Tight End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1974 Topps Larry Seiple 1974 Topps 66 Larry Seiple Miami Dolphins tight end, punter Kentucky
1974 Topps John McMakin 1974 Topps 67 John McMakin Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Clemson McMakin's brother, David McMakin, was a defensive back for the University of Alabama.
1974 Topps Ted Kwalick 1974 Topps 78 Ted Kwalick San Francisco 49ers tight end Penn State College Hall of Fame 1989
1974 Topps Riley Odoms 1974 Topps 89 Riley Odoms Denver Broncos tight end Houston Rookie card

Odoms played 12 seasons in the NFL, all for the Broncos.
1974 Topps Jim Mitchell 1974 Topps 107 Jim Mitchell Detroit Lions tight end Prairie View
1974 Topps Bob Tucker All-Pro 1974 Topps 127 Bob Tucker All-Pro
Bob Tucker New York Giants tight end Bloomsburg State
1974 Topps Bob Klein 1974 Topps 152 Bob Klein Los Angeles Rams tight end USC Rookie card
1974 Topps Bob Moore 1974 Topps 168 Bob Moore Oakland Raiders tight end, wide receiver Stanford Rookie card
1974 Topps Rich McGeorge 1974 Topps 188 Rich McGeorge Green Bay Packers tight end Elon College Hall of Fame 2012
1974 Topps Mack Alston 1974 Topps 199 Mack Alston Houston Oilers tight end Maryland Eastern Shore Rookie card

Alston played 11 years in the NFL: 3 with Washington Redskins, 4 with the Houston Oilers, and 4 with the Baltimore Colts.
1974 Topps Bob Trumpy 1974 Topps 210 Bob Trumpy Cincinnati Bengals tight end, wide receiver Utah
1974 Topps Tom Mitchell 1974 Topps 248 Tom Mitchell Baltimore Colts tight end Bucknell PSA 10
1974 Topps Jerome Barkum 1974 Topps 253 Jerome Barkum New York Jets tight end, wide receiver Jackson State Rookie card
1974 Topps Paul Seymour 1974 Topps 261 Paul Seymour Buffalo Bills tight end Michigan Rookie card

Seymour played five seasons for the Bills.
1974 Topps Billy Joe DuPree 1974 Topps 277 Billy Joe DuPree Dallas Cowboys tight end Michigan State Rookie card
1974 Topps Morris Stroud 1974 Topps 323 Morris Stroud Kansas City Chiefs tight end Clark College Rookie card
1974 Topps 351 Stu Voigt Minnesota Vikings tight end Wisconsin Rookie card
1974 Topps Craig Cotton 1974 Topps 418 Craig Cotton Chicago Bears tight end Youngstown State Rookie card
1974 Topps Steve Zabel 1974 Topps 428 Steve Zabel Philadelphia Eagles tight end Oklahoma
1974 Topps Charlie Sanders 1974 Topps 440 Charlie Sanders Detroit Lions tight end Minnesota Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007
1974 Topps Charle Young 1974 Topps 449 Charle Young Philadelphia Eagles tight end USC College Hall of Fame 2004 Rookie card, error card

Name misspelled "Charlie."
1974 Topps Raymond Chester 1974 Topps 456 Raymond Chester Baltimore Colts tight end Morgan State
1974 Topps Milt Morin 1974 Topps 466 Milt Morin Cleveland Browns tight end Massachusetts College Hall of Fame 2010
1974 Topps Jackie Smith 1974 Topps 485 Jackie Smith St. Louis Cardinals tight end, kicker Northwestern Louisiana Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994
1974 USC Discs Mike Howell 1974 USC Discs 13 Mike Howell tight end USC