Quarterback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1970 O-Pee-Chee Stickers Sonny Wade 1970 O-Pee-Chee Stickers 16 Sonny Wade Montreal Alouettes quarterback Emory and Henry College
1970 Topps Len Dawson 1970 Topps 1 Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Purdue Chiefs Hall of Fame 1979, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987
1970 Topps Bob Griese 1970 Topps 10 Bob Griese Miami Dolphins quarterback Purdue College Hall of Fame 1984, Dolphins Honor Roll 1990, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1990
1970 Topps Bart Starr 1970 Topps 30 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers quarterback Alabama Packers Hall of Fame 1977, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977 PSA 8
1970 Topps Steve Tensi 1970 Topps 39 Steve Tensi Denver Broncos quarterback Florida State
1970 Topps Daryle Lamonica 1970 Topps 50 Daryle Lamonica Oakland Raiders quarterback Notre Dame
1970 Topps Bill Nelsen 1970 Topps 65 Bill Nelsen Cleveland Browns quarterback USC
1970 Topps John Hadl 1970 Topps 73 John Hadl San Diego Chargers quarterback Kansas Chargers Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1994
1970 Topps Fran Tarkenton 1970 Topps 80 Fran Tarkenton New York Giants quarterback Georgia Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986, College Hall of Fame 1987, Vikings Ring of Honor 1998
1970 Topps Earl Morrall 1970 Topps 88 Earl Morrall Baltimore Colts quarterback Michigan State
1970 Topps Roman Gabriel 1970 Topps 100 Roman Gabriel Los Angeles Rams quarterback North Carolina State College Hall of Fame 1989
1970 Topps Norm Snead 1970 Topps 115 Norm Snead Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Wake Forest
1970 Topps Randy Johnson 1970 Topps 126 Randy Johnson Atlanta Falcons quarterback Texas A and M - Kingsville
1970 Topps John Brodie 1970 Topps 130 John Brodie San Francisco 49ers quarterback Stanford College Hall of Fame 1986, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009
1970 Topps Dan Darragh 1970 Topps 136 Dan Darragh Buffalo Bills quarterback William and Mary Rookie card
1970 Topps Craig Morton 1970 Topps 139 Craig Morton Dallas Cowboys quarterback California Broncos Ring of Fame 1988, College Hall of Fame 1992
1970 Topps Joe Namath 1970 Topps 150 Joe Namath New York Jets quarterback Alabama Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985, Jets Ring of Honor 2010
1970 Topps Don Horn 1970 Topps 159 Don Horn Green Bay Packers quarterback San Diego State Rookie card
1970 Topps Bill Kilmer 1970 Topps 166 Bill Kilmer New Orleans Saints quarterback, halfback UCLA Redskins Ring of Fame, Saints Hall of Fame 1990, College Hall of Fame 1999
1970 Topps Jim Hart 1970 Topps 177 Jim Hart St. Louis Cardinals quarterback Southern Illinois
1970 Topps John Unitas 1970 Topps 180 John Unitas Baltimore Colts quarterback Louisville Pro Football Hall of Fame 1979
1970 Topps Sonny Jurgensen 1970 Topps 200 Sonny Jurgensen Washington Redskins quarterback Duke Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Eagles Honor Roll 1987
1970 Topps Jack Concannon 1970 Topps 212 Jack Concannon Chicago Bears quarterback Boston College
1970 Topps Bill Munson 1970 Topps 221 Bill Munson Detroit Lions quarterback Utah State
1970 Topps Greg Cook 1970 Topps 235 Greg Cook Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Cincinnati Rookie card

Cook did not play in 1970. Because of an injury, he played in only one pro game after 1969.