1960 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1960 Topps Bob Schnelker 1960 Topps 76 Bob Schnelker New York Giants end Bowling Green PSA 8
1960 Topps Pat Summerall 1960 Topps 77 Pat Summerall New York Giants end Arkansas
1960 Topps Roosevelt Brown 1960 Topps 78 Roosevelt Brown New York Giants tackle Morgan State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 nm
1960 Topps Jim Patton 1960 Topps 79 Jim Patton New York Giants defensive back Mississippi
1960 Topps Sam Huff 1960 Topps 80 Sam Huff New York Giants linebacker West Virginia Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982, Giants Ring of Honor 2010
1960 Topps Andy Robustelli 1960 Topps 81 Andy Robustelli New York Giants defensive end Arnold College Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 nm oc, PSA 5
1960 Topps New York Giants Team 1960 Topps 82 New York Giants Team New York Giants
1960 Topps Clarence Peaks 1960 Topps 83 Clarence Peaks Philadelphia Eagles fullback Michigan State nm
1960 Topps Bill Barnes 1960 Topps 84 Bill Barnes Philadelphia Eagles halfback Wake Forest ex
1960 Topps Pete Retzlaff 1960 Topps 85 Pete Retzlaff Philadelphia Eagles end South Dakota State Eagles Honor Roll 1989 exmt
1960 Topps Bobby Walston 1960 Topps 86 Bobby Walston Philadelphia Eagles end Georgia exmt
1960 Topps Chuck Bednarik 1960 Topps 87 Chuck Bednarik Philadelphia Eagles center, defensive tackle Pennsylvania Pro Football Hall of Fame 1967, College Hall of Fame 1969, Eagles Honor Roll 1987 Error card

Name misspelled "Bednarick."
1960 Topps Bob Pellegrini 1960 Topps 88 Bob Pellegrini Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Maryland College Hall of Fame 1996 Error card

Name misspelled "Pellagrini."
1960 Topps Tom Brookshier 1960 Topps 89 Tom Brookshier Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Colorado Eagles Honor Roll 1989 Rookie card
1960 Topps Marion Campbell 1960 Topps 90 Marion Campbell Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Georgia
1960 Topps Jesse Richardson 1960 Topps 91 Jesse Richardson Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Alabama PSA 8
1960 Topps Philadelphia Eagles Team 1960 Topps 92 Philadelphia Eagles Team Philadelphia Eagles
1960 Topps Bobby Layne 1960 Topps 93 Bobby Layne Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Texas Pro Football Hall of Fame 1967, College Hall of Fame 1968, Steelers Legends Team SGC 84, PSA 6
1960 Topps John Henry Johnson 1960 Topps 94 John Henry Johnson Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Arizona State, St. Mary's Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Steelers Legends Team nm
1960 Topps Tom Tracy 1960 Topps 95 Tom Tracy Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Tennessee ex
1960 Topps Preston Carpenter 1960 Topps 96 Preston Carpenter Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Arkansas nm
1960 Topps Frank Varrichione 1960 Topps 97 Frank Varrichione Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Notre Dame Steelers Legends Team Error card

Varrichione's image is reversed on this card. See my page of football cards with reversed images.
1960 Topps John Nisby 1960 Topps 98 John Nisby Pittsburgh Steelers guard Pacific Rookie card vg-ex
1960 Topps Dean Derby 1960 Topps 99 Dean Derby Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Washington vg
1960 Topps George Tarasovic 1960 Topps 100 George Tarasovic Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end LSU nm