Halfback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1965 Philadelphia George Rose 1965 Philadelphia 109 George Rose Minnesota Vikings halfback Auburn Rookie card, double print SGC 88, nm
1965 Philadelphia Clarence Childs 1965 Philadelphia 116 Clarence Childs New York Giants halfback Florida A and M Rookie card, double print SGC 86
1965 Philadelphia Steve Thurlow 1965 Philadelphia 123 Steve Thurlow New York Giants halfback Stanford Rookie card
1965 Philadelphia Timmy Brown 1965 Philadelphia 130 Timmy Brown Philadelphia Eagles halfback Ball State Eagles Honor Roll 1990 Double print PSA 8
1965 Philadelphia Gary Ballman 1965 Philadelphia 143 Gary Ballman Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Michigan State
1965 Philadelphia Dick Haley 1965 Philadelphia 146 Dick Haley Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Pittsburgh Haley did not play in 1965. He later became the director of player personnel for the Steelers (1971-1990) and Jets (1991-2002). His son Todd is a coach in the NFL. exmt
1965 Philadelphia Joe Childress 1965 Philadelphia 157 Joe Childress St. Louis Cardinals halfback Auburn PSA 9
1965 Philadelphia Bobby Joe Conrad 1965 Philadelphia 158 Bobby Joe Conrad St. Louis Cardinals halfback Texas A and M nm, PSA 7
1965 Philadelphia Bernie Casey 1965 Philadelphia 172 Bernie Casey San Francisco 49ers end, halfback Bowling Green nm
1965 Philadelphia John David Crow 1965 Philadelphia 173 John David Crow San Francisco 49ers halfback Texas A and M Heisman Trophy 1957, College Hall of Fame 1976
1965 Philadelphia Pervis Atkins 1965 Philadelphia 184 Pervis Atkins Washington Redskins halfback New Mexico State College Hall of Fame 2009 Atkins placed ninth in voting for the 1960 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman Trophy candidates.
1965 Philadelphia Preston Carpenter 1965 Philadelphia 185 Preston Carpenter Washington Redskins halfback Arkansas
1965 Philadelphia Bobby Mitchell 1965 Philadelphia 191 Bobby Mitchell Washington Redskins halfback Illinois Redskins Ring of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Double print PSA 6.5, exmt
1965 Topps Ron Burton 1965 Topps 4 Ron Burton Boston Patriots halfback Northwestern College Hall of Fame 1990
1965 Topps J.D. Garrett 1965 Topps 9 J.D. Garrett Boston Patriots fullback, halfback Grambling Rookie card

Garrett played for the Patriots from 1964 to 1967.
1965 Topps Elbert Dubenion 1965 Topps 28 Elbert Dubenion Buffalo Bills halfback Bluffton Bills Wall of Fame 1993
1965 Topps Odell Barry 1965 Topps 45 Odell Barry Denver Broncos halfback Findlay Rookie card
1965 Topps Hewritt Dixon 1965 Topps 50 Hewritt Dixon Denver Broncos halfback Florida A and M Rookie card
1965 Topps Abner Haynes 1965 Topps 53 Abner Haynes Denver Broncos halfback North Texas Chiefs Hall of Fame 1991
1965 Topps Charlie Mitchell 1965 Topps 60 Charlie Mitchell Denver Broncos halfback Washington PSA 8, PSA 8 oc
1965 Topps Sid Blanks 1965 Topps 70 Sid Blanks Houston Oilers halfback Texas A and M - Kingsville Rookie card
1965 Topps Ode Burrell 1965 Topps 71 Ode Burrell Houston Oilers halfback Mississippi State Rookie card nm+ oc
1965 Topps Cosmo Iacavazzi 1965 Topps 118 Cosmo Iacavazzi New York Jets halfback Princeton College Hall of Fame 2002 Rookie card

Iacavazzi is pictured in his Princeton uniform, colored Jets green. He led the nation in scoring with Princeton in 1963.
1965 Topps Billy Cannon 1965 Topps 134 Billy Cannon Oakland Raiders halfback LSU Heisman Trophy 1959, College Hall of Fame 2008
1965 Topps Clem Daniels 1965 Topps 136 Clem Daniels Oakland Raiders halfback Prairie View
1965 Topps Bo Roberson 1965 Topps 149 Bo Roberson Oakland Raiders halfback Cornell
1965 Topps Paul Lowe 1965 Topps 166 Paul Lowe San Diego Chargers halfback Oregon State Chargers Hall of Fame 1979
1965 Topps CFL Willie Fleming 1965 Topps CFL 8 Willie Fleming BC Lions halfback Iowa Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1982 PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Sonny Homer 1965 Topps CFL 11 Sonny Homer BC Lions halfback Grays Harbor PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Marcel Deleeuw 1965 Topps CFL 34 Marcel Deleeuw Edmonton Eskimos halfback
1965 Topps CFL Oscar Kruger 1965 Topps CFL 37 Oscar Kruger Edmonton Eskimos halfback exmt
1965 Topps CFL Dick Cohee 1965 Topps CFL 47 Dick Cohee Hamilton Tiger-Cats halfback Reedley College
1965 Topps CFL Garney Henley 1965 Topps CFL 51 Garney Henley Hamilton Tiger-Cats halfback Huron College Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1979, College Hall of Fame 2004 PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Zeno Karcz 1965 Topps CFL 52 Zeno Karcz Hamilton Tiger-Cats halfback Michigan Karcz was the CFL's Canadian Player of the Year in 1965. PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL George Dixon 1965 Topps CFL 64 George Dixon Montreal Alouettes halfback Bridgeport Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1974 PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Clare Exelby 1965 Topps CFL 66 Clare Exelby Montreal Alouettes halfback PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Ed Learn 1965 Topps CFL 69 Ed Learn Montreal Alouettes halfback nm+
1965 Topps CFL Whit Tucker 1965 Topps CFL 88 Whit Tucker Ottawa Rough Riders halfback Western Ontario Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1993
1965 Topps CFL Ed Buchanan 1965 Topps CFL 90 Ed Buchanan Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback San Diego Junior College PSA 9
1965 Topps CFL Dale West 1965 Topps CFL 100 Dale West Saskatchewan Roughriders halfback Arizona
1965 Topps CFL Ron Brewer 1965 Topps CFL 103 Ron Brewer Toronto Argonauts halfback
1965 Topps CFL Dave Mann 1965 Topps CFL 107 Dave Mann Toronto Argonauts halfback Oregon State PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Dick Shatto 1965 Topps CFL 114 Dick Shatto Toronto Argonauts halfback Kentucky Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1975 PSA 8
1965 Topps CFL Henry Janzen 1965 Topps CFL 121 Henry Janzen Winnipeg Blue Bombers halfback North Dakota PSA 8.5
1965 Topps CFL Leo Lewis 1965 Topps CFL 122 Leo Lewis Winnipeg Blue Bombers halfback Lincoln University Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 2005
1966 Philadelphia Perry Lee Dunn 1966 Philadelphia 4 Perry Lee Dunn Atlanta Falcons halfback Mississippi Rookie card, double print nm
1966 Philadelphia Alex Hawkins 1966 Philadelphia 6 Alex Hawkins Atlanta Falcons halfback South Carolina Double print
1966 Philadelphia Tom Matte 1966 Philadelphia 19 Tom Matte Baltimore Colts halfback Ohio State Playing quarterback because John Unitas and Gary Cuozzo were injured, Matte was the MVP in the 1966 Playoff Bowl.
1966 Philadelphia Lenny Moore 1966 Philadelphia 21 Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts halfback Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975
1966 Philadelphia Colts Play 1966 Philadelphia 26 Colts Play
Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts halfback Penn State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975
Jim Parker Baltimore Colts guard, tackle Ohio State Outland Trophy 1956, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973, College Hall of Fame 1974