End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1894 Mayo Cut Plug Frank Hinkey 1894 Mayo Cut Plug 18 Frank Hinkey end Yale College Hall of Fame 1951
1894 Mayo Cut Plug Langdon Lea 1894 Mayo Cut Plug 20 Langdon Lea tackle, end Princeton College Hall of Fame 1964
1924 Lafayette Charlie Berry 1924 Lafayette 1 Charlie Berry end Lafayette College Hall of Fame 1980 Berry played two seasons for the NFL's Pottsville Maroons. He also played thirteen seasons of major league baseball, and he appeared on a few baseball cards. See the Gallery's Cards in Multiple Sports page.
1924 Lafayette Doug Crate 1924 Lafayette 6 Doug Crate end Lafayette
1924 Lafayette Charles Grantier 1924 Lafayette 12 Charles Grantier end Lafayette
1926 Spalding Champions Homer Hazel 1926 Spalding Champions 4 Homer Hazel fullback, end Rutgers College Hall of Fame 1951
1926 Spalding Champions Brick Muller 1926 Spalding Champions 9 Brick Muller end California College Hall of Fame 1951 Muller played and coached for the Los Angeles Buccaneers in the team's only season in the NFL, 1926.
1933 Sport Kings Knute Rockne 1933 Sport Kings 35 Knute Rockne coach, end Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1951 Rookie card
1935 National Chicle George Kenneally 1935 National Chicle 3 George Kenneally Philadelphia Eagles end St. Bonaventure Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Knute Rockne 1935 National Chicle 9 Knute Rockne coach, end Notre Dame College Hall of Fame 1951 Rockne's card is the only one in the 1935 National Chicle set that does not picture an NFL player.
1935 National Chicle Ben Smith 1935 National Chicle 16 Ben Smith Pittsburgh Pirates end, defensive end Alabama Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Bull Tosi 1935 National Chicle 27 Bull Tosi Boston Redskins end Boston College Rookie card
1935 National Chicle Luke Johnsos 1935 National Chicle 35 Luke Johnsos Chicago Bears end Northwestern Rookie card
1946 Sears Browns Dante Lavelli 1946 Sears Browns 6 Dante Lavelli Cleveland Browns end Ohio State Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975, Browns Ring of Honor 2010 Pre-rookie card

For other pre-rookie cards, see my pre-rookie card page.
1946 Sears Browns George Young 1946 Sears Browns 8 George Young Cleveland Browns end, defensive end Baldwin-Wallace
1948 Bowman Joe Tereshinski 1948 Bowman 1 Joe Tereshinski Washington Redskins end Georgia Rookie card PSA 8
1948 Bowman Ray Poole 1948 Bowman 4 Ray Poole New York Giants end Mississippi, North Carolina Rookie card
1948 Bowman Nolan Luhn 1948 Bowman 9 Nolan Luhn Green Bay Packers end Kilgore Junior College, Tulsa Rookie card, short print
1948 Bowman Hugh Taylor 1948 Bowman 13 Hugh Taylor Washington Redskins end, coach Tulane, Oklahoma City University Rookie card
1948 Bowman Clyde Goodnight 1948 Bowman 20 Clyde Goodnight Green Bay Packers end Tulsa Rookie card

Goodnight played from 1945 to 1950 for the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins. His brother Owen also played one season in the NFL, 1941 with the Cleveland Rams.
1948 Bowman Bill Chipley 1948 Bowman 21 Bill Chipley Boston Yanks end Clemson, Washington and Lee Rookie card, short print ex
1948 Bowman James Peebles 1948 Bowman 40 James Peebles Washington Redskins end Vanderbilt Rookie card PSA 6, exmt
1948 Bowman Bob Skoglund 1948 Bowman 41 Bob Skoglund Green Bay Packers end Notre Dame Rookie card
1948 Bowman Bob Mann 1948 Bowman 47 Bob Mann Detroit Lions end Michigan Packers Hall of Fame 1988 Rookie card PSA 6, exmt
1948 Bowman Mal Kutner 1948 Bowman 48 Mal Kutner Chicago Cardinals end Texas College Hall of Fame 1974 Rookie card, short print