Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1973 Topps Wes Chesson 1973 Topps 281 Wes Chesson Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Duke Rookie card
1973 Topps Charlie Harraway 1973 Topps 282 Charlie Harraway Washington Redskins running back San Jose State Rookie card
1973 Topps Terry Owens 1973 Topps 284 Terry Owens San Diego Chargers tackle Jacksonville State Rookie card
1973 Topps Dale Lindsey 1973 Topps 287 Dale Lindsey Cleveland Browns linebacker Kentucky, Western Kentucky Rookie card

Lindsey played for the Browns from 1965 to 1972. In 1973, the year he finally appeared on a card with the Browns, he played for the New Orleans Saints.
1973 Topps Jack Tatum 1973 Topps 288 Jack Tatum Oakland Raiders defensive back Ohio State College Hall of Fame 2004 Rookie card
1973 Topps Tommy Hart 1973 Topps 291 Tommy Hart San Francisco 49ers linebacker Morris Brown Rookie card
1973 Topps Tom Mitchell 1973 Topps 292 Tom Mitchell Baltimore Colts tight end Bucknell Rookie card
1973 Topps Walt Patulski 1973 Topps 293 Walt Patulski Buffalo Bills end Notre Dame Rookie card

The Bills chose Patulski with the first overall pick in the 1972 NFL draft.
1973 Topps Bobby Bryant 1973 Topps 298 Bobby Bryant Minnesota Vikings defensive back South Carolina Rookie card
1973 Topps Blaine Nye 1973 Topps 299 Blaine Nye Dallas Cowboys guard, tackle Stanford Rookie card
1973 Topps Charlie Cowan 1973 Topps 301 Charlie Cowan Los Angeles Rams tackle New Mexico Highlands Rookie card
1973 Topps Mark Lomas 1973 Topps 302 Mark Lomas New York Jets defensive end Northern Arizona Rookie card
1973 Topps Josh Ashton 1973 Topps 303 Josh Ashton New England Patriots running back Tulsa Rookie card
1973 Topps Happy Feller 1973 Topps 304 Happy Feller New Orleans Saints kicker Texas Rookie card
1973 Topps Ron East 1973 Topps 309 Ron East San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Montana State, Oregon State Rookie card
1973 Topps John Garlington 1973 Topps 311 John Garlington Cleveland Browns linebacker LSU Rookie card
1973 Topps Remi Prudhomme 1973 Topps 313 Remi Prudhomme Buffalo Bills center LSU Rookie card
1973 Topps Cornelius Johnson 1973 Topps 314 Cornelius Johnson Baltimore Colts guard Virginia Union Rookie card
1973 Topps Alden Roche 1973 Topps 318 Alden Roche Green Bay Packers defensive end Southern Rookie card
1973 Topps Tom Blanchard 1973 Topps 319 Tom Blanchard New York Giants punter Oregon Rookie card
1973 Topps Dan Dierdorf 1973 Topps 322 Dan Dierdorf St. Louis Cardinals tackle, guard Michigan Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Rookie card
1973 Topps Ron Billingsley 1973 Topps 327 Ron Billingsley New Orleans Saints tackle Wyoming Rookie card
1973 Topps Rudy Redmond 1973 Topps 331 Rudy Redmond Detroit Lions defensive back Pacific Rookie card

Redmond had an 88-yard interception return in 1972, longest in the NFL.
1973 Topps Henry Davis 1973 Topps 332 Henry Davis Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Grambling Rookie card
1973 Topps Bob Chandler 1973 Topps 336 Bob Chandler Buffalo Bills wide receiver USC Rookie card