1960 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1960 Topps Ray Renfro 1960 Topps 26 Ray Renfro Cleveland Browns halfback North Texas ex
1960 Topps Bill Howton 1960 Topps 27 Bill Howton Cleveland Browns end Rice Packers Hall of Fame 1974
1960 Topps Jim Ray Smith 1960 Topps 28 Jim Ray Smith Cleveland Browns guard Baylor College Hall of Fame 1987
1960 Topps Jim Shofner 1960 Topps 29 Jim Shofner Cleveland Browns defensive back TCU
1960 Topps Bob Gain 1960 Topps 30 Bob Gain Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Kentucky Outland Trophy 1950, College Hall of Fame 1980 ex
1960 Topps Cleveland Browns Team 1960 Topps 31 Cleveland Browns Team Cleveland Browns The Cleveland Browns team cards in the 1959-1963 Topps sets all picture the 1958 Browns team.
1960 Topps Don Heinrich 1960 Topps 32 Don Heinrich Dallas Cowboys quarterback, coach Washington College Hall of Fame 1987
1960 Topps Ed Modzelewski 1960 Topps 33 Ed Modzelewski Dallas Cowboys fullback Maryland
1960 Topps Fred Cone 1960 Topps 34 Fred Cone Dallas Cowboys fullback Clemson Packers Hall of Fame 1974 exmt
1960 Topps L.G. Dupre 1960 Topps 35 L.G. Dupre Dallas Cowboys halfback Baylor ex
1960 Topps Dick Bielski 1960 Topps 36 Dick Bielski Dallas Cowboys end, fullback Maryland vg
1960 Topps Charlie Ane 1960 Topps 37 Charlie Ane Dallas Cowboys center, tackle USC Error card

Ane's first name is misspelled "Charley."
1960 Topps Jerry Tubbs 1960 Topps 38 Jerry Tubbs Dallas Cowboys linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 The University of Oklahoma was undefeated while Tubbs played there. The team won NCAA National Championships in 1955 and 1956.
1960 Topps Doyle Nix 1960 Topps 39 Doyle Nix Dallas Cowboys defensive back SMU exmt+
1960 Topps Ray Krouse 1960 Topps 40 Ray Krouse Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Maryland
1960 Topps Earl Morrall 1960 Topps 41 Earl Morrall Detroit Lions quarterback Michigan State
1960 Topps Howard Cassady 1960 Topps 42 Howard Cassady Detroit Lions halfback Ohio State Heisman Trophy 1955, College Hall of Fame 1979 exmt
1960 Topps Dave Middleton 1960 Topps 43 Dave Middleton Detroit Lions end Auburn SGC 88, exmt
1960 Topps Jim Gibbons 1960 Topps 44 Jim Gibbons Detroit Lions end Iowa Rookie card
1960 Topps Darris McCord 1960 Topps 45 Darris McCord Detroit Lions defensive end Tennessee Rookie card

McCord played 13 seasons in the NFL, all with the Lions.
1960 Topps Joe Schmidt 1960 Topps 46 Joe Schmidt Detroit Lions linebacker Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 2000
1960 Topps Terry Barr 1960 Topps 47 Terry Barr Detroit Lions defensive back Michigan
1960 Topps Yale Lary 1960 Topps 48 Yale Lary Detroit Lions defensive back Texas A and M Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
1960 Topps Gil Mains 1960 Topps 49 Gil Mains Detroit Lions defensive tackle Murray State Rookie card

Mains was a professional wrestler in the off season, and he appeared on at least one wrestling card. You can see it on the Gallery's Cards in Multiple Sports page.
1960 Topps Detroit Lions Team 1960 Topps 50 Detroit Lions Team Detroit Lions