Defensive End Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1974 Nebraska Playing Cards Tom Pate 1974 Nebraska Playing Cards 8H Tom Pate defensive end Nebraska nm
1974 Nebraska Playing Cards Steve Wieser 1974 Nebraska Playing Cards 9D Steve Wieser defensive end Nebraska nm
1974 Nebraska Playing Cards Dave Redding 1974 Nebraska Playing Cards 11H Dave Redding defensive end Nebraska
1974 Topps 5 Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings defensive end Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor 2002, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2004, College Hall of Fame 2006
1974 Topps Vern Den Herder 1974 Topps 12 Vern Den Herder Miami Dolphins defensive end Central College College Hall of Fame 1996 Rookie card
1974 Topps Coy Bacon 1974 Topps 20 Coy Bacon San Diego Chargers defensive end Jackson State Bacon's full name was Lander McCoy Bacon.
1974 Topps John Zook 1974 Topps 29 John Zook Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kansas
1974 Topps Walt Sumner 1974 Topps 36 Walt Sumner Cleveland Browns defensive end Florida State
1974 Topps Bobby Bell 1974 Topps 59 Bobby Bell Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, defensive end Minnesota Outland Trophy 1962, Chiefs Hall of Fame 1980, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1983, College Hall of Fame 1991
1974 Topps Ron Yankowski 1974 Topps 86 Ron Yankowski St. Louis Cardinals defensive end Kansas State
1974 Topps Royce Berry 1974 Topps 114 Royce Berry Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Houston
1974 Topps Bill Stanfill All-Pro 1974 Topps 133 Bill Stanfill All-Pro
Bill Stanfill Miami Dolphins defensive end Georgia Outland Trophy 1968, College Hall of Fame 1998, Dolphins Honor Roll 2010
1974 Topps Claude Humphrey All-Pro 1974 Topps 136 Claude Humphrey All-Pro
Claude Humphrey Atlanta Falcons defensive end Tennessee State Falcons Ring of Honor 2008, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014
1974 Topps John Matuszak 1974 Topps 148 John Matuszak Houston Oilers defensive end, defensive tackle Tampa, Missouri Rookie card

The Oilers chose Matuszak with the first overall pick in the 1973 NFL draft.
1974 Topps Ron Carpenter 1974 Topps 158 Ron Carpenter Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, defensive tackle North Carolina State Rookie card
1974 Topps Cedrick Hardman 1974 Topps 165 Cedrick Hardman San Francisco 49ers defensive end North Texas
1974 Topps Bob Rowe 1974 Topps 181 Bob Rowe St. Louis Cardinals defensive tackle, defensive end Western Michigan Rookie card
1974 Topps Sherman White 1974 Topps 184 Sherman White Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Laney Junior College, California Rookie card
1974 Topps Joe Owens 1974 Topps 191 Joe Owens New Orleans Saints defensive end, linebacker Alcorn State Rookie card
1974 Topps Otis Sistrunk 1974 Topps 194 Otis Sistrunk Oakland Raiders defensive end, defensive tackle Rookie card
1974 Topps Larry Hand 1974 Topps 198 Larry Hand Detroit Lions defensive end Appalachian State
1974 Topps Verlon Biggs 1974 Topps 208 Verlon Biggs Washington Redskins defensive end Jackson State
1974 Topps Richard Harris 1974 Topps 216 Richard Harris Philadelphia Eagles defensive end, defensive tackle Grambling Rookie card
1974 Topps Elvin Bethea 1974 Topps 226 Elvin Bethea Houston Oilers defensive end North Carolina A and T Pro Football Hall of Fame 2003
1974 Topps Alden Roche 1974 Topps 239 Alden Roche Green Bay Packers defensive end Southern
1974 Topps 246 Dwight White Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end North Texas Steelers All-Time Team
1974 Topps Billy Newsome 1974 Topps 255 Billy Newsome New Orleans Saints defensive end Grambling
1974 Topps Rick Cash 1974 Topps 274 Rick Cash New England Patriots defensive end, defensive tackle Missouri, Truman State Rookie card
1974 Topps Lionel Aldridge 1974 Topps 281 Lionel Aldridge San Diego Chargers defensive end Utah State Packers Hall of Fame 1988
1974 Topps Marvin Upshaw 1974 Topps 297 Marvin Upshaw Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Trinity Upshaw is the brother of Hall of Famer Gene Upshaw.
1974 Topps Lyle Alzado 1974 Topps 321 Lyle Alzado Denver Broncos defensive end Yankton College
1974 Topps Tody Smith 1974 Topps 336 Tody Smith Houston Oilers defensive end USC Tody's older brother, Bubba Smith, also played in the NFL.
1974 Topps Clarence Williams 1974 Topps 349 Clarence Williams Green Bay Packers defensive end Prairie View
1974 Topps Pete Duranko 1974 Topps 353 Pete Duranko Denver Broncos defensive end Notre Dame
1974 Topps 359 Bob Bell Detroit Lions defensive end, defensive tackle Cincinnati Rookie card
1974 Topps 361 Pat Toomay Dallas Cowboys defensive end Vanderbilt Rookie card
1974 Topps Jim Marshall 1974 Topps 377 Jim Marshall Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ohio State Vikings Ring of Honor 1999
1974 Topps Deacon Jones 1974 Topps 390 Deacon Jones San Diego Chargers defensive end Mississippi Vocational Pro Football Hall of Fame 1980 Though this card shows him with the Chargers, Jones played for the Washington Redskins in 1974. In the last quarter of his last regular season game, Jones kicked an extra point. It hit both uprights before going through.
1974 Topps Bill Zapalac 1974 Topps 415 Bill Zapalac New York Jets linebacker, defensive end Texas Rookie card
1974 Topps Horace Jones 1974 Topps 429 Horace Jones Oakland Raiders defensive end Louisville
1974 Topps Jack Gregory 1974 Topps 439 Jack Gregory New York Giants defensive end Delta State
1974 Topps Bob Pollard 1974 Topps 442 Bob Pollard New Orleans Saints defensive end, defensive tackle Texas Southern, Weber State Saints Hall of Fame 1995 Rookie card
1974 Topps Mark Lomas 1974 Topps 455 Mark Lomas New York Jets defensive end Northern Arizona
1974 Topps Richard Neal 1974 Topps 468 Richard Neal New York Jets defensive end Southern
1974 Topps Fred Dryer 1974 Topps 471 Fred Dryer Los Angeles Rams defensive end San Diego State College Hall of Fame 1997
1974 Topps Wally Chambers 1974 Topps 474 Wally Chambers Chicago Bears defensive tackle, defensive end Eastern Kentucky Rookie card

Chambers was the 1973 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.
1974 Topps 478 Larry Cole Dallas Cowboys defensive end, defensive tackle Hawaii, Houston Rookie card
1974 Topps 496 L.C. Greenwood Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Arkansas AM and N Steelers All-Time Team
1974 Topps Joe Schmiesing 1974 Topps 499 Joe Schmiesing Baltimore Colts defensive end, defensive tackle Minnesota, New Mexico State Rookie card
1974 Topps Al Cowlings 1974 Topps 501 Al Cowlings Houston Oilers defensive end USC Cowlings was the driver of the white Bronco in O.J. Simpson's low-speed car chase in 1994.