Running Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1973 Topps Paul Robinson 1973 Topps 73 Paul Robinson Houston Oilers running back Arizona
1973 Topps Don McCauley 1973 Topps 81 Don McCauley Baltimore Colts running back North Carolina College Hall of Fame 2001 Rookie card
1973 Topps Franco Harris 1973 Topps 89 Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers running back Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990, Steelers All-Time Team Rookie card
1973 Topps Norm Bulaich 1973 Topps 111 Norm Bulaich Philadelphia Eagles running back TCU
1973 Topps Dave Hampton 1973 Topps 145 Dave Hampton Atlanta Falcons running back Wyoming Rookie card
1973 Topps Jim Braxton 1973 Topps 154 Jim Braxton Buffalo Bills running back West Virginia Rookie card
1973 Topps Joe Dawkins 1973 Topps 164 Joe Dawkins Denver Broncos running back Wisconsin
1973 Topps Dave Osborn 1973 Topps 176 Dave Osborn Minnesota Vikings running back North Dakota
1973 Topps Charlie Evans 1973 Topps 184 Charlie Evans New York Giants running back USC Rookie card

Evans was the first overall pick in the World Football League's first professional player draft in 1974. Apparently he did not sign, because he played for the Washington Redskins in 1974.
1973 Topps Bob Gladieux 1973 Topps 193 Bob Gladieux New England Patriots running back Notre Dame Rookie card
1973 Topps Willie Ellison 1973 Topps 205 Willie Ellison Kansas City Chiefs running back Texas Southern The Rams traded Ellison to the Chiefs in January of 1973, so Topps airbrushed his jersey red.
1973 Topps Larry Brown 1973 Topps 220 Larry Brown Washington Redskins running back Kansas State Redskins Ring of Fame
1973 Topps Vic Washington 1973 Topps 238 Vic Washington San Francisco 49ers running back Wyoming
1973 Topps John Riggins 1973 Topps 245 John Riggins New York Jets running back Kansas Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1992
1973 Topps Doug Dressler 1973 Topps 254 Doug Dressler Cincinnati Bengals running back Chico State Rookie card
1973 Topps Jerrel Wilson 1973 Topps 260 Jerrel Wilson Kansas City Chiefs punter, running back Southern Mississippi Chiefs Hall of Fame 1988 Error card

Wilson's first name is misspelled "Jerrell" on this card.
1973 Topps John Fuqua 1973 Topps 264 John Fuqua Pittsburgh Steelers running back Morgan State
1973 Topps Donny Anderson Boyhood Photo 1973 Topps 265 Donny Anderson Boyhood Photo
Donny Anderson St. Louis Cardinals running back Texas Tech Packers Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1989
1973 Topps Mike Garrett Boyhood Photo 1973 Topps 267 Mike Garrett Boyhood Photo
Mike Garrett San Diego Chargers running back USC Heisman Trophy 1965, Chiefs Hall of Fame 1978, College Hall of Fame 1985
1973 Topps Clint Jones 1973 Topps 271 Clint Jones San Diego Chargers running back Michigan State College Hall of Fame 2015
1973 Topps Charlie Harraway 1973 Topps 282 Charlie Harraway Washington Redskins running back San Jose State Rookie card
1973 Topps Floyd Little 1973 Topps 289 Floyd Little Denver Broncos running back Syracuse College Hall of Fame 1983, Broncos Ring of Fame 1984, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2010 The Broncos have retired Little's jersey number, 44. See the Gallery's retired numbers page for the retired numbers of all of the NFL teams.
1973 Topps Josh Ashton 1973 Topps 303 Josh Ashton New England Patriots running back Tulsa Rookie card
1973 Topps Jim Kiick 1973 Topps 316 Jim Kiick Miami Dolphins running back Wyoming
1973 Topps Carl Garrett 1973 Topps 326 Carl Garrett Chicago Bears running back New Mexico Highlands