Tackle Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1965 Topps Jim Tyrer 1965 Topps 110 Jim Tyrer Kansas City Chiefs tackle Ohio State Chiefs Hall of Fame 1977 PSA 8, exmt+
1965 Topps Sam DeLuca 1965 Topps 113 Sam DeLuca New York Jets tackle, guard South Carolina vg
1965 Topps Winston Hill 1965 Topps 116 Winston Hill New York Jets tackle Texas Southern Jets Ring of Honor 2010 Rookie card
1965 Topps Sherman Plunkett 1965 Topps 125 Sherman Plunkett New York Jets tackle Maryland Eastern Shore Rookie card
1965 Topps Ken Rice 1965 Topps 148 Ken Rice Oakland Raiders tackle Auburn
1965 Topps Harry Schuh 1965 Topps 150 Harry Schuh Oakland Raiders tackle Memphis Rookie card
1965 Topps Ron Mix 1965 Topps 168 Ron Mix San Diego Chargers tackle USC Chargers Hall of Fame 1978, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979 exmt
1965 Topps Ernie Wright 1965 Topps 175 Ernie Wright San Diego Chargers tackle Ohio State exmt
1965 Topps CFL Mike Cacic 1965 Topps CFL 3 Mike Cacic BC Lions tackle
1965 Topps CFL Lonnie Dennis 1965 Topps CFL 6 Lonnie Dennis BC Lions tackle BYU
1965 Topps CFL Tom Hinton 1965 Topps CFL 10 Tom Hinton BC Lions tackle Louisiana Tech Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1991
1965 Topps CFL Don Luzzi 1965 Topps CFL 25 Don Luzzi Calgary Stampeders tackle Villanova Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1986
1965 Topps CFL Charles Brown 1965 Topps CFL 32 Charles Brown Edmonton Eskimos tackle Houston Brown played for the Oakland Raiders in 1962.
1965 Topps CFL Roger Nelson 1965 Topps CFL 39 Roger Nelson Edmonton Eskimos tackle Oklahoma
1965 Topps CFL John Barrow 1965 Topps CFL 46 John Barrow Hamilton Tiger-Cats tackle Florida Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1976
1965 Topps CFL Ellison Kelly 1965 Topps CFL 53 Ellison Kelly Hamilton Tiger-Cats tackle Michigan State Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1992
1965 Topps CFL Bronko Nagurski Jr. 1965 Topps CFL 56 Bronko Nagurski Jr. Hamilton Tiger-Cats tackle Notre Dame
1965 Topps CFL Ted Elsby 1965 Topps CFL 65 Ted Elsby Montreal Alouettes tackle
1965 Topps CFL Moe Levesque 1965 Topps CFL 70 Moe Levesque Montreal Alouettes tackle, defensive tackle
1965 Topps CFL Billy Roy 1965 Topps CFL 73 Billy Roy Montreal Alouettes guard, tackle Citrus Jr. College
1965 Topps CFL Jim Cain 1965 Topps CFL 75 Jim Cain Ottawa Rough Riders guard, tackle Detroit
1965 Topps CFL Roger Kramer 1965 Topps CFL 80 Roger Kramer Ottawa Rough Riders guard, tackle Kalamazoo College
1965 Topps CFL Bill Siekierski 1965 Topps CFL 86 Bill Siekierski Ottawa Rough Riders tackle Missouri
1965 Topps CFL Danny Nykoluk 1965 Topps CFL 109 Danny Nykoluk Toronto Argonauts tackle
1965 Topps CFL Frank Rigney 1965 Topps CFL 128 Frank Rigney Winnipeg Blue Bombers tackle Iowa Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1985