Halfback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1960 Topps CFL Joel Wells 1960 Topps CFL 50 Joel Wells Montreal Alouettes halfback Clemson Wells played for the New York Giants in 1961.
1960 Topps CFL Ken Carpenter 1960 Topps CFL 52 Ken Carpenter Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback Oregon State Carpenter was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1982. PSA 9, nm
1960 Topps CFL Jack Hill 1960 Topps CFL 56 Jack Hill Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback Utah State nm oc
1960 Topps CFL Bob Marlow 1960 Topps CFL 58 Bob Marlow Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback Alabama
1960 Topps CFL Jim Rountree 1960 Topps CFL 75 Jim Rountree Toronto Argonauts halfback Florida
1960 Topps CFL Dick Shatto 1960 Topps CFL 76 Dick Shatto Toronto Argonauts halfback Kentucky Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1975 exmt
1960 Topps CFL Corky Tharp 1960 Topps CFL 78 Corky Tharp Toronto Argonauts halfback Alabama Tharp did not play for Toronto in 1960; he played for the AFL's New York Titans. He appeared with the Titans on a 1960 Fleer football card. nm
1960 Topps CFL Leo Lewis 1960 Topps CFL 82 Leo Lewis Winnipeg Blue Bombers halfback Lincoln University Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 2005 nm
1960 Topps CFL Gord Rowland 1960 Topps CFL 86 Gord Rowland Winnipeg Blue Bombers halfback
1960 Topps CFL Don Clark 1960 Topps CFL 88 Don Clark Winnipeg Blue Bombers halfback Ohio State
1961 Fleer Willie Galimore 1961 Fleer 3 Willie Galimore Chicago Bears halfback Florida A and M College Hall of Fame 1999
1961 Fleer Bobby Mitchell 1961 Fleer 12 Bobby Mitchell Cleveland Browns halfback Illinois Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Browns Ring of Honor 2010
1961 Fleer Ray Renfro 1961 Fleer 13 Ray Renfro Cleveland Browns halfback North Texas
1961 Fleer Bobby Joe Conrad 1961 Fleer 22 Bobby Joe Conrad St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M
1961 Fleer John David Crow 1961 Fleer 23 John David Crow St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M Heisman Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1976
1961 Fleer Lenny Moore 1961 Fleer 32 Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts halfback Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975
1961 Fleer Don McIlhenny 1961 Fleer 42 Don McIlhenny Dallas Cowboys halfback SMU
1961 Fleer L.G. Dupre 1961 Fleer 43 L.G. Dupre Dallas Cowboys halfback Baylor
1961 Fleer Ted Dean 1961 Fleer 50 Ted Dean Philadelphia Eagles halfback Wichita State Rookie card
1961 Fleer Tommy McDonald 1961 Fleer 51 Tommy McDonald Philadelphia Eagles end, halfback Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 1985, Eagles Honor Roll 1988, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1998
1961 Fleer Bill Barnes 1961 Fleer 52 Bill Barnes Philadelphia Eagles halfback Wake Forest
1961 Fleer J.D. Smith 1961 Fleer 60 J.D. Smith San Francisco 49ers halfback North Carolina A and T
1961 Fleer Ray Norton 1961 Fleer 61 Ray Norton San Francisco 49ers halfback San Jose State Rookie card

Norton played two seasons for the 49ers, 1960 and 1961.
1961 Fleer Howard Cassady 1961 Fleer 81 Howard Cassady Detroit Lions halfback Ohio State Heisman Trophy 1955, College Hall of Fame 1979
1961 Fleer Paul Hornung 1961 Fleer 90 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers halfback Notre Dame Heisman Trophy 1956, Packers Hall of Fame 1975, College Hall of Fame 1985, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986 Error card

The Packers logo is reversed on all of the Packer cards in the 1961 Fleer set.