Rookie Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1957 Topps Raymond Berry 1957 Topps 94 Raymond Berry Baltimore Colts end SMU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973 Rookie card poor
1957 Topps Joe Childress 1957 Topps 100 Joe Childress Chicago Cardinals halfback Auburn Rookie card PSA 6, exmt
1957 Topps Earl Morrall 1957 Topps 104 Earl Morrall San Francisco 49ers quarterback Michigan State Rookie card
1957 Topps Larry Strickland 1957 Topps 105 Larry Strickland Chicago Bears center North Texas Rookie card
1957 Topps Bud McFadin 1957 Topps 108 Bud McFadin Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Texas College Hall of Fame 1983 Rookie card
1957 Topps Tom Runnels 1957 Topps 110 Tom Runnels Washington Redskins halfback North Texas Rookie card

Runnels played for the Redskins in 1956 and 1957.
1957 Topps Ken Keller 1957 Topps 111 Ken Keller Philadelphia Eagles halfback North Carolina Rookie card
1957 Topps James Root 1957 Topps 112 James Root Chicago Cardinals halfback Miami Ohio Rookie card nm
1957 Topps Bart Starr 1957 Topps 119 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers quarterback Alabama Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977 Rookie card

The Packers chose Starr in the 17th round of the 1956 NFL draft. He was the 200th player taken in the draft.
1957 Topps Paul Miller 1957 Topps 120 Paul Miller Los Angeles Rams defensive end LSU Rookie card exmt
1957 Topps Tommy McDonald 1957 Topps 124 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998 Rookie card
1957 Topps Jerry Tubbs 1957 Topps 125 Jerry Tubbs Chicago Cardinals linebacker Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card

Tubbs spent ten seasons in the NFL, playing for the Chicago Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas Cowboys.
1957 Topps Tom Wilson 1957 Topps 133 Tom Wilson Los Angeles Rams halfback Rookie card
1957 Topps Dick James 1957 Topps 134 Dick James Washington Redskins wide receiver, safety Oregon Redskins Ring of Fame Rookie card
1957 Topps Jimmy Harris 1957 Topps 135 Jimmy Harris Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Oklahoma Rookie card
1957 Topps John Unitas 1957 Topps 138 John Unitas Baltimore Colts quarterback Louisville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979 Rookie card PSA 1.5 mk
1957 Topps Jim Ridlon 1957 Topps 139 Jim Ridlon San Francisco 49ers defensive back Syracuse Rookie card nm
1957 Topps Jim Cason 1957 Topps 143 Jim Cason Los Angeles Rams defensive back LSU Rookie card nm
1957 Topps Sid Youngelman 1957 Topps 145 Sid Youngelman Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Alabama Rookie card
1957 Topps Paul Larson 1957 Topps 146 Paul Larson Chicago Cardinals quarterback California Rookie card
1957 Topps Ronnie Knox 1957 Topps 149 Ronnie Knox Chicago Bears quarterback California, UCLA Rookie card

Knox played in one game for the Bears in 1957, then went to the CFL. See my Cups of Coffee page for cards of other players who appeared in exactly one NFL, AFL, or AAFC game.
1957 Topps Jim David 1957 Topps 150 Jim David Detroit Lions defensive back Colorado State Rookie card
1957 Topps Paul Hornung 1957 Topps 151 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers halfback Notre Dame Heisman Trophy 1956, Packers Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1985, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986 Rookie card

The Packers chose Hornung with the first overall pick in the 1957 NFL draft.
PSA 6, PSA 5
1957 Topps Bill Svoboda 1957 Topps 153 Bill Svoboda New York Giants defensive back Tulane Rookie card ex
1958 Topps Gene Filipski 1958 Topps 1 Gene Filipski New York Giants halfback Villanova, Army Rookie card

Filipski played for the New York Giants in 1956 and 1957, and for the Calgary Stampeders from 1958 to 1961.
PSA 6, exmt
1958 Topps Bill Barnes 1958 Topps 4 Bill Barnes Philadelphia Eagles halfback Wake Forest Rookie card nm oc
1958 Topps Milt Plum 1958 Topps 5 Milt Plum Cleveland Browns quarterback Penn State Rookie card
1958 Topps Pete Brewster 1958 Topps 11 Pete Brewster Cleveland Browns end Purdue Rookie card
1958 Topps Gary Glick 1958 Topps 19 Gary Glick Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Colorado State Rookie card

The Steelers chose Glick with the first overall pick in the 1956 NFL draft.
1958 Topps Jon Arnett 1958 Topps 20 Jon Arnett Los Angeles Rams halfback USC College Hall of Fame 2001 Rookie card
1958 Topps Carl Brettschneider 1958 Topps 28 Carl Brettschneider Chicago Cardinals linebacker Iowa State Rookie card, error card

Brettschneider's name is misspelled "Brettschnieder."
1958 Topps Vic Zucco 1958 Topps 36 Vic Zucco Chicago Bears defensive back Wayne State Rookie card
1958 Topps Dick Deschaine 1958 Topps 48 Dick Deschaine Green Bay Packers punter Rookie card
1958 Topps Larry Morris 1958 Topps 50 Larry Morris Los Angeles Rams linebacker Georgia Tech College Hall of Fame 1992 Rookie card ex+
1958 Topps Jack McClairen 1958 Topps 51 Jack McClairen Pittsburgh Steelers end Bethune-Cookman Rookie card
1958 Topps Ron Kramer 1958 Topps 58 Ron Kramer Green Bay Packers tight end Michigan Packers Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1978 Rookie card
1958 Topps Jim Brown 1958 Topps 62 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns fullback Syracuse Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971, College Hall of Fame 1995, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card PSA 3, PSA 1, PSA 2
1958 Topps Joe Marconi 1958 Topps 63 Joe Marconi Los Angeles Rams fullback West Virginia Rookie card
1958 Topps R.C. Owens 1958 Topps 64 R.C. Owens San Francisco 49ers halfback, end College of Idaho 49ers Hall of Fame 2011 Rookie card, error card

The player pictured is Don Owens, not R.C. Owens. See other football cards that picture the wrong player on my Mistaken Identities page.
1958 Topps Jimmy Carr 1958 Topps 65 Jimmy Carr Chicago Cardinals defensive back Morris Harvey Rookie card

Carr played nine seasons with the NFL's Chicago Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins. In 1958, the year this card was issued, he played for the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League.
nm mc
1958 Topps Don McIlhenny 1958 Topps 71 Don McIlhenny Green Bay Packers halfback SMU Rookie card PSA 8.5, vg
1958 Topps Marv Matuszak 1958 Topps 79 Marv Matuszak San Francisco 49ers linebacker Tulsa Rookie card, error card

Last name misspelled "Matuzsak."
nm oc
1958 Topps Earl Putman 1958 Topps 88 Earl Putman Chicago Cardinals center Arizona State Rookie card

Putman played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1956.
1958 Topps Sonny Jurgensen 1958 Topps 90 Sonny Jurgensen Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Duke Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Eagles Honor Roll 1987 Rookie card PSA 8 oc
1958 Topps Paige Cothren 1958 Topps 92 Paige Cothren Los Angeles Rams fullback Mississippi Rookie card

Cothren led the NFL with 38 extra points (in 38 attempts) in 1957.
1958 Topps Milt Davis 1958 Topps 98 Milt Davis Baltimore Colts halfback Los Angeles City, UCLA Rookie card

In 1957, Davis led the NFL with 10 interceptions, 219 interception return yards, and 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns.
1958 Topps Matt Hazeltine 1958 Topps 100 Matt Hazeltine San Francisco 49ers linebacker California College Hall of Fame 1989 Rookie card nm mc
1958 Topps Walt Yowarsky 1958 Topps 101 Walt Yowarsky New York Giants end Kentucky Rookie card
1958 Topps Joe Krupa 1958 Topps 104 Joe Krupa Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Purdue Rookie card PSA 8
1958 Topps Willie Galimore 1958 Topps 114 Willie Galimore Chicago Bears halfback Florida A and M College Hall of Fame 1999 Rookie card ex