Defensive Back Football Cards

Image Set # Card Title/Players Pro Team Position College Honors Notes Grades available at Nearmint Sports Cards
1969 Topps Erich Barnes 1969 Topps 4 Erich Barnes Cleveland Browns defensive back Purdue
1969 Topps Bob Jeter 1969 Topps 7 Bob Jeter Green Bay Packers defensive back Iowa Packers Hall of Fame 1985
1969 Topps Dave Whitsell 1969 Topps 14 Dave Whitsell New Orleans Saints defensive back Indiana Saints Hall of Fame 1996 nm+
1969 Topps Alvin Haymond 1969 Topps 16 Alvin Haymond Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Southern nm
1969 Topps Rickie Harris 1969 Topps 23 Rickie Harris Washington Redskins defensive back Arizona nm
1969 Topps Spider Lockhart 1969 Topps 37 Spider Lockhart New York Giants defensive back North Texas nm
1969 Topps Clendon Thomas 1969 Topps 42 Clendon Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Oklahoma College Hall of Fame 2011, Steelers Legends Team
1969 Topps Miller Farr 1969 Topps 50 Miller Farr Houston Oilers defensive back Wichita State nm+
1969 Topps Ed Meador 1969 Topps 56 Ed Meador Los Angeles Rams defensive back Arkansas Tech
1969 Topps Dick Anderson 1969 Topps 59 Dick Anderson Miami Dolphins defensive back Colorado College Hall of Fame 1993, Dolphins Honor Roll 2006 Rookie card
1969 Topps Nate Ramsey 1969 Topps 63 Nate Ramsey Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Indiana nm
1969 Topps Larry Wilson 1969 Topps 65 Larry Wilson St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Utah Pro Football Hall of Fame 1978, Cardinals Ring of Honor 2006
1969 Topps Nick Rassas 1969 Topps 71 Nick Rassas Atlanta Falcons defensive back Notre Dame PSA 8, nm+
1969 Topps Lenny Lyles 1969 Topps 72 Lenny Lyles Baltimore Colts defensive back Louisville nm-mt
1969 Topps Bennie McRae 1969 Topps 73 Bennie McRae Chicago Bears defensive back, halfback Michigan PSA 8
1969 Topps Dick LeBeau 1969 Topps 76 Dick LeBeau Detroit Lions defensive back Ohio State Pro Football Hall of Fame 2010
1969 Topps Charlie King 1969 Topps 79 Charlie King Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Purdue Rookie card, error card

Name misspelled "Charley."
1969 Topps Don Brumm 1969 Topps 87 Don Brumm St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Purdue Rookie card nm
1969 Topps Ernie Kellermann 1969 Topps 96 Ernie Kellermann Cleveland Browns defensive back Miami Ohio Rookie card, error card

Kellermann's last name is misspelled "Kellerman" on this card.
1969 Topps Chuck LaTourette 1969 Topps 112 Chuck LaTourette St. Louis Cardinals defensive back Rice Rookie card

LaTourette led the NFL with 1597 all-purpose yards in 1968: 15 yards on one pass reception, and 1582 kick and punt return yards.
PSA 7.5, nm+
1969 Topps Jim Johnson 1969 Topps 113 Jim Johnson San Francisco 49ers defensive back UCLA Pro Football Hall of Fame 1994, 49ers Hall of Fame 2009 nm+
1969 Topps Goldie Sellers 1969 Topps 119 Goldie Sellers Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Grambling Rookie card nm
1969 Topps George Saimes 1969 Topps 142 George Saimes Buffalo Bills defensive back Michigan State Bills Wall of Fame 2000 nm
1969 Topps John Robinson 1969 Topps 145 John Robinson Detroit Lions defensive back Tennessee State The back of this card is a piece to a Fran Tarkenton puzzle.
1969 Topps Gene Howard 1969 Topps 149 Gene Howard New Orleans Saints defensive back Langston Rookie card