1956 Topps Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1956 Topps Ray Mathews 1956 Topps 75 Ray Mathews Pittsburgh Steelers end Clemson Steelers Legends Team
1956 Topps Dick Bielski 1956 Topps 76 Dick Bielski Philadelphia Eagles end, fullback Maryland
1956 Topps Charley Conerly 1956 Topps 77 Charley Conerly New York Giants quarterback Mississippi College Hall of Fame 1966, Giants Ring of Honor 2010
1956 Topps Elroy Hirsch 1956 Topps 78 Elroy Hirsch Los Angeles Rams end, halfback Wisconsin, Michigan Pro Football Hall of Fame 1968, College Hall of Fame 1974
1956 Topps Bill Forester 1956 Topps 79 Bill Forester Green Bay Packers linebacker SMU Packers Hall of Fame 1974 Rookie card SGC 88, exmt
1956 Topps Jim Doran 1956 Topps 80 Jim Doran Detroit Lions end, defensive end Iowa State, Buena Vista Rookie card exmt
1956 Topps Fred Morrison 1956 Topps 81 Fred Morrison Cleveland Browns halfback Ohio State nm
1956 Topps Jack Simmons 1956 Topps 82 Jack Simmons Chicago Cardinals center Detroit Short print nm oc
1956 Topps Bill McColl 1956 Topps 83 Bill McColl Chicago Bears end Stanford College Hall of Fame 1973 exmt
1956 Topps Bert Rechichar 1956 Topps 84 Bert Rechichar Baltimore Colts defensive back Tennessee
1956 Topps Joe Scudero 1956 Topps 85 Joe Scudero Washington Redskins defensive back San Francisco Short print ex
1956 Topps Y.A. Tittle 1956 Topps 86 Y.A. Tittle San Francisco 49ers quarterback LSU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Giants Ring of Honor 2010 PSA 8
1956 Topps Ernie Stautner 1956 Topps 87 Ernie Stautner Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end, defensive tackle Boston College Pro Football Hall of Fame 1969, Steelers Legends Team, Steelers All-Time Team nm oc
1956 Topps Norm Willey 1956 Topps 88 Norm Willey Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Marshall
1956 Topps Bob Schnelker 1956 Topps 89 Bob Schnelker New York Giants end Bowling Green Rookie card, error card

Schnelker&aposís name is misspelled "Schnecker" on the back of this card.
1956 Topps Dan Towler 1956 Topps 90 Dan Towler Los Angeles Rams halfback, fullback Washington and Jefferson
1956 Topps John Martinkovic 1956 Topps 91 John Martinkovic Green Bay Packers defensive end Xavier Packers Hall of Fame 1974 PSA 7, nm
1956 Topps Detroit Lions Team 1956 Topps 92 Detroit Lions Team Detroit Lions This card pictures the 1955 Lions team.
1956 Topps George Ratterman 1956 Topps 93 George Ratterman Cleveland Browns quarterback Notre Dame Ratterman was a television announcer for the American Football League from 1960 to 1969.
1956 Topps Chuck Ulrich 1956 Topps 94 Chuck Ulrich Chicago Cardinals defensive tackle Illinois Short print
1956 Topps Bobby Watkins 1956 Topps 95 Bobby Watkins Chicago Bears halfback Ohio State
1956 Topps Buddy Young 1956 Topps 96 Buddy Young Baltimore Colts halfback Illinois College Hall of Fame 1968 nm oc
1956 Topps Billy Wells 1956 Topps 97 Billy Wells Washington Redskins halfback Michigan State Short print PSA 5, nm oc
1956 Topps Bob Toneff 1956 Topps 98 Bob Toneff San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Notre Dame
1956 Topps Bill McPeak 1956 Topps 99 Bill McPeak Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Pittsburgh Steelers Legends Team PSA 8