Defensive Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1977 Topps Bruce Laird 1977 Topps 249 Bruce Laird Baltimore Colts defensive back American International
1977 Topps Perry Smith 1977 Topps 253 Perry Smith Green Bay Packers defensive back Colorado State, Mesa State
1977 Topps Larry Marshall 1977 Topps 262 Larry Marshall Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Maryland
1977 Topps Prentice McCray 1977 Topps 272 Prentice McCray New England Patriots defensive back Arizona State
1977 Topps Virgil Livers 1977 Topps 279 Virgil Livers Chicago Bears defensive back Western Kentucky
1977 Topps Roger Wehrli 1977 Topps 290 Roger Wehrli St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Missouri College Hall of Fame 2003, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2007, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2007
1977 Topps Bernard Jackson 1977 Topps 292 Bernard Jackson Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Washington State
1977 Topps Jim Stienke 1977 Topps 302 Jim Stienke New York Giants defensive back Texas State Rookie card
1977 Topps Monte Jackson 1977 Topps 310 Monte Jackson Los Angeles Rams defensive back San Diego State Rookie card
1977 Topps Bill Bradley 1977 Topps 315 Bill Bradley Philadelphia Eagles defensive back, punter Texas Eagles Honor Roll 1993
1977 Topps Allan Ellis 1977 Topps 321 Allan Ellis Chicago Bears defensive back UCLA Rookie card
1977 Topps Lemar Parrish 1977 Topps 325 Lemar Parrish Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Lincoln University
1977 Topps Jeris White 1977 Topps 336 Jeris White Miami Dolphins defensive back Hawaii Rookie card
1977 Topps Terry Schmidt 1977 Topps 339 Terry Schmidt Chicago Bears defensive back Ball State
1977 Topps Neal Craig 1977 Topps 348 Neal Craig Cleveland Browns defensive back Fisk University
1977 Topps Ken Riley 1977 Topps 365 Ken Riley Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Florida A and M
1977 Topps Clyde Powers 1977 Topps 368 Clyde Powers New York Giants defensive back Oklahoma Rookie card
1977 Topps Phil Wise 1977 Topps 377 Phil Wise New York Jets defensive back Nebraska - Omaha, South Dakota
1977 Topps Norm Thompson 1977 Topps 379 Norm Thompson Baltimore Colts defensive back Utah
1977 Topps Glen Edwards 1977 Topps 381 Glen Edwards Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Florida A and M
1977 Topps Nelson Munsey 1977 Topps 392 Nelson Munsey Baltimore Colts defensive back Wyoming
1977 Topps Craig Clemons 1977 Topps 399 Craig Clemons Chicago Bears defensive back Iowa
1977 Topps 402 Willie Buchanon Green Bay Packers defensive back San Diego State Packers Hall of Fame 1993 Buchanon's son, Will Buchanon, played for the Oakland Raiders in 2006.
1977 Topps 406 Bill Simpson Los Angeles Rams defensive back Michigan State Rookie card
1977 Topps 409 Pat Fischer Washington Redskins defensive back Nebraska Redskins Ring of Fame