Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1963 Topps Roger Davis 1963 Topps 65 Roger Davis Chicago Bears guard Syracuse Rookie card exmt
1963 Topps Herman Lee 1963 Topps 67 Herman Lee Chicago Bears tackle Florida A and M Rookie card nm-mt oc
1963 Topps Amos Marsh 1963 Topps 76 Amos Marsh Dallas Cowboys fullback Oregon State Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Andy Cvercko 1963 Topps 78 Andy Cvercko Dallas Cowboys guard Northwestern Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Bob Lilly 1963 Topps 82 Bob Lilly Dallas Cowboys end TCU Cowboys Ring of Honor 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980, College Hall of Fame 1981 Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Willie Wood 1963 Topps 95 Willie Wood Green Bay Packers defensive back USC Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989 Rookie card

Wood was not drafted; the Packers acquired him as a free agent out of college.
PSA 8, PSA 7.5, PSA 7, nm, PSA 6
1963 Topps Ray Nitschke 1963 Topps 96 Ray Nitschke Green Bay Packers linebacker Illinois Packers Hall of Fame 1978, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978 Rookie card PSA 6, PSA 5
1963 Topps Jerry Reichow 1963 Topps 101 Jerry Reichow Minnesota Vikings end Iowa Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Gerry Huth 1963 Topps 104 Gerry Huth Minnesota Vikings guard Wake Forest Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Ed Sharockman 1963 Topps 105 Ed Sharockman Minnesota Vikings halfback Pittsburgh Rookie card PSA 8
1963 Topps Jim Marshall 1963 Topps 107 Jim Marshall Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ohio State Vikings Ring of Honor 1999 Rookie card exmt
1963 Topps Jim Prestel 1963 Topps 108 Jim Prestel Minnesota Vikings tackle Idaho Rookie card
1963 Topps Timmy Brown 1963 Topps 111 Timmy Brown Philadelphia Eagles halfback Ball State Eagles Honor Roll 1990 Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Riley Gunnels 1963 Topps 119 Riley Gunnels Philadelphia Eagles tackle Georgia Rookie card, short print nm mc
1963 Topps Red Mack 1963 Topps 125 Red Mack Pittsburgh Steelers end Notre Dame Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Ray Lemek 1963 Topps 127 Ray Lemek Pittsburgh Steelers guard Notre Dame Rookie card, short print
1963 Topps Clendon Thomas 1963 Topps 131 Clendon Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2011, Steelers Legends Team Rookie card, short print ex+
1963 Topps Bernie Casey 1963 Topps 137 Bernie Casey San Francisco 49ers end, halfback Bowling Green Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Ted Connolly 1963 Topps 139 Ted Connolly San Francisco 49ers guard Tulsa Rookie card

Connolly played for the 49ers from 1954 to 1962, but he never appeared on a regular issue football card during that time. He finally appeared on this 1963 Topps card for the 49ers, but by then he had been traded to the Cleveland Browns. 1963 was his last season in the NFL.
1963 Topps Dan Colchico 1963 Topps 144 Dan Colchico San Francisco 49ers end San Jose State Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Charley Johnson 1963 Topps 146 Charley Johnson St. Louis Cardinals quarterback New Mexico State Broncos Ring of Fame 1986 Rookie card, error card

Name misspelled "Charlie."
nm oc
1963 Topps Taz Anderson 1963 Topps 151 Taz Anderson St. Louis Cardinals end Georgia Tech Rookie card SGC 88, nm
1963 Topps Ernie McMillan 1963 Topps 152 Ernie McMillan St. Louis Cardinals tackle Illinois Rookie card nm
1963 Topps Bill Koman 1963 Topps 154 Bill Koman St. Louis Cardinals linebacker North Carolina Rookie card nm+
1963 Topps Larry Wilson 1963 Topps 155 Larry Wilson St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Utah Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006 Rookie card PSA 8, PSA 7, SGC 84, exmt