Wide Receiver Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1976 Topps Ken Payne 1976 Topps 81 Ken Payne Green Bay Packers wide receiver Langston Rookie card
1976 Topps Charlie Joiner 1976 Topps 89 Charlie Joiner Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Grambling Chargers Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1996
1976 Topps Gary Garrison 1976 Topps 95 Gary Garrison San Diego Chargers wide receiver San Diego State Chargers Hall of Fame 1985
1976 Topps Larry Walton 1976 Topps 106 Larry Walton Detroit Lions safety, wide receiver Trinidad State Junior College, Arizona State
1976 Topps Barry Pearson 1976 Topps 114 Barry Pearson Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Northwestern
1976 Topps Bob Grim 1976 Topps 124 Bob Grim Chicago Bears wide receiver Oregon State Grim was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.
1976 Topps Ron Jessie 1976 Topps 133 Ron Jessie Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Kansas
1976 Topps Lynn Swann 1976 Topps 140 Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver USC College Hall of Fame 1993, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2001, Steelers All-Time Team Swann placed second in the 1976 Superstars competition.
1976 Topps Frank Grant 1976 Topps 151 Frank Grant Washington Redskins wide receiver Southern Colorado Rookie card
1976 Topps Steve Odom 1976 Topps 161 Steve Odom Green Bay Packers wide receiver Utah Rookie card
1976 Topps Steve Holden 1976 Topps 167 Steve Holden Cleveland Browns wide receiver Arizona State
1976 Topps Cliff Branch 1976 Topps 173 Cliff Branch Oakland Raiders wide receiver Colorado Branch was elected to the University of Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010.
1976 Topps Earl Thomas 1976 Topps 179 Earl Thomas St. Louis Cardinals wide receiver, tight end Houston Thomas's brothers, Mike and Jimmy, also played in the NFL.
1976 Topps Roger Carr 1976 Topps 193 Roger Carr Baltimore Colts wide receiver Louisiana Tech Rookie card
1976 Topps Terry Metcalf 1976 Topps 200 Terry Metcalf St. Louis Cardinals running back, wide receiver Long Beach State Metcalf's son, Eric, played thirteen seasons in the NFL, with seven different teams. You can see many Eric Metcalf cards on eBay.
1976 Topps 1975 Receiving Leaders 1976 Topps 202 1975 Receiving Leaders
Chuck Foreman Minnesota Vikings running back Miami Florida Vikings Ring of Honor 2007
Lydell Mitchell Baltimore Colts running back Penn State College Hall of Fame 2004
Reggie Rucker Cleveland Browns wide receiver Boston University
1976 Topps Walker Gillette 1976 Topps 214 Walker Gillette New York Giants wide receiver Richmond The image on this card is the same as the one on Gillette's 1973 Topps card--but badly airbrushed.
1976 Topps Bob Trumpy 1976 Topps 215 Bob Trumpy Cincinnati Bengals tight end, wide receiver Utah
1976 Topps Billy Johnson 1976 Topps 223 Billy Johnson Houston Oilers wide receiver Widener College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card
1976 Topps Charlie Smith 1976 Topps 239 Charlie Smith Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Grambling Rookie card
1976 Topps Richard Caster 1976 Topps 244 Richard Caster New York Jets wide receiver Jackson State
1976 Topps Isaac Curtis 1976 Topps 250 Isaac Curtis Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver California, San Diego State
1976 Topps Frank Lewis 1976 Topps 261 Frank Lewis Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Grambling
1976 Topps Jim Lash 1976 Topps 271 Jim Lash Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Northwestern Rookie card
1976 Topps Freddie Solomon 1976 Topps 278 Freddie Solomon Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tampa Rookie card