Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1974 Topps Garry Lyle 1974 Topps 393 Garry Lyle Chicago Bears defensive back, running back George Washington Rookie card, error card

Name misspelled "Gary."
1974 Topps Dwight Harrison 1974 Topps 399 Dwight Harrison Buffalo Bills defensive back, wide receiver Texas A and M - Kingsville Rookie card
1974 Topps Charlie Hall 1974 Topps 403 Charlie Hall Cleveland Browns linebacker Houston Rookie card
1974 Topps Glenn Doughty 1974 Topps 411 Glenn Doughty Baltimore Colts wide receiver Michigan Rookie card
1974 Topps 413 Marv Bateman Dallas Cowboys punter Utah Rookie card
1974 Topps Bill Zapalac 1974 Topps 415 Bill Zapalac New York Jets linebacker, defensive end Texas Rookie card
1974 Topps Joe Federspiel 1974 Topps 417 Joe Federspiel New Orleans Saints linebacker Kentucky Saints Hall of Fame 1993 Rookie card
1974 Topps Craig Cotton 1974 Topps 418 Craig Cotton Chicago Bears tight end Youngstown State Rookie card
1974 Topps Dennis Havig 1974 Topps 426 Dennis Havig Atlanta Falcons guard Colorado Rookie card
1974 Topps Bob McKay 1974 Topps 427 Bob McKay Cleveland Browns tackle, guard Texas Rookie card
1974 Topps Tom Graham 1974 Topps 432 Tom Graham Denver Broncos linebacker Oregon Rookie card
1974 Topps Ken Mendenhall 1974 Topps 434 Ken Mendenhall Baltimore Colts center Oklahoma Rookie card

Mendenhall played 10 seasons in the NFL, all with the Colts.
1974 Topps Bob Pollard 1974 Topps 442 Bob Pollard New Orleans Saints defensive end, defensive tackle Texas Southern, Weber State Saints Hall of Fame 1995 Rookie card
1974 Topps 444 Terry Metcalf St. Louis Cardinals running back, wide receiver Long Beach State Rookie card
1974 Topps Charle Young 1974 Topps 449 Charle Young Philadelphia Eagles tight end USC College Hall of Fame 2004 Rookie card, error card

Name misspelled "Charlie."
1974 Topps Ron Bolton 1974 Topps 454 Ron Bolton New England Patriots defensive back Norfolk State Rookie card
1974 Topps Skip Butler 1974 Topps 458 Skip Butler Houston Oilers kicker Texas - Arlington Rookie card PSA 9
1974 Topps Mike Livingston 1974 Topps 459 Mike Livingston Kansas City Chiefs quarterback SMU Rookie card
1974 Topps 467 Don Parish Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Stanford Rookie card
1974 Topps Wally Chambers 1974 Topps 474 Wally Chambers Chicago Bears defensive tackle, defensive end Eastern Kentucky Rookie card

Chambers was the 1973 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.
1974 Topps 478 Larry Cole Dallas Cowboys defensive end, defensive tackle Hawaii, Houston Rookie card
1974 Topps George Hunt 1974 Topps 482 George Hunt Baltimore Colts kicker Tennessee Rookie card
1974 Topps Bob Howard 1974 Topps 483 Bob Howard San Diego Chargers defensive back Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, San Diego State Rookie card
1974 Topps Joe Reed 1974 Topps 488 Joe Reed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Baylor, Mississippi State Rookie card
1974 Topps Larry Brooks 1974 Topps 493 Larry Brooks Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Virginia State Rookie card