1963 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1963 Topps Alex Webster 1963 Topps 51 Alex Webster New York Giants halfback North Carolina State Giants Ring of Honor 2011 Short print
1963 Topps Phil King 1963 Topps 52 Phil King New York Giants halfback Vanderbilt Rookie card, short print exmt
1963 Topps Jack Stroud 1963 Topps 53 Jack Stroud New York Giants guard, tackle Tennessee Short print
1963 Topps Darrell Dess 1963 Topps 54 Darrell Dess New York Giants guard North Carolina State Rookie card, short print ex
1963 Topps Jim Katcavage 1963 Topps 55 Jim Katcavage New York Giants defensive end, defensive tackle Dayton Short print PSA 8 oc
1963 Topps Roosevelt Grier 1963 Topps 56 Roosevelt Grier New York Giants defensive tackle Penn State Short print
1963 Topps Erich Barnes 1963 Topps 57 Erich Barnes New York Giants defensive back Purdue Short print

This card pictures Barnes in his Bears uniform, though the Bears traded him to the Giants in January of 1961.
1963 Topps Jim Patton 1963 Topps 58 Jim Patton New York Giants defensive back Mississippi Short print nm+
1963 Topps Sam Huff 1963 Topps 59 Sam Huff New York Giants linebacker West Virginia Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 Short print
1963 Topps New York Giants Team 1963 Topps 60 New York Giants Team New York Giants nm
1963 Topps Bill Wade 1963 Topps 61 Bill Wade Chicago Bears quarterback Vanderbilt vg-ex
1963 Topps Mike Ditka 1963 Topps 62 Mike Ditka Chicago Bears tight end Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1988 ex
1963 Topps Johnny Morris 1963 Topps 63 Johnny Morris Chicago Bears halfback UC Santa Barbara exmt
1963 Topps Roger LeClerc 1963 Topps 64 Roger LeClerc Chicago Bears linebacker, kicker Trinity PSA 8, nm
1963 Topps Roger Davis 1963 Topps 65 Roger Davis Chicago Bears guard Syracuse Rookie card exmt
1963 Topps Joe Marconi 1963 Topps 66 Joe Marconi Chicago Bears fullback West Virginia nm
1963 Topps Herman Lee 1963 Topps 67 Herman Lee Chicago Bears tackle Florida A and M Rookie card nm-mt oc
1963 Topps Doug Atkins 1963 Topps 68 Doug Atkins Chicago Bears defensive end Tennessee Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, College Hall of Fame 1985, Saints Hall of Fame 1995 nm oc
1963 Topps Joe Fortunato 1963 Topps 69 Joe Fortunato Chicago Bears linebacker Mississippi State exmt
1963 Topps Bill George 1963 Topps 70 Bill George Chicago Bears linebacker, guard Wake Forest Pro Football Hall of Fame 1974 George's number, 61, is one of fourteen jersey numbers that the Bears have retired. See the Gallery's retired numbers page for the retired numbers of all of the NFL teams. PSA 8, ex
1963 Topps Richie Petitbon 1963 Topps 71 Richie Petitbon Chicago Bears defensive back Tulane
1963 Topps Chicago Bears Team 1963 Topps 72 Chicago Bears Team Chicago Bears Short print
1963 Topps Eddie LeBaron 1963 Topps 73 Eddie LeBaron Dallas Cowboys quarterback Pacific Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980 Short print
1963 Topps Don Meredith 1963 Topps 74 Don Meredith Dallas Cowboys quarterback SMU Cowboys Ring of Honor 1976, College Hall of Fame 1982 Short print ex
1963 Topps Don Perkins 1963 Topps 75 Don Perkins Dallas Cowboys halfback New Mexico Cowboys Ring of Honor 1976 Short print
1963 Topps Amos Marsh 1963 Topps 76 Amos Marsh Dallas Cowboys fullback Oregon State Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Bill Howton 1963 Topps 77 Bill Howton Dallas Cowboys end Rice Packers Hall of Fame 1974 Short print
1963 Topps Andy Cvercko 1963 Topps 78 Andy Cvercko Dallas Cowboys guard Northwestern Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Sam Baker 1963 Topps 79 Sam Baker Dallas Cowboys fullback, kicker Oregon State Short print
1963 Topps Jerry Tubbs 1963 Topps 80 Jerry Tubbs Dallas Cowboys linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 Short print
1963 Topps Don Bishop 1963 Topps 81 Don Bishop Dallas Cowboys defensive back Los Angeles City Short print
1963 Topps Bob Lilly 1963 Topps 82 Bob Lilly Dallas Cowboys end TCU Cowboys Ring of Honor 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1981 Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Jerry Norton 1963 Topps 83 Jerry Norton Dallas Cowboys defensive back, punter SMU Short print vg-ex
1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys Team 1963 Topps 84 Dallas Cowboys Team Dallas Cowboys Short print

Though printed in 1963, this card pictures the 1960 Dallas Cowboys team.
1963 Topps Checklist 1963 Topps 85 Checklist PSA 8 oc, exmt
1963 Topps Bart Starr 1963 Topps 86 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers quarterback Alabama Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977 PSA 7
1963 Topps Jim Taylor 1963 Topps 87 Jim Taylor Green Bay Packers fullback LSU Packers Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1976
1963 Topps Boyd Dowler 1963 Topps 88 Boyd Dowler Green Bay Packers end, punter Colorado Packers Hall of Fame 1978 nm
1963 Topps Forrest Gregg 1963 Topps 89 Forrest Gregg Green Bay Packers offensive tackle SMU Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977 nm oc
1963 Topps Fuzzy Thurston 1963 Topps 90 Fuzzy Thurston Green Bay Packers guard Valparaiso Packers Hall of Fame 1975
1963 Topps Jim Ringo 1963 Topps 91 Jim Ringo Green Bay Packers center Syracuse Packers Hall of Fame 1974, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1981, Eagles Honor Roll 1987 nm oc
1963 Topps Ron Kramer 1963 Topps 92 Ron Kramer Green Bay Packers tight end Michigan Packers Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1978 PSA 8, exmt
1963 Topps Henry Jordan 1963 Topps 93 Henry Jordan Green Bay Packers tackle Virginia Packers Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1995 nm+ oc
1963 Topps Bill Forester 1963 Topps 94 Bill Forester Green Bay Packers linebacker SMU Packers Hall of Fame 1974 nm
1963 Topps Willie Wood 1963 Topps 95 Willie Wood Green Bay Packers defensive back USC Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989 Rookie card

Wood was not drafted; the Packers acquired him as a free agent out of college.
PSA 8, nm, PSA 5
1963 Topps Ray Nitschke 1963 Topps 96 Ray Nitschke Green Bay Packers linebacker Illinois Packers Hall of Fame 1978, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978 Rookie card
1963 Topps Green Bay Packers Team 1963 Topps 97 Green Bay Packers Team Green Bay Packers nm
1963 Topps Fran Tarkenton 1963 Topps 98 Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings quarterback Georgia Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, College Hall of Fame 1987, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1963 Topps Tommy Mason 1963 Topps 99 Tommy Mason Minnesota Vikings halfback Tulane nm
1963 Topps Mel Triplett 1963 Topps 100 Mel Triplett Minnesota Vikings fullback Toledo nm