1960 Fleer Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1960 Fleer Harvey White 1960 Fleer 1 Harvey White Boston Patriots quarterback Clemson Rookie card exmt
1960 Fleer Corky Tharp 1960 Fleer 2 Corky Tharp New York Titans halfback Alabama Rookie card

Tharp also appeared on a 1960 Topps CFL football card, but he did not play in the CFL in 1960.
1960 Fleer Dan McGrew 1960 Fleer 3 Dan McGrew Buffalo Bills center Purdue Rookie card

McGrew played one season for the Bills, 1960. His 1960 Fleer card pictures him in his Purdue uniform.
1960 Fleer Bob White 1960 Fleer 4 Bob White Houston Oilers fullback Ohio State Rookie card
1960 Fleer Dick Jamieson 1960 Fleer 5 Dick Jamieson Dallas Texans quarterback Bradley Rookie card
1960 Fleer Sam Salerno 1960 Fleer 6 Sam Salerno Denver Broncos tackle Colorado
1960 Fleer Sid Gillman 1960 Fleer 7 Sid Gillman Los Angeles Chargers coach Ohio State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Chargers Hall of Fame 1985, College Hall of Fame 1989 Rookie card vg-ex
1960 Fleer Ben Preston 1960 Fleer 8 Ben Preston Los Angeles Chargers end Auburn Rookie card PSA 8
1960 Fleer George Blanch 1960 Fleer 9 George Blanch Oakland Raiders guard Texas This card says Blanch was a guard, but he played halfback at Texas. He did not play in a regular season game for the Raiders. He coached high school football for 20 years after his playing career.
1960 Fleer Bob Stransky 1960 Fleer 10 Bob Stransky Denver Broncos halfback Colorado Stransky was elected to the University of Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010. This card shows him in his Colorado uniform. ex
1960 Fleer Fran Curci 1960 Fleer 11 Fran Curci Dallas Texans quarterback Miami Florida Curci later held head coaching positions at the Universities of Tampa, Miami, and Kentucky.
1960 Fleer George Shirkey 1960 Fleer 12 George Shirkey Houston Oilers tackle Stephen F. Austin
1960 Fleer Paul Larson 1960 Fleer 13 Paul Larson Oakland Raiders quarterback California Larson placed fifth in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1954. See my football cards of Heisman candidates page.
1960 Fleer John Stolte 1960 Fleer 14 John Stolte Los Angeles Chargers tackle Kansas State PSA 8, nm
1960 Fleer Serafino Fazio 1960 Fleer 15 Serafino Fazio Boston Patriots center Pittsburgh
1960 Fleer Tom Dimitroff 1960 Fleer 16 Tom Dimitroff Boston Patriots quarterback Miami Ohio nm
1960 Fleer Elbert Dubenion 1960 Fleer 17 Elbert Dubenion Buffalo Bills halfback Bluffton Bills Wall of Fame 1993 Rookie card nm oc
1960 Fleer Hogan Wharton 1960 Fleer 18 Hogan Wharton Houston Oilers guard Houston
1960 Fleer Tom O 1960 Fleer 19 Tom O'Connell Buffalo Bills quarterback Illinois O'Connell averaged 11.17 yards per pass attempt for the Browns in 1957; this is one of the oldest NFL records. PSA 10, PSA 9, nm+
1960 Fleer Sammy Baugh 1960 Fleer 20 Sammy Baugh New York Titans quarterback, coach TCU Redskins Ring of Fame, College Hall of Fame 1951, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1963 PSA 7
1960 Fleer Tony Sardisco 1960 Fleer 21 Tony Sardisco Boston Patriots guard, linebacker Tulane
1960 Fleer Alan Cann 1960 Fleer 22 Alan Cann Boston Patriots fullback Syracuse
1960 Fleer Mike Hudock 1960 Fleer 23 Mike Hudock New York Titans center Miami Florida PSA 9, PSA 8.5, PSA 8
1960 Fleer Bill Atkins 1960 Fleer 24 Bill Atkins Buffalo Bills defensive back Auburn Rookie card
1960 Fleer Charlie Jackson 1960 Fleer 25 Charlie Jackson Dallas Texans halfback SMU nm
1960 Fleer Frank Tripucka 1960 Fleer 26 Frank Tripucka Denver Broncos quarterback Notre Dame Broncos Ring of Fame 1986 Tripucka threw the first touchdown pass in AFL history, a 59-yarder to Al Carmichael.
1960 Fleer Tony Teresa 1960 Fleer 27 Tony Teresa Oakland Raiders halfback San Jose State Rookie card
1960 Fleer Joe Amstutz 1960 Fleer 28 Joe Amstutz Los Angeles Chargers center Indiana Rookie card

Amstutz never played a regular season game in the AFL. He did play for the Cleveland Browns in 1957, however.
1960 Fleer Bob Fee 1960 Fleer 29 Bob Fee Boston Patriots fullback Indiana PSA 8.5, SGC 92, PSA 8
1960 Fleer Jim Baldwin 1960 Fleer 30 Jim Baldwin New York Titans center McMurry Rookie card

Baldwin is pictured in his McMurry College uniform. He never played in the regular season in the AFL.
1960 Fleer Jim Yeats 1960 Fleer 31 Jim Yeats Houston Oilers end Florida Error card

Yeats played in one game for the Houston Oilers in 1960. His last name is misspelled "Yates" on this card. See my Cups of Coffee page for cards of other players who appeared in exactly one NFL, AFL, or AAFC game.
SGC 92, nm
1960 Fleer Don Flynn 1960 Fleer 32 Don Flynn Dallas Texans quarterback Houston PSA 8, nm+
1960 Fleer Ken Adamson 1960 Fleer 33 Ken Adamson Denver Broncos guard Notre Dame Rookie card
1960 Fleer Ron Drzewiecki 1960 Fleer 34 Ron Drzewiecki Oakland Raiders running back Marquette Drzewiecki played for the Chicago Bears in 1955 and 1957. He signed with the Raiders in 1960, but he did not play in the regular season. ex
1960 Fleer J.W. Slack 1960 Fleer 35 J.W. Slack Los Angeles Chargers halfback Louisiana Tech PSA 8, nm
1960 Fleer Bob Yates 1960 Fleer 36 Bob Yates Boston Patriots tackle Syracuse
1960 Fleer Gary Cobb 1960 Fleer 37 Gary Cobb Buffalo Bills guard Miami Ohio SGC 92, nm
1960 Fleer Jack Lee 1960 Fleer 38 Jack Lee Houston Oilers quarterback Cincinnati Rookie card
1960 Fleer Jack Spikes 1960 Fleer 39 Jack Spikes Dallas Texans fullback TCU
1960 Fleer Jim Padgett 1960 Fleer 40 Jim Padgett Denver Broncos tackle Clemson nm
1960 Fleer Jack Larscheid 1960 Fleer 41 Jack Larscheid Oakland Raiders halfback Pacific Error card

Larscheid's last name is misspelled "Larsheid" on this card.
1960 Fleer Bob Reifsnyder 1960 Fleer 42 Bob Reifsnyder Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Navy College Hall of Fame 1997
1960 Fleer Fran Rogel 1960 Fleer 43 Fran Rogel New York Titans fullback Penn State PSA 9, exmt
1960 Fleer Ray Moss 1960 Fleer 44 Ray Moss Buffalo Bills linebacker Tennessee Rookie card

Moss's father, Ray Moss Sr., played major league baseball for the Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves.
PSA 8.5, nm
1960 Fleer Tony Banfield 1960 Fleer 45 Tony Banfield Houston Oilers defensive back Oklahoma State Rookie card
1960 Fleer George Herring 1960 Fleer 46 George Herring Denver Broncos quarterback Southern Mississippi ex miscut
1960 Fleer Willie Smith 1960 Fleer 47 Willie Smith Denver Broncos tackle Michigan nm
1960 Fleer Buddy Allen 1960 Fleer 48 Buddy Allen Oakland Raiders halfback Utah State Allen never played a regular season game for the Raiders. He played in one game for the Denver Broncos in 1961. See my Cups of Coffee page for cards of other players who appeared in exactly one NFL, AFL, or AAFC game.
1960 Fleer Bill Brown 1960 Fleer 49 Bill Brown Boston Patriots center Syracuse Rookie card nm
1960 Fleer Ken Ford 1960 Fleer 50 Ken Ford New York Titans quarterback Hardin-Simmons nm+