Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1972 Topps George Farmer 1972 Topps 84 George Farmer Chicago Bears wide receiver UCLA Rookie card
1972 Topps John Brockington 1972 Topps 85 John Brockington Green Bay Packers running back Ohio State Packers Hall of Fame 1984 Rookie card
1972 Topps Richard Neal 1972 Topps 87 Richard Neal New Orleans Saints defensive end Southern Rookie card
1972 Topps Bob Babich 1972 Topps 89 Bob Babich San Diego Chargers linebacker Miami Ohio College Hall of Fame 1994 Rookie card
1972 Topps Bobby Duhon 1972 Topps 92 Bobby Duhon New York Giants running back Tulane Rookie card
1972 Topps Ted Hendricks 1972 Topps 93 Ted Hendricks Baltimore Colts linebacker Miami Florida College Hall of Fame 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990 Rookie card
1972 Topps Julius Adams 1972 Topps 97 Julius Adams New England Patriots defensive tackle Texas Southern Rookie card
1972 Topps L.C. Greenwood 1972 Topps 101 L.C. Greenwood Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Arkansas AM and N Steelers All-Time Team Rookie card
1972 Topps Mark Nordquist 1972 Topps 102 Mark Nordquist Philadelphia Eagles center Pacific Rookie card
1972 Topps Ron Yary 1972 Topps 104 Ron Yary Minnesota Vikings tackle USC Outland Trophy 1967, College Hall of Fame 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2001, Vikings Ring of Honor 2001 Rookie card
1972 Topps Lyle Alzado 1972 Topps 106 Lyle Alzado Denver Broncos defensive end Yankton College Rookie card
1972 Topps Phil Villapiano 1972 Topps 108 Phil Villapiano Oakland Raiders linebacker Bowling Green Rookie card
1972 Topps Dave Elmendorf 1972 Topps 109 Dave Elmendorf Los Angeles Rams defensive back Texas A and M College Hall of Fame 1997 Rookie card
1972 Topps Mel Gray 1972 Topps 112 Mel Gray St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver Missouri Rookie card
1972 Topps Bob James 1972 Topps 114 Bob James Buffalo Bills defensive back Fisk University Bills Wall of Fame 1998 Rookie card
1972 Topps Jeff Queen 1972 Topps 117 Jeff Queen San Diego Chargers running back Morgan State Rookie card
1972 Topps Raymond Chester 1972 Topps 143 Raymond Chester Oakland Raiders tight end Morgan State Rookie card nm-mt
1972 Topps Art Malone 1972 Topps 148 Art Malone Atlanta Falcons running back Arizona State Rookie card
1972 Topps Al Beauchamp 1972 Topps 153 Al Beauchamp Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Southern Mississippi Rookie card nm
1972 Topps Ted Kwalick 1972 Topps 155 Ted Kwalick San Francisco 49ers tight end Penn State College Hall of Fame 1989 Rookie card
1972 Topps Dan Pastorini 1972 Topps 156 Dan Pastorini Houston Oilers quarterback Santa Clara Rookie card
1972 Topps Emmitt Thomas 1972 Topps 157 Emmitt Thomas Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Bishop Chiefs Hall of Fame 1986, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2008 Rookie card
1972 Topps Randy Vataha 1972 Topps 158 Randy Vataha New England Patriots wide receiver Stanford Rookie card
1972 Topps Clint Jones 1972 Topps 166 Clint Jones Minnesota Vikings running back Michigan State College Hall of Fame 2015 Rookie card
1972 Topps Gene Upshaw 1972 Topps 186 Gene Upshaw Oakland Raiders guard Texas A and M - Kingsville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987 Rookie card