1961 Fleer Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1961 Fleer Ken Adamson 1961 Fleer 151 Ken Adamson Denver Broncos guard Notre Dame
1961 Fleer Goose Gonsoulin 1961 Fleer 152 Goose Gonsoulin Denver Broncos defensive back Baylor Broncos Ring of Fame 1984 Error card

The player pictured on this card is Darryl Rodgers, not Goose Gonsoulin.
1961 Fleer Joe Young 1961 Fleer 153 Joe Young Denver Broncos linebacker Arizona
1961 Fleer Gordy Holz 1961 Fleer 154 Gordy Holz Denver Broncos defensive tackle Minnesota Rookie card
1961 Fleer Jack Kemp 1961 Fleer 155 Jack Kemp San Diego Chargers quarterback Occidental Bills Wall of Fame 1984 PSA 8
1961 Fleer Charlie Flowers 1961 Fleer 156 Charlie Flowers San Diego Chargers fullback Mississippi College Hall of Fame 1997 Flowers placed fifth in voting for the 1959 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates. SGC 92
1961 Fleer Paul Lowe 1961 Fleer 157 Paul Lowe San Diego Chargers halfback Oregon State Chargers Hall of Fame 1979 exmt
1961 Fleer Don Norton 1961 Fleer 158 Don Norton San Diego Chargers end Iowa
1961 Fleer Howard Clark 1961 Fleer 159 Howard Clark San Diego Chargers end Tennessee-Chatanooga
1961 Fleer Paul Maguire 1961 Fleer 160 Paul Maguire San Diego Chargers end Citadel Maguire had an 82-yard punt in 1961, longest in the AFL.
1961 Fleer Ernie Wright 1961 Fleer 161 Ernie Wright San Diego Chargers tackle Ohio State
1961 Fleer Ron Mix 1961 Fleer 162 Ron Mix San Diego Chargers tackle USC Chargers Hall of Fame 1978, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
1961 Fleer Fred Cole 1961 Fleer 163 Fred Cole San Diego Chargers guard Maryland Rookie card

Cole played for the Chargers in 1960, but he did not play in 1961.
1961 Fleer Jim Sears 1961 Fleer 164 Jim Sears San Diego Chargers defensive back USC Rookie card
1961 Fleer Volney Peters 1961 Fleer 165 Volney Peters San Diego Chargers tackle USC
1961 Fleer George Blanda 1961 Fleer 166 George Blanda Houston Oilers quarterback, kicker Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame 1981
1961 Fleer Jack Lee 1961 Fleer 167 Jack Lee Houston Oilers quarterback Cincinnati
1961 Fleer Bob White 1961 Fleer 168 Bob White Houston Oilers fullback Ohio State White placed fourth in voting for the 1958 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1961 Fleer Doug Cline 1961 Fleer 169 Doug Cline Houston Oilers fullback Clemson nm+
1961 Fleer Dave Smith 1961 Fleer 170 Dave Smith Houston Oilers fullback Ripon College Rookie card
1961 Fleer Billy Cannon 1961 Fleer 171 Billy Cannon Houston Oilers halfback LSU Heisman Trophy 1959, College Hall of Fame 2008 Cannon finished third in voting for the 1958 Heisman Trophy, behind Pete Dawkins and Randy Duncan.
1961 Fleer Bill Groman 1961 Fleer 172 Bill Groman Houston Oilers defensive end Heidelberg Rookie card
1961 Fleer Al Jamison 1961 Fleer 173 Al Jamison Houston Oilers defensive tackle Colgate Rookie card PSA 10, SGC 92, nm
1961 Fleer Jim Norton 1961 Fleer 174 Jim Norton Houston Oilers defensive back, punter Idaho Rookie card nm-mt
1961 Fleer Dennit Morris 1961 Fleer 175 Dennit Morris Houston Oilers linebacker Oklahoma SGC 92