1973 Topps + Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1973 Topps Jim Nettles 1973 Topps 116 Jim Nettles Los Angeles Rams defensive back Wisconsin Rookie card
1973 Topps Mel Phillips 1973 Topps 122 Mel Phillips San Francisco 49ers defensive back North Carolina A and T Rookie card
1973 Topps Doug Swift 1973 Topps 124 Doug Swift Miami Dolphins linebacker Amherst Rookie card
1973 Topps Carleton Oats 1973 Topps 127 Carleton Oats Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Florida A and M Rookie card
1973 Topps Billy Parks 1973 Topps 131 Billy Parks Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Long Beach State Rookie card

Though shown with the Cowboys, Parks played for the Oilers in 1973.
1973 Topps Dwight White 1973 Topps 140 Dwight White Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end North Texas Steelers All-Time Team Rookie card

White played 10 seasons in the NFL, all for the Steelers.
1973 Topps Doug Van Horn 1973 Topps 142 Doug Van Horn New York Giants guard Ohio State Rookie card
1973 Topps Al Matthews 1973 Topps 143 Al Matthews Green Bay Packers defensive back Texas A and M - Kingsville Rookie card
1973 Topps Bob Windsor 1973 Topps 144 Bob Windsor New England Patriots tight end Kentucky Rookie card
1973 Topps Dave Hampton 1973 Topps 145 Dave Hampton Atlanta Falcons running back Wyoming Rookie card PSA 9
1973 Topps Wally Hilgenberg 1973 Topps 147 Wally Hilgenberg Minnesota Vikings linebacker Iowa Rookie card
1973 Topps Coy Bacon 1973 Topps 149 Coy Bacon San Diego Chargers defensive end Jackson State Rookie card
1973 Topps Ron Jessie 1973 Topps 151 Ron Jessie Detroit Lions wide receiver Kansas Rookie card
1973 Topps Ron Saul 1973 Topps 153 Ron Saul Houston Oilers guard Michigan State Rookie card

Saul played twelve seasons for the Houston Oilers and Washington Redskins.
1973 Topps Jim Braxton 1973 Topps 154 Jim Braxton Buffalo Bills running back West Virginia Rookie card
1973 Topps Tim Foley 1973 Topps 158 Tim Foley Miami Dolphins defensive back Purdue Rookie card
1973 Topps Margene Adkins 1973 Topps 161 Margene Adkins New Orleans Saints wide receiver Henderson Junior College Rookie card
1973 Topps Ron Widby 1973 Topps 162 Ron Widby Green Bay Packers punter Tennessee Rookie card

Before his football career, Widby played one season for the New Orleans Buccaneers of the American Basketball Association.
1973 Topps Richmond Flowers 1973 Topps 166 Richmond Flowers New York Giants defensive back Tennessee Rookie card

Flowers went to the same high school as Bart Starr, though a few years later.
1973 Topps Curley Culp 1973 Topps 167 Curley Culp Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Arizona State Chiefs Hall of Fame 2008, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013 Rookie card
1973 Topps Ken Riley 1973 Topps 171 Ken Riley Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Florida A and M Rookie card
1973 Topps Rich Coady 1973 Topps 172 Rich Coady Chicago Bears center Memphis Rookie card
1973 Topps Don Hansen 1973 Topps 173 Don Hansen Atlanta Falcons linebacker Illinois Rookie card
1973 Topps Jim Bailey 1973 Topps 177 Jim Bailey Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Kansas Rookie card
1973 Topps Chester Marcol 1973 Topps 180 Chester Marcol Green Bay Packers kicker Hillsdale Packers Hall of Fame 1987 Rookie card
1973 Topps Len Rohde 1973 Topps 181 Len Rohde San Francisco 49ers tackle Utah State Rookie card PSA 9
1973 Topps Jeff Staggs 1973 Topps 182 Jeff Staggs St. Louis Cardinals linebacker San Diego State Rookie card
1973 Topps Charlie Evans 1973 Topps 184 Charlie Evans New York Giants running back USC Rookie card

Evans was the first overall pick in the World Football League's first professional player draft in 1974. Apparently he did not sign, because he played for the Washington Redskins in 1974.
1973 Topps Marvin Upshaw 1973 Topps 186 Marvin Upshaw Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Trinity Rookie card
1973 Topps Dave Chapple 1973 Topps 190 Dave Chapple Los Angeles Rams punter UC Santa Barbara Rookie card
1973 Topps Gerry Mullins 1973 Topps 191 Gerry Mullins Pittsburgh Steelers guard USC Rookie card
1973 Topps John Didion 1973 Topps 192 John Didion New Orleans Saints center Oregon State Rookie card
1973 Topps Bob Gladieux 1973 Topps 193 Bob Gladieux New England Patriots running back Notre Dame Rookie card
1973 Topps John Wilbur 1973 Topps 196 John Wilbur Washington Redskins guard Stanford Rookie card
1973 Topps Tommy Casanova 1973 Topps 198 Tommy Casanova Cincinnati Bengals defensive back LSU College Hall of Fame 1995 Rookie card
1973 Topps Pat Hughes 1973 Topps 201 Pat Hughes New York Giants linebacker Boston University Rookie card
1973 Topps Chip Glass 1973 Topps 203 Chip Glass Cleveland Browns tight end Florida State Rookie card
1973 Topps Glenn Ressler 1973 Topps 204 Glenn Ressler Baltimore Colts guard Penn State College Hall of Fame 2001 Rookie card
1973 Topps John Leypoldt 1973 Topps 206 John Leypoldt Buffalo Bills kicker Rookie card
1973 Topps Johnny Fuller 1973 Topps 207 Johnny Fuller San Francisco 49ers defensive back Lamar Tech Rookie card PSA 9
1973 Topps Bill Hayhoe 1973 Topps 208 Bill Hayhoe Green Bay Packers tackle USC, Los Angeles Valley College Rookie card
1973 Topps Ed Bell 1973 Topps 209 Ed Bell New York Jets wide receiver Idaho State Rookie card PSA 9
1973 Topps Larry Willingham 1973 Topps 213 Larry Willingham St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Auburn Rookie card
1973 Topps Jethro Pugh 1973 Topps 216 Jethro Pugh Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Elizabeth City State Rookie card

This is Pugh's rookie card; it came in his 9th NFL season.
1973 Topps Billy Newsome 1973 Topps 218 Billy Newsome New Orleans Saints defensive end Grambling Rookie card
1973 Topps John McMakin 1973 Topps 219 John McMakin Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Clemson Rookie card
1973 Topps Paul Naumoff 1973 Topps 222 Paul Naumoff Detroit Lions linebacker Tennessee Rookie card
1973 Topps Ted Fritsch Jr. 1973 Topps 223 Ted Fritsch Jr. Atlanta Falcons center St. Norbert Rookie card
1973 Topps Joe Beauchamp 1973 Topps 226 Joe Beauchamp San Diego Chargers defensive back Iowa State Rookie card
1973 Topps Tony McGee 1973 Topps 228 Tony McGee Chicago Bears defensive tackle Bishop Rookie card