Fullback Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1962 Topps CFL Gino Fracas 1962 Topps CFL 42 Gino Fracas Edmonton Eskimos fullback Western Ontario Canadian Football Hall of Fame 2011
1962 Topps CFL Bill Hill 1962 Topps CFL 46 Bill Hill Edmonton Eskimos fullback Presbyterian College
1962 Topps CFL Mike Lashuk 1962 Topps CFL 49 Mike Lashuk Edmonton Eskimos fullback Alberta
1962 Topps CFL Jim Shipka 1962 Topps CFL 54 Jim Shipka Edmonton Eskimos fullback
1962 Topps CFL Jim Conroy 1962 Topps CFL 97 Jim Conroy Ottawa Rough Riders fullback USC Jim's brother, John Conroy, also played in the CFL.
1962 Topps CFL Gerry Nesbitt 1962 Topps CFL 104 Gerry Nesbitt Ottawa Rough Riders fullback Arkansas Error card

The back of the card says Nesbitt played college football at Kansas.
1962 Topps CFL Dave Thelen 1962 Topps CFL 111 Dave Thelen Ottawa Rough Riders fullback Miami Ohio Canadian Football Hall of Fame 1989
1962 Topps CFL Clair Branch 1962 Topps CFL 117 Clair Branch Saskatchewan Roughriders fullback Texas
1962 Topps CFL Ferd Burket 1962 Topps CFL 118 Ferd Burket Saskatchewan Roughriders fullback Southeastern Oklahoma Error card

Burket's first name is misspelled "Fred."
1962 Topps CFL Cookie Gilchrist 1962 Topps CFL 134 Cookie Gilchrist Toronto Argonauts fullback Gilchrist did not play for Toronto in 1962. He played for the AFL's Buffalo Bills, and he led the AFL in rushing.
1962 Topps CFL Bobby Kuntz 1962 Topps CFL 136 Bobby Kuntz Toronto Argonauts fullback McMaster
1962 Topps CFL Jack Delveaux 1962 Topps CFL 150 Jack Delveaux Winnipeg Blue Bombers fullback Illinois
1962 Topps CFL Roger Hagberg 1962 Topps CFL 154 Roger Hagberg Winnipeg Blue Bombers fullback Minnesota PSA 8
1962 Topps CFL Charlie Shepard 1962 Topps CFL 168 Charlie Shepard Winnipeg Blue Bombers fullback North Texas PSA 8
1963 Fleer Larry Garron 1963 Fleer 1 Larry Garron Boston Patriots fullback Western Illinois Rookie card
1963 Fleer Cookie Gilchrist 1963 Fleer 23 Cookie Gilchrist Buffalo Bills fullback Rookie card
1963 Fleer Wray Carlton 1963 Fleer 25 Wray Carlton Buffalo Bills fullback Duke
1963 Fleer Charley Tolar 1963 Fleer 34 Charley Tolar Houston Oilers fullback Northwestern State (LA)
1963 Fleer Dave Smith 1963 Fleer 35 Dave Smith Houston Oilers fullback Ripon College PSA 7
1963 Fleer Doug Cline 1963 Fleer 42 Doug Cline Houston Oilers fullback Clemson PSA 7
1963 Fleer Curtis McClinton 1963 Fleer 45 Curtis McClinton Kansas City Chiefs fullback Kansas Chiefs Hall of Fame 1995 Rookie card
1963 Fleer Jack Spikes 1963 Fleer 46 Jack Spikes Kansas City Chiefs fullback TCU PSA 8
1963 Fleer Keith Lincoln 1963 Fleer 70 Keith Lincoln San Diego Chargers fullback Washington State Chargers Hall of Fame 1980 Rookie card

Lincoln had 206 yards rushing and 123 yards receiving in the 1963 AFL Championship game. The Chargers beat the Boston Patriots, 51-10.
1963 Fleer Jim Stinnette 1963 Fleer 78 Jim Stinnette Denver Broncos fullback Oregon State
1963 IDL Steelers John Henry Johnson 1963 IDL Steelers 12 John Henry Johnson Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Arizona State, St. Mary's Pro Football Hall of Fame 1987, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009, Steelers Legends Team