Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1959 Topps Jim Taylor 1959 Topps 155 Jim Taylor Green Bay Packers fullback LSU Packers Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1976 Rookie card, error card

The player pictured on this card is Jim Taylor of the Cardinals, not Jim Taylor of the Packers. See my Mistaken Identities page for details.
1959 Topps Vince Costello 1959 Topps 158 Vince Costello Cleveland Browns linebacker Ohio Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Stan Wallace 1959 Topps 159 Stan Wallace Chicago Bears defensive back Illinois Rookie card PSA 8, nm+
1959 Topps Mel Triplett 1959 Topps 160 Mel Triplett New York Giants fullback Toledo Rookie card
1959 Topps Dan Currie 1959 Topps 162 Dan Currie Green Bay Packers linebacker, center Michigan State Packers Hall of Fame 1984 Rookie card nm
1959 Topps John Morrow 1959 Topps 164 John Morrow Los Angeles Rams center Michigan Rookie card PSA 9, SGC 88, nm+
1959 Topps Bruce Bosley 1959 Topps 166 Bruce Bosley San Francisco 49ers guard, center West Virginia College Hall of Fame 1982 Rookie card nm+
1959 Topps Junior Wren 1959 Topps 169 Junior Wren Cleveland Browns defensive back Missouri Rookie card
1959 Topps Bobby Joe Conrad 1959 Topps 173 Bobby Joe Conrad Chicago Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Rookie card nm
1959 Topps Jesse Richardson 1959 Topps 174 Jesse Richardson Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Alabama Rookie card PSA 8, nm
1959 Topps Tom Tracy 1959 Topps 176 Tom Tracy Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Tennessee Rookie card
1960 Fleer Harvey White 1960 Fleer 1 Harvey White Boston Patriots quarterback Clemson Rookie card exmt
1960 Fleer Corky Tharp 1960 Fleer 2 Corky Tharp New York Titans halfback Alabama Rookie card

Tharp also appeared on a 1960 Topps CFL football card, but he did not play in the CFL in 1960.
1960 Fleer Dan McGrew 1960 Fleer 3 Dan McGrew Buffalo Bills center Purdue Rookie card

McGrew played one season for the Bills, 1960. His 1960 Fleer card pictures him in his Purdue uniform.
1960 Fleer Bob White 1960 Fleer 4 Bob White Houston Oilers fullback Ohio State Rookie card PSA 8
1960 Fleer Dick Jamieson 1960 Fleer 5 Dick Jamieson Dallas Texans quarterback Bradley Rookie card nm
1960 Fleer Sid Gillman 1960 Fleer 7 Sid Gillman Los Angeles Chargers coach Ohio State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Chargers Hall of Fame 1985, College Hall of Fame 1989 Rookie card nm oc
1960 Fleer Ben Preston 1960 Fleer 8 Ben Preston Los Angeles Chargers end Auburn Rookie card
1960 Fleer Elbert Dubenion 1960 Fleer 17 Elbert Dubenion Buffalo Bills halfback Bluffton Bills Wall of Fame 1993 Rookie card nm oc
1960 Fleer Bill Atkins 1960 Fleer 24 Bill Atkins Buffalo Bills defensive back Auburn Rookie card
1960 Fleer Tony Teresa 1960 Fleer 27 Tony Teresa Oakland Raiders halfback San Jose State Rookie card
1960 Fleer Joe Amstutz 1960 Fleer 28 Joe Amstutz Los Angeles Chargers center Indiana Rookie card

Amstutz never played a regular season game in the AFL. He did play for the Cleveland Browns in 1957, however.
PSA 8, vg
1960 Fleer Jim Baldwin 1960 Fleer 30 Jim Baldwin New York Titans center McMurry Rookie card

Baldwin is pictured in his McMurry College uniform. He never played in the regular season in the AFL.
1960 Fleer Ken Adamson 1960 Fleer 33 Ken Adamson Denver Broncos guard Notre Dame Rookie card

Adamson was the captain of the Notre Dame football team in 1959.
1960 Fleer Jack Lee 1960 Fleer 38 Jack Lee Houston Oilers quarterback Cincinnati Rookie card nm+