Halfback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1952 Bowman Large Russ Craft 1952 Bowman Large 116 Russ Craft Philadelphia Eagles halfback, defensive back Alabama
1952 Bowman Large Frank Ziegler 1952 Bowman Large 119 Frank Ziegler Philadelphia Eagles halfback Georgia Tech Rookie card
1952 Bowman Large Dan Towler 1952 Bowman Large 120 Dan Towler Los Angeles Rams halfback, fullback Washington and Jefferson Towler was the MVP of the 1952 Pro Bowl (played after the 1951 season).
1952 Bowman Large Dom Moselle 1952 Bowman Large 130 Dom Moselle Green Bay Packers halfback, defensive back Wisconsin - Superior
1952 Bowman Large Chuck Ortmann 1952 Bowman Large 132 Chuck Ortmann Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, halfback Michigan PSA 8
1952 Bowman Large Gene Ronzani 1952 Bowman Large 135 Gene Ronzani Green Bay Packers halfback, coach Marquette Rookie card, short print
1952 Bowman Large John Papit 1952 Bowman Large 143 John Papit Washington Redskins halfback Virginia
1952 Bowman Small Doak Walker 1952 Bowman Small 3 Doak Walker Detroit Lions halfback SMU Heisman Trophy 1948, College Hall of Fame 1959, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1986 Walker was an MVP of the Cotton Bowl game in both 1948 and 1949. He was a member of the inaugural class of the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame. PSA 7
1952 Bowman Small Chuck Hunsinger 1952 Bowman Small 7 Chuck Hunsinger Chicago Bears halfback Florida
1952 Bowman Small Charley Trippi 1952 Bowman Small 12 Charley Trippi Chicago Cardinals halfback Georgia College Hall of Fame 1959, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1968, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006
1952 Bowman Small Frank Gifford 1952 Bowman Small 16 Frank Gifford New York Giants halfback USC, Bakersfield College College Hall of Fame 1975, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977 Rookie card
1952 Bowman Small Lynn Chandnois 1952 Bowman Small 20 Lynn Chandnois Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Michigan State
1952 Bowman Small John Karras 1952 Bowman Small 24 John Karras Chicago Cardinals halfback Illinois Karras placed sixth in voting for the 1951 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman candidates.
1952 Bowman Small Hugh McElhenny 1952 Bowman Small 29 Hugh McElhenny San Francisco 49ers halfback Washington Pro Football Hall of Fame 1970, College Hall of Fame 1981, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 Rookie card
1952 Bowman Small Elroy Hirsch 1952 Bowman Small 37 Elroy Hirsch Los Angeles Rams end, halfback Wisconsin, Michigan Pro Football Hall of Fame 1968, College Hall of Fame 1974
1952 Bowman Small Dick Todd 1952 Bowman Small 43 Dick Todd Washington Redskins halfback, coach Texas A and M
1952 Bowman Small Steve Van Buren 1952 Bowman Small 45 Steve Van Buren Philadelphia Eagles halfback LSU Pro Football Hall of Fame 1965, Eagles Honor Roll 1987 Due to a knee injury, Van Buren retired before the 1952 season. At the time he retired, he held the NFL record for career rushing yards, with 5860.
1952 Bowman Small Andy Davis 1952 Bowman Small 55 Andy Davis Washington Redskins halfback George Washington
1952 Bowman Small Vitamin Smith 1952 Bowman Small 73 Vitamin Smith Los Angeles Rams halfback Abilene Christian Smith's full name was Verda Thomas Smith.
1952 Bowman Small Bob Hoernschemeyer 1952 Bowman Small 79 Bob Hoernschemeyer Detroit Lions halfback Indiana
1952 Bowman Small Dub Jones 1952 Bowman Small 86 Dub Jones Cleveland Browns halfback LSU, Tulane
1952 Bowman Small Billy Stone 1952 Bowman Small 88 Billy Stone Chicago Bears halfback Bradley
1952 Bowman Small George Taliaferro 1952 Bowman Small 89 George Taliaferro Dallas Texans halfback Indiana College Hall of Fame 1981
1952 Bowman Small Leon Heath 1952 Bowman Small 91 Leon Heath Washington Redskins halfback Oklahoma Heath placed seventh in voting for the 1950 Heisman Trophy. See my page of football cards of Heisman candidates.
1952 Bowman Small Buddy Young 1952 Bowman Small 104 Buddy Young Dallas Texans halfback Illinois College Hall of Fame 1968