Bell New York Jets wide receiver Idaho State Rookie card PSA 9
1973 Topps Willie Brown 1973 Topps 210 Willie Brown Oakland Raiders defensive back Grambling Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984
1973 Topps Carl Eller 1973 Topps 211 Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings defensive end Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor 2002, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2004, College Hall of Fame 2006
1973 Topps Mark Nordquist 1973 Topps 212 Mark Nordquist Philadelphia Eagles center Pacific
1973 Topps Larry Willingham 1973 Topps 213 Larry Willingham St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Auburn Rookie card
1973 Topps Nick Buoniconti 1973 Topps 214 Nick Buoniconti Miami Dolphins linebacker Notre Dame Dolphins Honor Roll 1991, Patriots Hall of Fame 1992, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2001
1973 Topps John Hadl 1973 Topps 215 John Hadl Los Angeles Rams quarterback Kansas Chargers Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1994
1973 Topps Jethro Pugh 1973 Topps 216 Jethro Pugh Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Elizabeth City State Rookie card

This is Pugh's rookie card; it came in his 9th NFL season.
1973 Topps Leroy Mitchell 1973 Topps 217 Leroy Mitchell Denver Broncos defensive back Texas Southern
1973 Topps Billy Newsome 1973 Topps 218 Billy Newsome New Orleans Saints defensive end Grambling Rookie card
1973 Topps John McMakin 1973 Topps 219 John McMakin Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Clemson Rookie card
1973 Topps Larry Brown 1973 Topps 220 Larry Brown Washington Redskins running back Kansas State Redskins Ring of Fame
1973 Topps Clarence Scott 1973 Topps 221 Clarence Scott New England Patriots defensive back Morgan State
1973 Topps Paul Naumoff 1973 Topps 222 Paul Naumoff Detroit Lions linebacker Tennessee Rookie card
1973 Topps Ted Fritsch Jr. 1973 Topps 223 Ted Fritsch Jr. Atlanta Falcons center St. Norbert Rookie card
1973 Topps Checklist 133-264 1973 Topps 224 Checklist 133-264
1973 Topps Dan Pastorini 1973 Topps 225 Dan Pastorini Houston Oilers quarterback Santa Clara
1973 Topps Joe Beauchamp 1973 Topps 226 Joe Beauchamp San Diego Chargers defensive back Iowa State Rookie card
1973 Topps Pat Matson 1973 Topps 227 Pat Matson Cincinnati Bengals guard Oregon
1973 Topps Tony McGee 1973 Topps 228 Tony McGee Chicago Bears defensive tackle Bishop Rookie card
1973 Topps Mike Phipps 1973 Topps 229 Mike Phipps Cleveland Browns quarterback Purdue College Hall of Fame 2006
1973 Topps Harold Jackson 1973 Topps 230 Harold Jackson Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Jackson State
1973 Topps Willie Williams 1973 Topps 231 Willie Williams New York Giants defensive back Grambling Rookie card
1973 Topps Spike Jones 1973 Topps 232 Spike Jones Buffalo Bills punter Georgia PSA 8
1973 Topps Jim Tyrer 1973 Topps 233 Jim Tyrer Kansas City Chiefs tackle Ohio State Chiefs Hall of Fame 1977
1973 Topps Roy Hilton 1973 Topps 234 Roy Hilton Baltimore Colts defensive end Jackson State
1973 Topps Phil Villapiano 1973 Topps 235 Phil Villapiano Oakland Raiders linebacker Bowling Green
1973 Topps Charley Taylor 1973 Topps 236 Charley Taylor Washington Redskins wide receiver Arizona State Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1984 Error card

Name misspelled "Charlie."
1973 Topps Malcolm Snider 1973 Topps 237 Malcolm Snider Green Bay Packers guard Stanford Rookie card
1973 Topps Vic Washington 1973 Topps 238 Vic Washington San Francisco 49ers running back Wyoming
1973 Topps Grady Alderman 1973 Topps 239 Grady Alderman Minnesota Vikings tackle Detroit Alderman was the last original Minnesota Viking to play for the team. He was with the Vikings from 1961 to 1974.
1973 Topps Dick Anderson 1973 Topps 240 Dick Anderson Miami Dolphins defensive back Colorado College Hall of Fame 1993, Dolphins Honor Roll 2006 Anderson won the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1973.
1973 Topps Ron Yankowski 1973 Topps 241 Ron Yankowski St. Louis Cardinals defensive end Kansas State Rookie card
1973 Topps Billy Masters 1973 Topps 242 Billy Masters Denver Broncos tight end LSU Rookie card
1973 Topps Herb Adderley 1973 Topps 243 Herb Adderley Dallas Cowboys defensive back Michigan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980, Packers Hall of Fame 1981 PSA 7
1973 Topps David Ray 1973 Topps 244 David Ray Los Angeles Rams kicker Alabama Rookie card

Ray was the NFL's top scorer in 1973, with 130 points.
1973 Topps John Riggins 1973 Topps 245 John Riggins New York Jets running back Kansas Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1992
1973 Topps Mike Wagner 1973 Topps 246 Mike Wagner Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Western Illinois Rookie card

Wagner had 8 interceptions in 1973, tied (with Dick Anderson) for most in the NFL.
1973 Topps Don Morrison 1973 Topps 247 Don Morrison New Orleans Saints tackle Texas - Arlington Rookie card
1973 Topps Earl McCullouch 1973 Topps 248 Earl McCullouch Detroit Lions wide receiver USC
1973 Topps Dennis Wirgowski 1973 Topps 249 Dennis Wirgowski Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Purdue Rookie card
1973 Topps Chris Hanburger 1973 Topps 250 Chris Hanburger Washington Redskins linebacker North Carolina Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011